Battlefield 4: DICE Considering Keyboard/Mouse Support For The PS4 Version

Multiplayer producer Aleksander Grøndal briefly discusses the same.

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BF4 3
Even though you’ll be able to do just fine on consoles, there is the hardcore first person shooter faithful who prefers playing with a mouse and keyboard combination. And it’s not a bad thing – really, we doubt you’d be able to play games like DICE’s upcoming Battlefield 4 without a decent rig. With that in mind, will the upcoming sequel support keyboard and mouse support?

DICE is at least considering it. When asked by AusGamers about the PS3 having sufficient support for both, when developers choose to implement, and whether DICE would implement the same for the PlayStation 4, multiplayer producer Aleksander Grøndal responded that, “We have mouse and keyboard support for the PC obviously, but I can’t speak now specifically for next gen consoles. But if it makes sense in the Battlefield universe, for a Battlefield game, we’ll consider it.”

Battlefield 4 is set to release for Xbox 360, PC and PS3 on October 29th in North America. It will also release later for the Xbox One and PS4.

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  • that guy

    i say they shouldn’t, everyone knows playing with keyboard and mouse gives you an advantage over gamepads. console games should be played with gamepads reason pc gaming exist so you play with keyboard and mouse (or gampads but no one does with FPS). unless they are planning to take over pc gaming in the future. but its still unfair for people with gamepads.

  • Dan Vincent

    No thanks! Point and click is so cheap and easy. Not sure why people still enjoy playing that way. Keep it off my PS4!!!!

  • fckneadice

    console – level playing field? can’t believe this shit i’m hearing from dice, they Always were against it because it’s simply not fair… c*ckmunchers

  • Michael Parks

    I hope they don’t do this. This would be a horribly unfair advantage for anyone using a mouse and keyboard. I simply won’t purchase the game if they do this, I’m not interested in being at a disadvantage because I don’t like mouse and keyboard.

  • just_got_wicked


  • TrobHD

    Yes Please! This would be great as playing with the controller in bf3 feels sluggish.

  • TrobHD

    Yes Please! Playing BF3 with a controller feels sluggish!

  • Delacroix

    I love how everyone here is pissing their pants about this news. Yes….fear the power of the KBM. fear it well.

  • Matthew

    I prefer M&K, I think most people who’ve used it too. It’s significantly easier to play.

    Which is exactly why it shouldn’t be done, at least for competitive shooters, it unevens your playing field. Non-competitive games could benefit without ruining the game for others though, so maybe a form of M&K support that’s game specific like it currently is would be cool. (I’m looking at you The Witcher & Dragon Age)

  • BigBoss

    Please implement it on seperate Servers Dice!!!

  • fred

    I can finally stop using a pc for gaming if they do this!!!

  • Stef

    Do it dice please or i l buy an eagle eye converter anyway later on.

  • Braaikip

    It is a good idea… not everyone can use a gamepad for ergonomical reasons… that is why I do not have a console yet, does not mean I do not want one… that K&M players would have advantage over gamepad players is a bit of a weak argument.

  • Jake F.

    They should! Yeah its an advantage but some people are used to kb&m.


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