Black Ops will be better than Modern Warfare 2, says Activision

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Activision have declared that their upcoming Cold War FPS, being developed by Treyarch, will be the best Call of Duty title released till date, trumping Modern Warfare 2, their previous, hugely successful, Infinity Ward developed CoD title, in every possible way. Not only that. Black Ops will also be “the biggest entertainment launch of the year.”

“We’ve a fantastic game and a fantastic marketing campaign so our ambition is to set another record like we did with Modern Warfare 2,” Call of Duty general manager (EU) Michaël Sportouch told MCV.

“The resources invested behind Black Ops in terms of development of the game and the marketing are the highest ever for Activision. Our ambition is not only to be the biggest game but also the biggest entertainment launch of the year,” he continued.

“We’ve a 60-second ad during the England vs. Bulgaria match, which is our first mainstream communication around Black Ops in the UK. From there it’s going to be non-stop.”

Wow, Black Ops… big stuff, eh? Oh, here’s the newly released multiplayer trailer for Black Ops. It’s awesome. Also, check out our CoD: Black Ops preview here.

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  • codrocks

    Wow, the MP trailer looks ****ing awesome!!!!!! I’m very sure Activision will live up to their promise, and that Black Ops will be as good as it is being hyped as.

  • Remember Reach

    Well, yeah.

    It shouldn’t be hard to beat one of the buggiest games to be released last year.

  • MW1 (made by infinityward)was the best at that time. Then came World at war(made by treyarch). Most people played for a month and then went back to MW1. WatW was a shere disapoinment.- both games suffered from lag.
    Then came MW2 (made by infinityward) – took online gaming to a new level. The play is fast and accurate and very realistic. And almost no lag. The slight lag is only niticable because the game is so fast.
    Now comes Black Ops (made by treyarch) – yet another dissapointment. Sluggish, not accurate, lagging, poor graphics (yes that’s right. given todays technology, they could had and should had done al lot better). Most wins are not due to better play, but less lag then the other guy – I’ve played it almost constantly and it’s a fact.
    So to sum it up – infinity ward is the king of COD and no other company should be permitted to make any games under this name. WatW and BO are an insult to the name COD!.To prove my point, I dare anyone to dissagree when I say – back ops maps with MW2 game play and this would had been the best game to date.

  • Black Ops was the biggest disappointment in video games yet. They told us the game would be fun, and he multiplayer better than MW2, and they give us this piece of shit. The campaign was fun, I’ll admit that. But the multiplayer…
    The maps-The ones that weren’t too big were called Nuketown. It was too small and a paradise for rushers.

    The graphics-Do I need to say anything else? The graphics are worse than WaW, which came out in 2008!

    The guns-They look awful, and if you try to shoot someone half the time you’ll end up shooting at the air. Not very balanced either.

    The customization that gets deleted every time you log on-I was really excited about the currency system and thought it would be fun. It was, for 5 minutes. After that it just became a chore, and there was too much stuff I had to think about. Plus whenever you would make your emblem, half the time it wouldn’t be there when i logged on because of the crappiness of

    The servers-It would take me at least 5 minutes to find a game, and this is with a full connection. 1/4 games would end or I would get disconnected.

    The general gameplay, look, and feel-This is purely opinion. The above is fact. There’s something in all Treyarch (and games like Battlefield) that aggravate me when you move around, and just the general feel of the maps, the people, the environment, everything. If anyone agrees with me, good for you.


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