Call of Duty Ghosts Clan Wars Cheaters Culled by Infinity Ward

All cheating clans have seen their CP set to -666.

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Infinity Ward revealed recently that it would be taking more stringent measures to cull the cheaters inhabiting Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer. While we often hear of promises for the same from all developers, in this particular case, Infinity Ward has already banned 200 cheating clans from the Clan Wars mode. The cheaters will have had their CP set to -666 by the time the Rio War arrives, according to an official post on Reddit.

Considering that the developer is readying for the Diamond League Clan Wars to launch this February, it only makes sense to weed out the trouble-causing players right now. The less nuisance present in the Diamond League, which will emphasize skill over grinding to level up, the better.

What is your take on the recent anti-cheater KEM Strike issued by Infinity Ward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and also outlined how your Clan Wars experience is going.

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  • quigz125

    what happens if we joined a hacked lobby? a friend and i were in a party together and we joined a HC Kill Confirmed game which looked normal and after a couple games we noticed our scores became super negative. i hope we don’t get banned for it.

  • concearned Cod Player

    The multiplayer sucks compared to previous Call of Dutys. This is the only one I have actually returned and haven’t played since call of duty 3. Lets hope activision comes out with something a LOT better than what we just were robbed of in the next version or they will lose me and most of the players I know to series like battlefield.

    • Bill_in_Tx

      IW and Activision have killed COD. They constantly lie about the game to get players to buy then never fulfill that promise. Case in point we were told dedicated servers would be used after the launch…going on three months now and still P2P gaming. For PC gamers most of the game modes are empty. There are less than 4000 players world wide in the game right now. I have never seen a version of ghosts die faster. It doesn’t help that they ban clans but let the cheating players keep at it. The game is chock full of cheaters. Hard to find a legitimate game sometimes

  • Chris Stevenson

    First clan war with only a small clan so cheating didn’t affect me. Won it outright legit but feel for the clans who’ve Bern cheated out of wins.

  • ManicRUSH©

    As well as the Caracas clan war we also went full force on Rio. The opposition was thwarted….it just doesn’t feel right when you don’t have much of a competition 🙁 I think its perhaps because although we are a very small clan of 10 people, we are probably one of the most active small clans going (Even though we all do work/ attend school). Looking forward to a tougher wars next time ;D

  • BsB

    I think the cheating clan should be posted , so we all can look out for them in the next rounds , just my opinion

    • rvd2fresh617

      I agree that’s the best idea this game should definitely do it there are clans talking trash knowing they have the upper hand look at baseball the poster boy for steroids cheated a rod for example

  • Bill_in_Tx

    Try competing in the clan wars if you are a PC gamer…there are so many empty lobbies you can’t compete in most of the game modes aside from TDM and Dom.

  • William Andrew Ashby

    Well no one says your not aloud. To play against other members in your clan during clan wars so my clan git set back to


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