Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Xbox 360 Player Ranked #1 Resets Stats Due to Constant Harassment

Stay classy, COD players.

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Pop quiz question: If you join a multiplayer game for the first time, and see an overwhelming number of people ranked higher than you, what do you do?

Work hard to reach their level, putting the time and effort needed to be the best? Or just harass and bully the top-ranked players with under-handed tactics till they either leave the game or just reset their stats altogether?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Xbox 360 user “Retrominano” was ranked number 1 in the game for the 360. However, he was continuously hit by Distributed Denial of Service or DDOS attacks that interrupted his internet and prevented him from playing.

In a message sent to a friend from PC, he says he can’t even remain online for more than 10 minutes PER FRIGGIN’ DAY.

ddos black ops 2

Despite trying to reset his IP multiple times, Retrominano found no relief. His games were constantly joined by players who harassed. He took the only sane recourse after that: Resetting his stats and going back to Level 1.

Think about that for a second: Black Ops 2 players – no shining examples of maturity, sure, but still gamers – harassed the number 1 ranked Xbox 360 player IN THE WORLD – a rank which he earned legitimately – for being better than them.

Give yourselves a round of high-fives, guys. With a folding chair. To the face. Here’s hoping Activision and Treyarch track down Retrominano and ban the gamers who harassed him, before buffing up security as a whole.

Source: Reddit (Via Gameranx)

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  • This crazy lying fucks…

    Most of this stuff isn’t true. Just a heads up.

    • ungluedmoose


  • last I looked the number 1 player in every COD game were cheaters, It’s impossible to have over 1billion kills, hate to break it to everyone.

    • asdasd

      Treyarch is pretty good about getting rid of hacked stats.

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  • MrTurtlesgaming

    honestly i believe this is true if you go on x box rankings you will notice that most people have little to no gamer score this guy had a pretty legit score call me a dumb ass or fag for beleving just saying

    • Benjamin Eugene NElson

      What does that even mean?

  • To me, this just sort of backs up my complaints (and other people’s, as well) about the kind of audience that CoD has started to attract. I say “started,” when in reality I think that CoD fans have become the bullies of the gaming world. What happened to the days when I could jump in an online game and share an exhilarating experience with my fellow gamers who shared the same passion as I? I find myself becoming nostalgic over the time when gamers were teased and made fun of as nerds or geeks, because at least those bullies were never found in our virtual world.

  • FaizanAliNaqvi

    Who plays COD anyways, COD won’t even survive next gen, Next Gen will be about sandbox and non linear gaming unlike this shitty gen where COD fucking pushed gaming back



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