Black Ops 2 is a buggy mess on the PS3

According to reports by several players

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Players are reporting that the PS3 version of the newly released Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has several issues, ranging from freezing issues and server issues to sound glitches.

People on the official Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 forum are reporting that the game is freezing up a lot- while updating the game, while loading a multiplayer game or at the end of an online game, during single player, or even while creating an emblem.

Some aren’t even able to play the game online. People are having issues with connecting to a game, or the servers entirely, or getting a “servers not available” message when they do manage to connect. One person states that he waited four hours to get a connection.

Some players are also getting messages saying “more players are needed to balance teams” even when they’re in full lobbies.

Sound issues are also being reported, especially in the zonbies modes, where sometimes sound just cuts out altogether. Activision says it’s working on these issues.

Have you encountered any such problems? Tell us in your comments below.


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  • sanderson94518

    You may want to take a look at this forum. A small group of original
    PS3 owners who were earlier adopters and evangelist are getting the
    short stick for support. COD BO2 takes down our systems every 3-5
    minutes of game play. One early entry for Activision Support and then
    they went Black.

  • pharmdgto78

    single player campaign froze 2 times last night after I started playing on the mission where you have to rescue the prisoner from the boat and drag him through the jungle. I gave up. 60 dollars for this buggy crap!

  • xxfaust81xx

    im having all of the above! freezing and that stupid error message has made me quite irate after waiting and pre ordering..unacceptable i say! no play yesterday and today its hit or miss, when i go from the lobbie full of players to the map loading screen it now turns completly black (except for the writing) and freezes making me quit the game to get out!

  • xxfaust81xx

    any news on buggs being worked out???

  • i cant climb down ladder to clear cocaine bunker in campaign mode i have tried everything and i also keep getting disconnected from server and keeps migrating host i been a gamer my whole life and never been so disappointed in a game as this one

  • tstar

    yeah,i’m fed up i’m not going to deal with it anymore. this is my last call of’s always something and apoligies aren’t enough.and xp doesn’t make it all better,when you’ve been dealing with it from square.

  • Josh

    I can’t even get my game to play it. Keeps freezing up in the begging credits

  • colby

    my sound keeps going out all together in multiplayer games and it plays an annoying noise over and over again fix this please


    My game just freezes on MP a lot; perhaps 2 out of 3 times…

  • kingfiend

    Mine locks up during loading, so I haven`t even played the campaign yet let alone the multiplayer.

  • marcoT00dhope

    Yes i had all these stupid problems since thursday so i have just missed 3 days of Double XP weekend

  • Lee

    Still cant get online! havent played online once since the game came out!

  • memphis

    Locks up when trying to unlock and/or equip items to weapons – POS!

  • stonedwolf

    No problems for me.

    Then again I have an Xbox and I don’t have BO2.

  • tyler

    same here when are they going to fix that

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