Best Video Game Graphics of 2016

Which games pushed the visual boundary this year?

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Graphics remain an integral part of video gaming, and of video games discourse- yes, ultimately, the key word in ‘video games’ is the word games, but without the ‘video’ bit, there wouldn’t be any games to play. Advancement in graphics remains one of the easiest and most tangible ways to measure how far video games have come- so it’s no wonder that people get so passionate and heated when discussing game graphics. In 2016, there were several games with standout graphics, whether because of their art, or their tech.


Battlefield 1

DICE and EA have always been known for their incredible, boundary pushing graphics, and Battlefield 1 was no different. The game looks absolutely stunning, and the power of the Frostbite Engine is on full display- the fact that it looks as amazing as it does, no matter what system you play it on, is even more of a testament to it.

Final Fantasy 15

final fantasy 15

Japanese developers aren’t usually renown for their technical mastery, but Square Enix have crafted a stunning, beautiful open world RPG with Final Fantasy 15. The technology powering it is truly impressive, but the game stands out as much as it does because of its extremely pretty art.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

 Is it any surprise that a Naughty Dog game is on a Best Graphics list? While Uncharted 4 may not have quite lived up to all of its publicly stated ambitions, it ended up delivering a jaw dropping feast for the eyes, that is inarguably the best looking console game ever made. Naughty Dog have utilized every trick and tool available to them to deliver what is indisputably the best looking console game ever made.



 Once upon a time, id Software used to be known for pushing the boundaries of gaming technology and delivering the ‘graphics kings’ of their time. With DOOM, they returned to that heritage, delivering a game that looked slick and amazing, thanks to it deft mix of great tech and great art.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

 It has been years since Call of Duty impressed graphically, but this year, finally freed from the shackles of the Xbox 360 and PS3, Infinity Ward managed to deliver the most visually impressive Call of Duty game ever, and one of the best looking titles of the year.

Quantum Break

Remedy pushed boundaries beyond belief with Quantum Break– while the final game itself may have been middling, there can be no doubt that it looked absolutely stellar, approaching near photorealism at times, and replete with amazing graphical effects and flourishes that make it stand out as the best looking game on the Xbox One.

Gears of War 4

Gears of War has a history of being a graphical trendsetter- so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Gears of War 4 continues that trend. Utilizing Unreal Engine 4 to achieve some amazing visuals on the so called ‘underpowered’ Xbox One, The Coalition managed to deliver one of the best looking Xbox One games yet, as well as one of the best looking games of this year.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Naughty Dog are wizards that can make any piece of hardware sing to their tune, so that Uncharted 4 looks good shouldn’t be much of a surprise- that it looks as good as it does, however, certainly is. Uncharted 4 is a tour de force of visual design, a game that looks so good that it is inconceivable that we will receive a better looking one any time soon. With amazing textures, draw distances, lighting and shadows, and animations, all delivered at a steady framerate at a full 1080p resolution, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the best looking game of 2016.

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  • Gabriel Porto

    Crazy list.

    EA: 720p (yes, BF 1 is amazing, but before that…)
    Quantum Break: Blurry 720p, fuzzed graphics
    Uncharted 4: Really? I mean, Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 were the best looking games on the past gen but Uncharted 4 is not that good. The characters are like directly taken from Madame Tussauds.

    If you ask me what is the best looking game that I’ve ever seen I’d say Rise Of Tomb Raider, Gears Of War 4 is not that far either.

    • Alistein

      I don’t think resolution should be a factor especially considering that these games also came out on pc with higher resolutions. Rise of the tomb raider came out last year for Xbox and pc so it’s not a contender. Uncharted 4 definitely looks good but the Characters mostly stand out during cut scenes on the other hand you have Gears 4 on pc which absolutely takes out uncharted 4.

    • Gabriel Porto

      Only disagree with the resolution part. I can see the difference between 1080p and 900p, but it’s just fine. I just can’t really stand to 720p.

      It’s nearly unplayable to me a game on that resolution (funny thing, Xbox 360 games on Xbox One doesn’t look blurry).

    • Mark

      Tomb Raider was gorgeous! But what hurt it was that it had very shady textures on certain areas of each map. So much so that it was like Stacy Dash with a bit of acne.

    • Gabriel Porto

      Yes, I presumed they fixed it in the PS4 version.

  • Alistein

    I would say Battle field one looks better than uncharted 4 so do quite a few games like Gears 4 it’s a good thing you said its based on internal voting as its obvious you hardly even considered pc. in any case at the end of the day its your opinion. I only hope its not to generate traffic on the comment section.

    • Mark

      BF 1 looks simply nuts. Remember people thought the first reveal was bullcrap? But it turned out to be actual gameplay….dam!

    • Alistein

      My thoughts exactly. Just the details in the opening stage looks so phenomenal.

  • Nettrick Nowan

    Not to be rude, but including Quantum Break in here wipes away any credibility for me.

    • Aiden aiden

      in term of graphics that looks absolutely brilliant. the credibility was lost when they selected uncharted over bf1. even gears 4 on pc looks much better thn uncharted.

  • Mark

    For me, BF1 looks UNBELIEVABLE. All the other games looks great, but not like BattleField. It’s closer to photorealism as I’ve ever seen, the other closest being The Order

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