Atari Planning A New Console


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Once upon a time, Atari was the dominant force in the gaming market- heck, it created the console gaming market with the Atari 2600. Of course, complete and total mismanagement, coupled with repeated failures, led to Atari’s bowing out of the hardware race, with the last console that they released being the ill fated Jaguar.

However, they are now apparently working on a new system. CEO Fred Chesnais has confirmed a new system, codenamed ‘Ataribox’, which will be based on PC hardware, and will be revealed more in depth later this year. Which is… odd. I wonder what Atari thinks it can even bring to the console gaming market. It is important to note, the market is barely big enough to sustain three players as is- Sony sucks the air out of the room for traditional consoles, Nintendo survives by doing its own thing, and Microsoft struggles unless it focuses on services. How will Atari contend with this?

It should be interesting to see- unless this just turns out to be the hundredth NES Classic Mini-like Atari 2600 re-release.

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  • Poseidon team

    Atari 2600 S?

  • heima

    I thought it was certain that it’s going to be a console like the Classic mini Nes. I don’t think they have the resources, the support, etc to launch a current gen console (whatever “current gen” means).

  • angryguy77

    Paramath doesn’t understand how business works, as usually the case with fanboys.

    “Microsoft struggles unless it focuses on services.”
    Let me give a free lesson: Just because business B doesn’t sell as much as business A, that doesn’t mean B is a failure, or struggling. It simply means it’s not selling as much as A.
    Just tired of this garbage. Every site you go to, it’s either comments filled with sony morons, or authors who don’t have clue regarding the subject matter.

    • Brittanyjhayden

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