Bethesda On Fallout 4’s Graphics: ‘Game Looks Amazing’, Will Never Work On PS3 And Xbox 360

Bethesda shoots down rumors of last gen versions of Fallout 4 and responds to speculation regarding graphics.

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Fallout 4


Ever since Fallout 4 was revealed earlier this week, there has been a lot of speculation regarding Fallout 4’s graphics. Granted that the trailer has some rough edges at some places, there is no denying that it does look pretty beautiful. Some players have also compared Fallout 4 to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and I personally think that comparison is ridiculous. None of the Fallout games have been about cutting edge visuals, the series is known for its impressive art style representing the post apocalyptic world. And I must say, that Fallout 4 nails it.


So what does Bethesda think about the recent speculation regarding the game’s visuals? Bethesda’s Pete Hines responded by stating that he is not wasting his time caring about what they think. “I’m not spending any time or energy caring what they think,” he tweeted. He further stated that the game looks amazing and he questions whether those players were looking at the same trailer.


And honestly, Bethesda should not care since the game looks great given the setting. Moving on. For those who are still looking to the play the game on last gen consoles, as a previous rumor suggested, be ready to get disappointed as Pete Hines and Bethesda’s community lead have denied that the game is coming on PS3 and Xbox 360. “Well you feel free to wait for those other platforms and be sure to let me know when they show up,” Pete Hines responded with a sarcastic statement.


Bethesda’s Community lead implied on Neogaf that they will never mislead their consumers and they always list out what platforms the game will be coming out. “We don’t list platforms if we’re not developing the game for them. As another example, you won’t see PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 listed at the bottom of the product page for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood — that game isn’t going to be on those platforms, either, ” the community lead stated. He further stated that Fallout 4 is only possible on current gen consoles and PC and it is not possible to run it on last gen consoles given what they are doing with the game.


Also if you are excited about Fallout 4 and are looking forward to getting some questions answered before June 14th, be ready to get disappointed. Hines mentioned that they won’t be answering anything and players should instead check out the new screenshots and tune in for the press conference.

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  • andy

    Can people please stop saying how Fallout was never about graphics. Yes, the games before 3 weren’t much to look at. But Fallout 3 WAS great looking back at its reveal in mid 2007 and then launch in late 2008. It didn’t look, kind of like, a last gen game at all (a PS2 game in that case). Great draw distance and amazing attention to detail everywhere in the world. I think the people who are saying THAT are the ones who aren’t thinking straight.
    From the trailer revealed there just didn’t look to be that big a generational leap. People even pointed out obvious things to back this up like characters running in
    Fallout 4 with the exact same animations as the previous game released 7 years
    ago. Lets not be ignorant to these things.

    That being said, at closer inspection Fallout 4 does look lovely overall and hopefully the entire game world is connected as one, meaning no load times between going indoors, in buildings or into caves. And then that will be brought over to the next Elder Scrolls game too. 🙂

    • proto

      “But Fallout 3 WAS great looking back at its reveal in mid 2007 and then launch in late 2008.”


      “People even pointed out obvious things to back this up like characters running in Fallout 4 with the exact same animations as the previous game released 7 years
      ago. Lets not be ignorant to these things.”

      what animations has to do with graphics? we are talking graphics right now.

      but well, yeah, bethesda always sucked at char design and animations.

      and the trailer for Fall4 does look fine, pretty sweet visuals for open world game.

      to me it looks better then Witcher 3. check this out –

    • andy

      “But Fallout 3 WAS great looking back at its reveal in mid 2007 and then launch in late 2008.”


      Yep. and nobody disagreed with that 9 for Graphics back then.

      “People even pointed out obvious things to back this up like
      characters running in Fallout 4 with the exact same animations as the
      previous game released 7 years
      ago. Lets not be ignorant to these things.”

      “what animations has to do with graphics? we are talking graphics right now.”

      We are talking about graphics ENGINE. If this game is on an old game engine then it ISN’T possible to make it look incredible, examples, when people don’t move like people or trees are static and don’t even move like trees. Better animations over the previous generation is needed. Did last gens GTA games have animations like PS2 too?

