Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Aiming For Resolution/FPS Parity On PS4/Xbox One, Engine Detailed

Advanced Warfare is using blend-shape technology for realistic facial capture.

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (5)

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was one of the surprises at this year’s E3. The game seems to be drastically different from other shooters that are due this year and its reassuring to see Sledgehammer Games putting the series back to its original path. However, it seems that they are not only fixing gameplay mechanics but will also make sure that they will achieve parity in terms of resolution and frame rate on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Call of Duty Ghosts ran at 720p on the Xbox One, compared to 1080p on the PlayStation 4, so will things improve with Advanced Warfare?

“Right, well you know we always strive for complete parity across all our platforms and you know this year will be no different,” Creative director, Bret Robbins said to GamingBolt.

He also detailed some of the updates they have implemented in the engine. “There are all sorts of new technology from rendering to the way we do our characters. We have blend-shape technology that we use in the face; it really brings out a-lot more emotion. Just across the board the audio engine is a-lot more powerful. We’ve just made tons and tons of updates to the tech,” he revealed to GamingBolt.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare releases on November 4th on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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  • Kamille

    downgrade confirmed.

    • Rooster41

      Like Watch Dogs? No I think not

  • pterois

    This parity nonsense again! Although to be fair games are better looking now than they were when they were just higher resolution versions of old gen.

    • Joseph Lan

      Developers preaching “parity” for platforms with disparate performance is complete insanity. What ever happened to the good old fashioned LOGICAL conclusion of “better hardware = better version of the game?”

      Even if the PS4 is only 10% more powerful than the Xbox One (we know it’s more than that, but let’s just use 10% for the sake of argument), then the framerate and/or resolution should still be 10% higher on the superior platform. It’s a simple matter of specs and horsepower. Dragging one platform down to more closely match the other, if that is indeed what Sledgehammer is hinting at, is absolutely ridiculous and reprehensible.

    • Rooster41

      Low standard? Call of Duty Advanced Warfare looks leaps and bounds better than Ghosts last-gen graphics and it’s running at 900p on Xbox One it’s called console Optimization ever heard of it if not look it up

  • Rooster41

    Well the E3 demo was running at 900p on the Xbox One so things have already improve over Ghosts and before you PlayStation fanboys start crying foul Ghosts ran at 1080p 60fps on the PS4 but the frame rate was horrible so Sledgehammer should find a middle ground for both consoles

    • TI_21

      Framerate was above 60 FPS which TVs couldn’t handle very well. :X

    • Not_true

      They patched the 60+ fps framerate judder.

    • Joseph Lan

      Correction, the Xbox One version was running at ~882p w/ a terrible framerate (30-40fps). Source: Digital Foundry.

      Also, the PS4 version of Ghosts by no means had a “terrible framerate” at 1080p. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Yes, the framerate did dip below 60fps during more intense sequences in single player, but the frame drops were not that significant (~50fps).

      In multiplayer, the framerate was a near rock-solid 60fps (from what I could tell with my naked eye), and it had less severe frame drops than the Xbox One version in MP.


    • Rooster41

      Correction i’ve played Call of Duty Ghosts on the Xbox One and PS4 and I could see that the Xbox One version clearly has a better frame rate than the PS4, play both versions like I did and see for yourself

    • TrueGamer290

      Say what you want, EVERYBODY knows PS4 can and SHOULD run games at a higher quality than Xbox One games. This “parity” BS is only starting to come about because developers are afraid of Xbox One fanboys [like yourself] complaining about second rate Xbox One versions of games. Developers that refuse to shaft PS4 owners don’t care about “parity” between PS4 and Xbox One versions and are making the BEST version they can on each respective console rather than gimping one version for “parity.” There are still examples of this….

    • Rooster41

      Developers are afraid of Xbox fanboys ? Dude are you retarded, the PS4 is the lead platform for now so developers have no reason to appease the Xbox One users, the problem with you PlayStation fanboys is you don’t want to accept the fact that the Xbox One and PS4 are closer in performance

    • Not_true

      If CoD Advanced Warfare runs at 900p 30-40 fps on Xbox, it should run at least 1080p 30-40 fps on PS4, or 900p 40-50 fps. Not a huge difference but there shouldn’t be total parity.

    • bardock5151

      Ps4 as lead is still only a rumour. Agree on the rest.

    • Not_true

      Ghosts was a badly coded game all around.

    • Painkillr

      this is before the june sdk was applied though.

    • Not_true

      PS4 framerate in Ghosts was patched and runs better. There was an issue with the framerate running above 60 fps and causing screen judder.

  • Ryumoau

    really looking forward to seeing the finished product on ps4. I just hope they can maintain the precious 60 frames per second that makes CoD my favorite FPS series.

  • Nettrick Nowan

    If parity/dumbing down is achieved, I’m not sure if I’ll be buying the game–or a store bought copy any way. What’s the use in my having the most powerful gaming console it developers won’t take advantage of it?


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