Batman Arkham Knight: Combat Gameplay Mechanics Detailed

Rocksteady on what players can expect from the game’s combat.

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Batman Arkham Knight

While Batman is busy working his way further up the ladder of becoming the total badass we already know he is thanks to that new rating and getting set to tackle a torrent of baddies straight from the pages of his history, not to mention a mystery figure, Rocksteady Social Marketing Mangager Gaz Deaves has given us some cool new information on the the game’s combat mechanics.

Speaking about what it is to play a Rocksteady Batman game, Deaves talks about how combat (now more than ever) ties into how our hero operates. He said, “We’ve got one central goal that unites everything we do at Rocksteady: make the player feel like they are the Batman. FreeFlowCombat is a big part of creating that feeling, and we’ve spent a lot of time looking at ways to supercharge that experience for the player.”

“So this time around you can use parts of the environment against your enemies, like dropping a ceiling light on a thug’s head or pulling an air conditioning unit off the wall for a quick knockout. This opens up a positional element to the gameplay, because if you’re paying attention to the environment you can use it, too.”

The M rating that Arkham Knight has received has implications in the gameplay department too, so it would seem. For those versed in certain comic and visual novel lines, it’s well documented that Batman doesn’t shy away from (literally) cracking a few skulls.

Speaking about the newly reformed combat and how it allows Batman to turn his aggressors weapons against them, he said “We’ve also introduced a weapon steal system, allowing Batman to confiscate enemy weapons like lead pipes, and turn those weapons against the thugs. Batman has always been a fighter who can use his brain just as well as his fists, and it felt very natural for us to build new moves like these into freeflow combat.”

“From a production standpoint, the game has been in development for over three years, so this final stage is all about polishing the experience to the point where we’re happy handing our baby over to the fans.”

The hype, is very real.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Ir’s no longer hype anymore; We KNOW it will be awesome. No need to ponder since whatever we may be thinking the game will exceed our expectations. So Batman kills like other superheroes after all?

    • Martin Toney

      Batman has killed many many times throughout his caped career 🙂

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Why did I never hear about this? They NEVER even show that in the movies. Only in Tim Burton’s Batman does he kill the Joker. “Killing Joke” What other ways has he killed?

    • Martin Toney

      Here’s a short list of some of the more noteworthy killings.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      that’s insane. wonder how far they’ll go possibly in the game with this.

    • Martin Toney

      I doubt we’re going to see anything quite as sever, but it would certainly be interesting. If you’re looking for some interesting Batman material that differs from the norm, look into Frank Millers “The Dark Knight Returns” graphic novel. It’s a real classic.
      But hey, thanks for reading!

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I’m sure maybe one or two ways to down enemies besides knockouts will be implemented since it’s rated M now. will do, and no problem. Always excited for anything Batman. Remember the first time my friend and I popped the game in on the PS3 we were so blown away then by it, and that didn’t change for Arkham City. Hope we get a lasting impression for Arkham Knight.


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