Bloodborne Dev Discusses Things In Game Possible Only Because of the PS4

Bloodborne is Bloodborne because of the PS4.

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Bloodborne is almost here, and it looks like it will be the PlayStation 4’s first killer app, the first game that will define the system and make it an absolute must have. However, a common criticism for the game so far has been that it is a glorified last generation ‘Souls’ title that didn’t really need to be on P{S4.

To those cynical souls, the developer of Bloodborne has some things to say. “There are plenty of things that we were able to do with the PS4 that we haven’t been able to do before. One example is the weapons that transform in the middle of the game, they extend, they retract, they change in all these different ways and they do it in a very graceful way, lots of different actions and motions and we wouldn’t have been able to do that without the power of the PS4.

“Another thing, going into the environments, they’re gothic, Victorian architecture and they’re very intricate, a beautiful but also frightening world and that’s something that wouldn’t have been possible in the previous generation. All of these areas are directly connected to each other, so these environments are also something that the PS4 has allowed us to create.”

Basically, it sounds like a lot of what makes Bloodborne, Bloodborne- such as the speed, the transforming weapons, the setting- are possible only because of PS4, and the resources it affords the developers.

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  • I’m Flat Out Right

    It doesn’t matter if Bloodborne could only be done on PS4 or not. The fact remains that it is a Sony fully owned IP and a PS4 exclusive.

    Here are the reasons why Bloodborne is only possible on PS4.

    – Bloodborne is codeveloped. This is not just a From Software title. Many of the game’s design choices are because of Japan Studio. People seem to forget that Demon’s Souls was created because Japan Studio and From Software collaborated. From Software wanted another King’s Field game while Japan Studio wanted something different thus Demon’s Souls was born. Dark Souls is basically a copy paste of Demon’s Souls. From Software simply slapped a new name on it because Sony owns the Demon’s Souls IP.

    – Bloodborne uses some of the Dualshock 4’s unique features. The touch pad gives developers many more button mapping options to improve the control you have over the game. Other controllers simply don’t have this.

    – Technical specifications: Hardware power is not the only thing that makes Bloodborne possible. Bloodborne uses the PS4’s advanced custom API that the PC, Wii U, and the Turdbox don’t have. Games like Driveclub, The Order, and Killzone Shadowfall use custom PS4 tools. Those games won’t run on other platforms because those platforms don’t have the compatibility or the tools to run it anyways. Sony provides the tools that helps From Software create Bloodborne in a timely manner. It would take From Software a lot of time to make Bloodborne without help. They were working on Dark Souls 2 while Japan Studio was working on Bloodborne with Hidetaka Miyazaki.

    – The PS3 doesn’t have the power to process the physics, animations, and the graphical effects that make Bloodborne what it is. It would take an extremely expensive PC to run a game like Bloodborne because PC doesn’t have the API anyways and PC can’t code to the metal.

    • kma99

      I was following what you said until you went kn that useless rant in paragraph 3. You mean to tell us rhis game cant be done on a pc? Gtfo with that garbage.

    • I’m Flat Out Right

      Poor PC fanboys. They don’t understand how their own platform works and how the industry works. PC can only run what it’s drivers and API allow. Bloodborne was built from the ground up for the PS4 with PS4 custom tools coded to the metal. Standard consumer PCs are not compatible nor do they have the ability to code to the metal. Even if Bloodborne was on PC it would take a strong PC to run which few even have. Does anyone run the PS4 API on their PC? No they don’t. Driveclub, Uncharted 4, The Order 1886, Killzone Shadowfall, and Infamous Second Son are not compatible with PC. Poor PC fanboys think their monster PC is supposed to run all games. So stupid is the mind of a PC fanboy who doesn’t understand what PC even is.

    • d0x360

      ROFL dem the fax! You are a massive pile of ignorance I love it.

      Drivers.. Api…something.. Words I heard…something. SONY #1!

    • Mark

      Lol. This guy went in! Haha

    • bardock5151

      Let me know when star citizen is running on the PS4 would you. Lol

    • theshavenwookie

      Star citizen that glitchy mess at pax east.

    • kma99

      All of the consoles use x86. Im sure anything that was obtained on the ps4 could be done on the xbox and definitely the pc. Only thing that wasn’t used from the others is the financing that’s all.

    • I’m Flat Out Right

      Nope, It doesn’t matter if the consoles are x86. The consoles are still not the exact same as PC.

      Also, PC and Xbox don’t have the tools to run Bloodborne. Bloodborne is tailor made to the PS4. Xbox uses Direct X. Bloodborne doesn’t use Direct X.

      The exact same can’t be done on Xbox. Xbox doesn’t have the exact same architecture. It has weaker RAM and other slight differences. Xbox One is also too weak to run it. Bloodborne is not like these 3rd party games that are portted to both Xbox and PS4.