    • Tyler McCartney

      You don’t seem to get it when people say Fallout was never about graphics. What them mean by this is that the game wasn’t meant to have a realistic feel. It was made with art style in mind. A big example of what I am talking about is borderlands.

    • [” Yes, the games before 3 weren’t much to look at.”]

      What? Fallout looked fine at the time. For reference, it was released in the same year as Age of Empires 1, Grandia 1, Theme Hospital and X-COM: Apocalypse. It wasn’t breathtaking or anything, but it looked really good.

      [“But Fallout 3 WAS great looking back at its reveal in mid 2007 and then launch in late 2008.”]

      “Great looking” is pushing it a lot. Again, in the same year: Far Cry 2, Crysis Warhead, and a good comparison: STALKER Clear Sky. It wasn’t an ugly game, but there were several games with superior graphics launched in the same period.


      Therefore, the Fallout 4 graphics is close to the expected level, if it’s released later this year or early next year. Both the Fallout games made by Interplay as those produced by Bethesda had an acceptable graphics level (but nothing amazing) compared to others games of the same period. But the graphics *never* has been the strong point of the series.

    • andy

      Yeah but there were also games like G Police out back then :S

      I’ll say it again. There is no way Fallout 3 could have been compared to a PS2 game back in 2008 (which is what I DID do with some stinkers back then, pretty much every Unreal 3 engine game). But it is fairly possible to believe that what we saw of the Fallout 4 reveal could come to last gen consoles easily with a drop in resolution and texture quality and all that.

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      The problem is,
      If they don’t spend 25% of the time creating dlcs and microtransaction sh iit, and another 20 or 30% adding some multi player,
      Studios would have twice the time to release their games total bug-free, with tons of content, really polished and maxing out the system.

      Just imagine naughty dog. They must have like half the staff working on uc4 multi player, designing tons of items for people to buy online, etc.

      Now, imagine that time spent on only uc4 sp : probably 60fps, the game 20 or 30% bigger, many different enemies (Instead of 4 or 5 cloned faces), etc etc.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      It wasn’t about looks till PC Gamers modded those games beyond consoles meagre capabilities

      Fallout 4 will be the same. Enjoy 30FPS and bugs console peasants :^)

    • andy

      Then why you buying Xbone version? ^_^

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      What xbone version?

      I’m buying the PC Version like I always have, loser. Both consoles are garbage

      Go shill your POS4 version elsewhere like the rest of your post history. You exposed yourself, Sony shill :^)

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      You must be salty Nividia fan.
      Both Sony and Xbox fans selected better hardware with AMD. Best DX12 support. All said no to nividia

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      And Nvidia is better. Console peasants. lol

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      cinematic is a better feel for movie/epic type games anyway.
      I’D Prefer 24fps , the be bang on Blu-ray

  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    wanting 900p, and at no point asking for 1080p on the Xbox One

  • You Are Flat Out Wrong

    PC gamers don’t need to worry. The game will have mods

    Console peasants enjoy your bugs and 30FPS

    • Ali Hassan

      Filthy Beggar, Please Bloodborne come to PC, please GTAV come to PC, please dark souls 3 come to pc, please persona 5 come to pc, please please please please. pathetic.
      Beggars < Peasants.

    • Trygg Geoog

      Ironic, considering PC actually has more high scoring games than both XBONE+PS4 this generation so far, exclusive or otherwise and NOT counting small Indy’s (MetaCritic). But hey, you’ve got corny internet one liners! That surely beats an objectively superior library, vastly better version of nearly all games (more so Bethesda games), and a pure hold on competitive gaming!

      Oh, and now with it’s own E3 Conference that has more games/devs than literally any console has ever had.

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      Actually, they mean ‘please, make a PC version so I can pirate it, along 100 other titles’

    • Trygg Geoog

      PC currently has higher gaming software revenue (non facebook/browser games) than all 6 consoles combined. This stat coincides well with PC’s Metacritic dominance: Lots of games = lots of $$ circulating.

      The games sell well, and are cheaper to put up on Steam/GMG/etc. than on consoles. This is one reason why PC gets funneled the most multiplats from each system.

    • Spencer

      The revenue comes from F2P games like league, let’s not fool ourselves here.
      Consoles sell WAY more games than PC.

