Battlefield 3: 10 Facts That Everyone Should Know

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It is a self evident truth that one cannot hype themselves up for a game sufficiently without knowing the new features it will bring to the table. Battlefield 3 is the sequel we’ve all been waiting for, and it is certainly worth getting excited over. We have seen it in action and for those who haven’t been following it, (and why not?) here’s a brief run-down of the ten reasons why you should start getting yourself psyched up for Battlefield 3.

An animated affair

Have you seen the gameplay footage for Battlefield 3 yet? It really speaks for itself. The new ANT animation system adopted for BF3 brings the game’s animations to life like never before. Forget the best animations in a Battlefield title, these look like the best animations in an FPS game yet. Not only do NPCs look realistic, but player actions like crawling (yeah that’s right, prone position makes a return in BF3) and interacting with the environment look as smooth as ever.

A blast from the past

Takes me back...

Karkand. Those were the good old days. Now you can relive them with the Back to Karkand DLC pack. Even better news is that it’s free if you pre-order your copy of BF3. Fans of old will get to relive the glory days, but with the added benefits of recent BF games like new weapons and destructible environments. New fans just get a four sweet maps for free. A win win situation to be sure.

A globe trotting adventure

It's about to go down

The single player introduced in the Bad Company side series was good, but it seems like a mere warm up in comparison to what Battlefield 3 will offer us. An entire level’s worth of footage got leaked to the web, and it showed off a more dynamic and immersive narrative than ever before. The campaign also seems set to take you all around the world to all kinds of places like Paris, Tehran, Sarajevo, Sulaymaniyah, New York, Wake Island and Oman. It seems set to blow the lid on the stories offered by competing titles in the genre.

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  • The game will sell more on xbox 360

  • Who cares about consoles anyway for this game?
    I got a PS3 myself but this simply is a game you should play on PC 🙂

    The advantages will be big! In contrast to e.g. CoD PC versions which are too close to console versions.

    About sales? Xbox360 and PS3 will off course sell more, but still PC sales will take a large portion I think.

    • FPS games like this are very inferior on PC (excluding slightly more shinny graphics). First of all, I prefer a solid console controller, but most importantly, PC games are so full of hacks and cheats that dont get banned, it completely ruins the entire experience.

    • no

      “FPS games like this are very inferior on PC”

      LOLOL no. Enjoy your 24 players max and 30fps while PC players will enjoy 64 players and over 30fps.

  • @Shawn:

    “Slightly more shiny graphics” as in five years technology ahead of Xbox360&PS3? I can understand a long-time console player would prefer a controller(PC-version most likely will support this too) – but it’s in no way “solid”. The accuracy of a controller is so bad, that game developers puts in auto-adjusting aim for moving targets. If you followed the gaming news slightly, you would have heard of a certain Microsoft project involing cross-platform (Xbox360 vs. PC) multiplayer, where the results turned out to completely stopping the project from being released as the Xbox360 players got defeated so hard it was quite frankly, patethic.

    Regarding hacks and cheats, it’s not really a huge problem on PC. You see, we have what is called community-contributors. People who with the help of donations and volunteer work create minor programs to detect game modifying programs, which is required if you wish to participate in leagues and clan matches. They take one minute to download&install and does not make your experience worse while playing.

    Concerning public play, we have something called dedicated servers and with dedicated servers comes administrators and moderators who are running these servers. How long do you think you will last with blatant aim-bot/wallhack on a server with strict administration? Beyond this, we have several measures such as developer-controlled environment which is D!CE volunteers and developers who both create anti-cheat software and take in reports from players to ban players with cheating/hacking software.

    PC gives you better graphics, more accurate controls, less lag with dedicated servers and community created modifications which allows you to do whatever you desire with the game when you have a server running that modification.

    I could say, that it’s very easily flame-bait or simply attention-whoring, but i’ve attached myself to your bait, as I know you are too weak to catch this motherfucking fish that is PC gaming.

  • @Shawn:
    It’s true that most game developers nowadays don’t take advantage of the PC version anymore…
    But BF3 will be different: eg 64 players on PC vs 24 players on console.

    Regarding the controls: I like the controller, it’s a less stressful way of playing games. But for FPS I like the better accuracy of a mouse.
    With mouse you can aim for as much headshots as possible, for example. That kind of sensitivity is important for me to enjoy an FPS.
    But other games like RDR and Assassin’s Creed, I like most on consoles.

    About the cheats: Aren’t the 2 latest CoD games also full of hackers on console?
    On PC, you have 2 well known anticheat implementations:
    – Steam VAC: used in the 2 latest COD games. It’s really bad, and a cause for all the cheaters in those games.
    – Punkbuster: a LOT better although not perfect. But it works decent. It’s in BFBC2 and I have never seen a hacker, and I play the game rather a lot.
    Every day the system bans about 150 people, you can check those stats online.

  • when i saw the 10mins gameplay demo 10 on youtube and i was shocked weather it was a movie or game the graphics and lighting effects are optimized very well.

  • jim

    Just found my next game I’m going to buy.

    Last game I bought? Probably BF2:SF or Quake4

  • Ed

    I’ve been a Battlefield fan since the original. I loved Bad Company 2 on the PC. Dont know why there is so much hate for it. Great game that focuses on team work.

    Cant wait for BF3!

  • Funny how it doesn’t say anything about day 1 DLC…

  • Gi

    Will be upgrading my PC for this game. Anyone know of a great performing graphics card around the $200 range?

  • um if u want bang for your buck i would go with ati radeon hd 6850 which is around 150 bucks and it a very high end graphics card. But dont forget that you need a good enough power supply to feed the graphics card and a big enough case to hold it, and the 6850 should last you along time.

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