Cliff Bleszinski: Wolfenstein The New Order Is The Best FPS Since Half Life 2

‘The greatest shooter campaign since Half Life 2.’

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Wolfenstein - The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order, the newest game in the classic, long running FPS series (the grand daddy of the entire FPS genre, actually), was released a couple months ago. The title, developed by debutant developer Machine Games and publisher Bethesda, was absolutely amazing- it married old school shooter design with new age sensibilities and an incredible atmosphere, all coming together to create a hell of a shooter. It’s not much of a stretch to say it’s one of the best shooters of the last decade. And that is a point of view that ex-Epic Games developer Cliff Bleszinski certainly espouses.

‘The new Wolfenstein was in my opinion, and I daresay this, one of the best first-person shooter campaigns since Half-Life 2. And I think I’m about halfway through right now, I’m stuck on this bridge section but I refuse to lower the difficulty because I hate having to do that in a game.

“But when I saw that game at E3 a couple years ago and then PAX East, I was completely underwhelmed, I was writing it off. I didn’t want to be a dick and say something about it on social, but my expectations were really low—I thought it seemed kind of cheesy and just weird. And then when I got hands-on, it was extraordinarily well written, graphically gorgeous, and the maps were extremely well built. And the combat was just fantastic, it was a labor of love,” Bleszinski said to PCGamer.

You might disagree on the exact specifics of that statement, but there is absolutely no denying that this is a hell of a shooter, and it fills me with great optimism for the upcoming Doom reboot.

Machine Games, take a bow.

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  • Wodge

    Why did you post a half finished review by a guy who doesn’t do reviews?

  • d0x360

    I think it was better than hl2. I don’t get the hl2 love. Hl1 was fantastic but 2? First off its mind blowing physics were done almost a year earlier in psi ops. Next its story telling was no longer ground breaking but the norm. Then you had massive filler areas.

    The first 2 levels were awesome…then you get in the boat…then the buggy. Most of the game is empty filler where nothing of importance happens. After long stretches of nothing your at the final level which is also mostly empty then you fight the boss and the game abruptly ends.

    You learn nothing new in the game. What little story we have is good but if you combined all of it really Its not much at all and nothing is answered or resolved. The following episodes are better but those are left unresolved too.

    Wolfenstein on the other hand was badass from moment 1 all the way till the end.


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