    • Trygg Geoog

      Yes, 6 systems combined will pull more individual box sales against one other system. But the gaming revenue counts, how much $$ each company makes…and PC’s is above all consoles at the moment. Even when counting console’s casual interactive-movies, cod clones, “remasters” of recent games, and yearly sports rehashes.

    • Spencer

      PS4 by itself sells more copies of recent releases than PC. All consoles combined embarrasses the PC versions of games. It doesn’t matter that PC is “one platform” since its ubiquitous and covers a variety of budget ranges. There is literally no excuse, for as big as PC is supposed to be, consoles sell far more games. That’s the only topic being discussed here.

    • Trygg Geoog

      Oh you’re only talking multiplats. I’m talking total gaming. I have multiple links showing PC makes higher gaming software revenue than all consoles combined.

      If you want to go offtopic, yeah most multiplats sell less on PC. But they sell well enough for the superior version constantly to be made on PC almost always. Can’t wait for FO4 + Creation Kit.

    • Spencer

      No, the topic was of you bragging that PC makes more software revenue. The fact is that it all comes from free to play games. Consoles sell many, many more actual games than PC.

    • Trygg Geoog

      1. No. The topic was about FO4 being much better on PC and then someone went off topic about PC being Pirates, even though 99% of multiplats make it to PC in a superior form. Looks like companies don’t mind the pirating. Please scroll up and learn to read.

      2. F2P are actual games. Factually. I’d rather play Dota2 and Planetside 2 over any interactive-movie, CoD clone, sports rehash, and remaster of a recent game that pads console sales….but my opinion matters little on sales data. Your opinion on F2P doesn’t negate the fact PC has a higher gaming revenue than 6 combined systems.

    • Spencer

      1. I don’t care what you were talking to someone else about. You got the point of bragging about PC revenue and I called you on the fact that it’s only because of Free to play games. That’s it. Learn.

      2. It may have more revenue, sure, that’s undeniable. But consoles have significantly more software sales. This is an important distinction because PC isn’t a great place for AAA games to thrive, it’s just another platform, making it hard to make any PC exclusives. I don’t see how making more revenue thanks to other countries and their obsession with F2P games is a sticking point when consoles sell more titles. If you aren’t one of the most popular games on the platform, you aren’t making much money on PC. So for current game developers, consoles are just better platforms that will give them a better chance at being successful.

    • Trygg Geoog

      1. I’ll continue to brag, as it wasn’t factually disproved. F2P are games (unlike some interactive PS4 movies), and can be quite amazing, so the 6vs1 victory stands.

      2. Bull. Most AAA games make it to PC (many times enhanced, like Fallout 4 will be). The devs clearly care. Exclusives? PC has the most each gen (including AAA). It’s not hard when you have 4-5 exclusive genres, own 99% of e-sports/competitive-gaming, and exclusive Blizzard, Valve, 2k, Sega, Epic, NCSOFT, etc series. Metacritic and the 2015 E3-Lineup show this fact in both future and present. GDC polls show PC has the most devs, to top this fact beat down up.

    • Spencer

      PC = F2P. It makes a pittance with AAA titles. Consoles actually sell games. Its because of consoles that AAA games can exist at all. More people release on PC because there is no barrier to entry. 99% of all games released on PC are total garbage.

    • Trygg Geoog

      Actually, PC = F2P, MMO, TBS, SIM, RTS, Shooters, A/W/C-RPG, and the better version of nearly all games on XBONE/PS4 Games. Your opinion on “total garbage” is noted, but Metacritic disagrees. PC has more 80%+ exclusives than both those systems combined. It has more 80%+ total games and AAA’s than any one system (Don’t underestimate AAA MMO/RTS/TBS/SIM/MOBA studios). MC is free to use, go count it. What, you think it has the biggest revenue, tournaments, and online players for no reason?

    • Spencer

      Biggest online players? Maybe for F2P games. Not for good AAA games. The multiplayer is typically a ghost town on PC.

      Again, you can cite these numbers all you want, but they aren’t games most people are interested in playing. SIM/ 4X strategy games aren’t fun for most people.

