Call of Duty: Ghosts Takes Place in Venezuela, May Center on Arms Trade Industry

Or just the metal Tungsten. Yes, seriously.

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Some new information has been provided on the official website for Infinity Ward’s upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts. The developer has provided two new sets of numbers and a set of words on the site’s page, which provide a few clues as to the setting and theme of the game.

Call of Duty Ghosts_teaser_01

First off, the above numbers are actually a set of coordinates. Enter them into Google Maps, and you’ll find the location listed as Caracas, Venezuela. Nothing out of the ordinary unless you count that both the capital Caracas and Venezuela have the highest per capita murder rates in the world. Yes, even more than Chicago.

There are many poor neighbourhoods located around the capital of Caracas, which are reportedly dangerous at all times and feature many unsolved murders and crimes. This would seemingly fit in with the theme of the Ghosts protecting those who can’t protect themselves.

Call of Duty Ghosts_teaser_02

The second image indicates a random number, which was revealed to be the atomic mass of Tungsten. Tungsten is an important element in the arms industry and is reportedly powerful enough to be used in orbital strikes to replace nukes.

Call of Duty Ghosts_teaser_03

The third image, added recently, is a little weirder. It simply states, “You start to forget…The things you should remember”. Again related to righting the wrongs taking place – perhaps alluding to the fact that criminals can’t get away with murder?

Activision promises a full reveal of Ghosts at Microsoft’s next Xbox event on May 21st. We already know that it will be releasing for PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U and Xbox 360.

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  • Ali Primera

    Venezuela fighting Yankies, fuck yeah, my dream has come true.

    • WTF yankies do to your stupid lame ass? Moron, stupid chavistas make us all (Venezuelans) looks bad (Yes i am Venezuelan)

    • Nostradamus

      ¿Eres pendejo o te la das?. ¿Leíste la nota pedazo de acémila?, ¿No sabes inglés porque no aprendiste nada en el colegio?. Usa el traductor de Google, la ignorancia es opcional en la era de la información.

    • Xmortal

      Ignore the Chavistas / Maduristas is minded nature.

      Chavistas / Madurista = TROLL / SPAMMERS

  • Nuevo chavista

    Creo que Chavez lo único “bueno ” que logro en su mandato fue apoyar la progresión de la criminalidad en Caracas, convirtiéndola en una de las ciudades con mayores de indices de asesinato en el mundo en estos últimos años, para que de esa manera lográramos ser la sede de los videojuegos de guerra que anteriormente protagonizaban los árabes o asiáticos. Ahora entiendo a los chavistas! Que ciego estaba *_*

  • Rigby

    Por dios, es solo un juego y si la cabeza no les da para separar la realidad de la fantasia entonces son bien inmaduros. Eso no es Venezuela, es solo una idea sacada de un mundo ficticio. Me acuerdo cuando la gente hablo hastra el cansacio de Merceranies 2, por que era supuestamente en “venezuela” y resulto ser todo un bodrio mediatico….

  • Oriana

    AWESOME! Can’t wait to play it. And I’m Venezuelan. Se va a poner intersante la vaina.

  • QueLocuras

    Cayeeeeron Caaaayeeeron xD/Gotcha! xD

    Oh Please stop this bad joke xD


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