    • kma99

      What are you smoking? Sony keeps you doped up reap good. Every pc owner needs to get rid of there pc because the ps4 is just so superior lol.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      GNMX is OpenGL 4.5 based. All the tools are on PC. You are MisterPlaystationMedia.

    • bardock5151

      You are flat out delusional.

    • I’m Flat Out Right

      Care to debunk it? Is that your only rebuttal?

    • bardock5151

      It doesn’t need debunking. You’ve done that yourself, quite handily too I might add.
      You seem to believe the console specific tools of the PS4 allow some godly ability that is unattainable else where. You proved your stupidity and made it perfectly clear that you are a delusional fanboy.

    • Exposure Levels

      So basically you can’t debunk it. ok

    • d0x360

      Define private function (idiot shield)

      Here allow me you waste of brain cells. Omg teh drivers and api! All drivers and api do is Allow code to talk to hardware. They allow you to do things with function calls instead of writing out your own lines of code. Its a quick way to do something. Allow me to give you an basic example in English.

      Define public sub add_numbers (x,y)=z

      Do events
      X+y= z

      End sub

      In your code instead of writing out the math every time you write

      Call sub add_numbers (1,6)

      Do you understand?

      So any api or driver functions available on ps4 or anything else for that matter can easily be replicated by writing code.

      So stop using words you don’t understand, stop arguing with people on topics you clearly know nothing about and get a god damn life.

      End function

    • Mark

      “End function” hahaa. It’s crazy because I usually just keep it moving when I see known trolls (like I’m Flat Out Right), but seeing Exposure Levels defend him, I’m like “R people actually drinking this dookie up”? Lol. Crazy stuff man. But I think it’s the headline that got the hooves clickin. Oh well, it worked.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      – Bloodborne uses the PS4’s advanced custom API that the PC

      GNMX API is an OpenGL derivative and all those tools are also available on PC as it’s essentially openGL. There is nothing special about GNMX and you are coming up with deluded MisterPlaystationMedia fantasies.

      – PC doesn’t have the API anyways and PC can’t code to the metal.

      PC already has a “to the metal” API in Mantle which is set to be replaced with VulKan and DirectX12 by the end of the year. On top of that, any reasonable mid spec PC should be able to run Bloodborne as the cloth physics tech has been seen in a number of other PC games.

      The reason it’s on PS4 is “Money” yet Sony PR doesn’t want to admit it for some reason. Maybe because Neogaf and Dualshockers will cry

    • I’m Flat Out Right

      LMAO When did Mantle and DX12 come out? You owned yourself with that one.

      Nice try. The PS4 API isn’t the same as the PC version of Open GL. PC does not support the PS4 API. If it did, why are you and the Microsoft shill, Brad Wardell, acting like DX12 is a revolution? You owned yourself again.

      Why do you think Mantle and DX12 aren’t compatible with every PC? You do realize, not every version of Open GL is supported by Nvidia and AMD, right?

      How many games even use Open GL on PC? LOL

      I love watching you PC fan boys try to deny facts when you don’t even know your own platform. PC fan boys are a joke. It gives me entertainment. LOL

    • “Turdbox”
      Way to keep it classy, you poseur gamer. DB fanboys like you give all gamers a bad name.

    • jwhyrock

      I never researched the making of Demon’s Souls. To hear that From Software wanted a new Kings Field and they didn’t do it greatly saddens me. As much as I love Souls, it’s a pale shadow of Kings Field.

  • bardock5151

    Gotta love how easy it is to pick a puppet and PR speak, for some….
    And it looks like one stooge on this page already bought it hook line and hairy corporate tackle.

  • d0x360

    ROFL ok ok ok…

    So I’m pretty excited for this game but this guy needs to put down the Sony PR sheet and walk away. Without the ps4 we couldn’t have weapons that change? I stopped right there.

    Attack the weak spot for MASSIVE DAMAGE



  • Starman

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL more hype ….I can’t take anymore …and when (like all the others) the game falls short of what they/you’ll claim , you/they only have yourselves to blame…

  • theshavenwookie

    Praise the moon */

  • Mark

    I don’t know Pramath, I didn’t take that BloodBorne statement as “Could only be done on PS4”. Took it more as they were comparing the PS4 to last gen systems; “There are plenty of things that we were able to do with the PS4 that we haven’t been able to do before”. And, “that’s something that wouldn’t have been possible in the previous generation”. But hey, the headline worked and u got me here! Lol.

  • kreator

    Been hearing that statment for years “Only on PS” nothing but B.S. This game is not pushing anything, it can be done on PC or X1

  • tipoo2

    For all that power they talk about, they haven’t fixed the frame pacing issues even with the 9th patch.


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