      PC can go ahead and exist and have the biggest revenue because of F2P from other countries, I’ll be too busy playing real games and real exclusives on platforms that actually make money from something other than Mobas.

    • Trygg Geoog

      1. Steam has more active (people playing) accounts than any console service. That’s without Origin, GoG,, League. They play: MMO, WRPG, RTS, TBS, FPS, SIM, MOBA….from big AAA Devs.
      2. Lets not get into subjective arguments of “fun” that conflict with player-count and Metacritic averages. Those genres are “real”, and have games with top skill-ceilings. Have fun with your movie-games and remasters

    • Spencer

      All of the AAA games on PC have significantly less players than the same games on console – FACT. Most multiplayer communities are just flat out dead on PC. Again, all those people are playing free to play games or counter strike.

      I don’t see how having a big tournament equals anything useful for me. Who cares? Big tournaments for players from foreign countries that play one or two specific games that I don’t care about.

      None of this matters. Consoles have more and better AAA games and exclusives, Better features and UI, and sell significantly more games than PC. These are facts. I really could care less how much revenue is made from China and Russia on league of legends, that doesn’t mean anything to me as someone who wants fun games to play. PC simply has fewer and more barriers to overcome just to play games, making it the lesser platform. Get over it.

    • Trygg Geoog

      Factually incorrect on most of those points. (I’ll use Citations, something you seem allergic to).
      1. PC has the most AAA exclusives. It also has the most 80%+ scoring games. (Metacritic). So much for your “facts”.
      2. PC has the best version of nearly all AAA and otherwise games. Considering most games are multiplat, this makes PC the ultimate gaming device. (DigitalFoundry)
      3. PC has better online. It has far more active players, MODS, bigger communities for more online games that last longer. It is also THE bastion of competitive gaming in ALL COUNTRIES, e-sports or just for fun. (Steam Stats, Esports Earnings)

    • steve

      99% of pc games are garbage? Are you seriously fool enough to spit those hill billy brained words out? Obviously you have never played a total war game, or relic games like company of heroes, or dawn of war series. And thats just the tip of the ice burg in terms of AAA excusives for pc, not to mention almost all games released on consoles are also released on pc. So to say 99% of pc games are garbage is so beyond foolish its sickening to think you might actually believe that.

    • steve

      The reason why games sell more on consoles are because consoles are relatively cheap at initial cost and are super dumbed down and easy to use so even children dont have problems using them. Consoles are for the sheep, PCs are for the Shepards. And since there are far more sheep than shepards, of course the consoles will out sell the pc in volume. Its why apple products sell so well also, there are alot of sheep that simply dont understand just how bad they are getting ripped off when they buy thier latest apple products, inferior hardware for enormous cost greatly dumbed down for the mass amounts of sheep, a completely controlled experience, courtesy of apple.

    • Ha… right. You have a link for that?

    • Trygg Geoog
    • Sacha Salvatore Morgese

      No, they DON’T, that’s why developer prefer consoles that are harder and more expensive to work with. But PC fanboys are blind like all fanboys.

    • Trygg Geoog
    • Jordi Geerts

      Unfortunately, you are incorrect
      Games on consoles bring in more money than they do on PC. Want proof? Listen to the Tomb Raider Developer or Naughty Dog Developer. Dark Souls 1 and 2 sold the worst on PC, same as GTA V, Watch Dogs, Battlefield, COD, … or listen to CDRed with the Witcher 3.
      Witcher 3 was downgraded for the consoles BUT to make a game as big as the Witcher 3, they needed revenue from the console market anyway to make the game as big as it is.

      I myself am a PC/PS4/PSVita gamer and I feel all have their charms. I will agree that I hate the fact that games are held back by consoles, but gues what? This is an industry where people want to make money and it’s just the way it goes

    • Trygg Geoog

      I’m not incorrect. PC has more gaming software and hardware sales than all three consoles combined, factually. Google it or look at the links I posted above.

      You are right about specific multiplats though. Many sell better on consoles. But they sell well enough on PC for PC to keep getting better version of nearly all of PS4 or XBONE’s games.

    • SOMEGUY7893 .

      To be honest Console fans do kinda need to realize that all of their games can run on PC now and are set up to only run on consoles now-adays to milk them for money.

