Battlefield 5: DICE Looking To ‘Push Visual Quality To The Next Level’

And the company is looking to hire a new developer to do it.

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Battlefield Hardline

When it comes to Battlefield 5, DICE has already hinted that it wants to improve the standard when it comes to graphics and animation quality. Now we can see that the company is truly going out of its way in order to achieve those goals. In particular, the company has placed a new ad for an addition to the team. This position is going to be a senior concept artist and among the tasks he will be handed is the ability to “push visual quality to the next level on an unannounced AAA title.”

As is the case with most of these job listings, DICE isn’t being specific about which particular game this senior concept artist is being hired for but the fact that it is for an unannounced AAA title seems to certainly hint it will be the next Battlefield. If it is indeed that game that the artist is aimed at, it seems likely this game is going to look as good as any we’ve seen in this genre. Each game that has progressed since the PS4 and Xbox One launched have looked better than the last and the company appears it wants to get even better moving forward.

We’ll be able to get more information later this year, likely right around E3 as to just what the next game is going to have. At least we know DICE is looking to improve the quality of whatever game it’s working on next.

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  • Triton

    It doesnt have to look “super”, just give it a slight bump and up the resolution to 1080p on both consoles like top titles like Destiny.
    Sadly both their dev team and the Frostbite engine still sounds like very last gen, from the time when developing was all about brute forcing on PC.

    • Psionicinversion

      Destinys graphics arent that special thats why both consoles can do 1080p. I think Mass Effect Andromeda will probably be the best looking game this gen if there building it like Battlefronts visuals

    • Triton

      It looks better than BF4 and Hardline on all things.
      My point is; dont make it so the consoles cant handle the game.
      Full HD is obviously important for some.

    • Jeff

      All I read here was “Cripple it on the PC, so consoles can handle it.”

    • Triton

      That is not what I ment.
      Im talking about better optimizing for console.

    • andrew

      Destiny is also only 30 fps, has a lot smaller maps and has a lot less players

  • Psionicinversion

    Hopefully BF5 will be out this year. Dont like Hardline so need a new battlefield but seems be leaving it a bit late to hire a concept artist if its coming out this year

  • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

    We will be supporting 900p again like we wanted for Bf4.
    We have already proven we can do 1080p anyway.

    +12 and we game on

    • Amyekaiser

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  • • Skull Knight •

    Cool but perhaps focus on releasing a stable game at launch. i hope they do good with this next game. Hardline was uninteresting to me. They should learn from what they did with BF3 the hype was real.

  • plums666

    Good campaign is what i need for Battlefield series. The multiplayer itself is already good (minus the bugs).

  • The Night Rider

    It’s not BF5, too late in development to be hiring for this position.

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