Cliff Bleszinski Defends Sony’s PlayStation VR Stage Demo

‘Cut them some slack.’

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One of the most cringe inducing parts of Sony’s PlayStation Experience keynote was their entire VR portion. It was poorly thought out, and mostly showed us games that looked unappealing, but perhaps worst of all, and most unfortunately, the stage demo that Sony chose to lead their PSVR section of the keynote with malfunctioned- if someone was relying on this showing to make their first impression about VR, it can’t have been a good look.

However, former Epic Games developer, and Boss Key Productions founder Cliff Bleszinski defended the demo, encouraging people to cut Sony some slack and stating that he finds the PlayStation VR ‘solid.’

“Cut Sony some slack, stage demos are dumb and break all the time, Sony’s VR is solid, people,” he said. “If I had a nickel for every stage demo that fucked up for me I could retire. Again.”

Look, I get it- the stage demo malfunctioned, and I didn’t actually have any issue with that, especially since the entire thing was just done in two weeks. Having something like that happen before an audience as big as the PSX’s audience can be terrifying, and the presenters did the best they could. With that said, my issues with the VR segment were:

  • Why did Sony choose to showcase VR, an inherently unshowcasable technology, with a live stage demo?
  • Why did they choose to do it with a tech demo that had only been in development for two weeks?
  • Why not choose professional presenters to do it?
  • Plus, of course, the entire VR segment, even removing the live demo, was awful, with most of the games shown off very unappealing

I feel for the people who had to put up with the malfunctioning equipment on stage, and I feel bad for them. I do not, however, excuse Sony for a very poorly structured and paced conference.

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  • Starman

    Damage control ………

  • Psionicinversion

    PC is the best place to do VR, no sucky crap low detailed failure games on PC VR, max res max graphics max framerate… no tricks

  • Starman

    Drive club flopped , they got a pass
    Killzone flopped
    Second son flopped
    Bloodborne flopped , I don’t care what you fangirls say ..
    i can go on but, you get it .. they all got a pass .. you have never given MS a pass with nothing …
    This is why you stupid fangirls get crap , because no matter what they do as far as all the flops this generation …. YOU GIVE THEM A PASS …..GTFO>>>

    “Go hard or go home”
    “GAME ON”
    ….Phil Spencer…..

    • kevin

      Driveclub sold over 2 million with a ton of free content and some paid being released from launch till now so not a flop, killzone sold over 2 million not a flop, second son sold over 2 million not a flop and bloodborne which is the only console exclusive between ps4 and x1 that has scored 90 plus on metacritic and is a goty contender has sold close to 2 million so not a flop. IF you’re going to troll at least make it somewhat believable or better yet how about not being a troll it truly is pathetic and sad their game consoles dude its not that serious.

    • Mr Xrat

      In your own delusional little world.

      Go back to waiting for more of Phil’s empty promises.

    • Truth™

      Rscottycuck calling someone else delusional while pretending PSVR didn’t break down on stage, Sony didn’t get cucked out of all its exclusives and they “Mic Dropped” the show ending with a MOBA that will be superior on PC. Hilarious as usual. Better practice hammering that upvote button some more. You need it for when the 720PSVR arrives 🙂

  • Truth™

    You only get one chance and they flopped on stage just like Kinect and Move did so deal with it Cliffy you flipflopper. PSVR is a failure before it comes out.

    Also lol Sony breaking out the dildo controllers once more.

  • Alistein

    Hilarious. Cut them some slack and then attack. I however applaud the criticism.

  • Mr Xrat

    An Xgimp god coming out to make them look bad? Fantastic stuff.

    • Truth™

      Poor rscottycuck trying to deflect and pretend the PSVR didn’t break down on stage. A perfect end to an absolute embarrassing conference where the big “Mic Drop” was a MOBA that would be better on PC and it turned out Ni No Kuni 2, Yakuza 0, KOF XIV and Ni-Oh are also headed to PC making it pointless to buy a PS4.

      Didn’t Cliffy say the only gaming that mattered was PC gaming recently? Another failure for the Sonycucks 🙂

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