    • Why would you pirate when you have steam sales?

    • MrVux007

      Don’t feed the troll…flag the comment n leave it be

    • ocerg1111

      Um GTAV is already on PC…

    • Agent HUNK

      guess you didnt see the announcement ….its not coming to PC anymore 🙁

    • Sonofabitchmustpay

      Bethsoft would be insane to do that, their games make tons of cash on PC. Most multiplats make it to PC for a reason. $$$

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      You must be spending like 5 hours a day on gta5 on your PC, with all the fantastic mods available.

      Why are you so insecure that you need to attack everybody, because they aren’t playing on the same platforms as you?
      Why so insecure? Have you taken too much Ritaline, when younger (just a few years ago), and your little penis never grew up, and that frustrates you to a point, you need to trash and smash everybody on internet? Poor guy, really. Grow up. (But stop the Ritaline ).


    • John Jeffrey Tambanillo

      Hahaha what a lame comment!

      Stupid PC gamers on Witcher 3:
      “The game has been downgraded!” (even though it still looks amazing…)

      Stupid PC gamers on Fallout 4:
      “The game doesn’t look as good as it should!”

      Stop your complaining/moaning already! Pathetic!

    • TheRealTimewarp

      Hey look a PC gamer insulting console owners, that hasn’t gotten old!

  • Deukish

    looking forward to yet another game on Beth’s ancient janky-ass engine.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    What struck me as interesting is his comments about gamer opinions. While I certainly think he shouldn’t be overly worried like a politician worried about a vote in an election – maybe he she consider the very people he is insulting are the ones that will hopefully be buying his product in the future? Bad publicity is bad publicity and it is so much easier to generate than good publicity. The great XB1 launch comes to mind. Translate that to a video game with the same sorts of comments as “Deal with it” and people “Dealt with it” by buying a PS4.

    • Rubix99

      Except it is not the opinion of all gamers and certainly not the opinion of the REAL Fallout fans who are just happy and GRATEFUL that Fallout 4 is now officially confirmed and is actually coming out.

      The last few years have been plagued with false alarms and rumors surrounding the announcement of Fallout 4 and it’s been extremely irritating and heart breaking to be repeatedly let down on a game I have been desiring and yearning for so much.

      Fallout 4 was THE only game that was going to make me go and buy a Playstation 4 after being an exclusive Xbox 360 gamer for the last 8 years.

      I don’t care about console exclusives, not a single game I bought on 360 was exclusive.

      Fallout 4 was the first game that originally sprung to mind when Microsoft announced Xbox One was going to require constant internet connection and that “Integral” Kinect had to be connected and switched on at all times for the console to work.

      My internet connection has often been unreliable and troublesome in the past and their “deal with it” and “If you don’t like it, stick with 360” responses to the complaints did make me decide that the next gen console I get would be a PS4….and now I do own a PS4 after hearing that Fallout 4 is finally coming.

      I really don’t blame Pete Hines for getting irritated by those who can only complain about graphics after all the agonizing lengthy waits, false alarms and BS that been endured up to this point…..not to mention all the harassing comments and tweets Pete Hines has been getting asking/demanding info on Fallout 4 day in/ day out for the last few years. He has had to put up with so much in regards to this game.

      As far as I am concerned, Fallout 4 looks great and the experience will no doubt be brilliant AAA+ top quality.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      My point is don’t alienate your customers no matter how you feel because you do a disservice to your customers and yourself. Most people are going to remember his snide comments even if they don’t remember what they asked about and that is the type of publicity no one trying to sell something needs.

  • Robert

    SonyXbox Won

  • Game does look awesome. Who’s saying it doesn’t?

  • There is so much hate in all of these comments. Here is what is going to happen people will buy it on every platform and they will enjoy it, thats all that matters. Then the PC guys will mod it to make it even better with more quests and better graphics and the console guys don’t need to care about that so why bother arguing about it.

  • PixelOmen

    Even when they’re defending the game, like in this article, I see a lot of people apologizing for it, like saying “it’s never been about cutting edge visuals”, or “it has a great art style” , or “it looks great for this type of game”.

    Screw all that, the game looks incredible even on just a purely objective technical level, period.

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