Cloud Gaming Done Correctly Could Be Huge, “Incredibly Kickass”

Roll 7’s Thomas Hegary talks about the potential that the cloud holds for gaming.

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Since we first heard about the cloud significantly upping the power of the Xbox One, cloud gaming has been a rather mixed bag in several ways. While Sony is offering game streaming through its PlayStation Now service and Microsoft’s Azure service is used to augment games like Forza Motorsport 5, we’re yet to see any real harnessing of the power that cloud computing allegedly offers gaming.

That being said, it’s still an exciting concept. Roll 7 director Thomas Hegarty, who led OlliOlli 2’s development on the PS4 and PS Vita, believes in its potential. “Cloud gaming could be huge if done correctly – especially for PC gaming and design.”

“If you can build your game and get it working on the cloud, it means anyone with a stable Internet connection could have access to your game. It goes the other way too – we don’t have the most powerful computers around, but if we could access that data through the cloud, it would be incredibly kickass!”

In the past Microsoft have showcased demonstrations of cloud processing and how it can improve performance but it will be a while before such methodologies will be bought in practice given the current state of infrastructure.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Modi Rage

    Cloud won’t become viable or reliable for a long time. Current data speeds and network infastructures don’t support it. Also, distribution and architecture is a problem. Developers will have to design games specifically for a specific cloud architecture of whatever the specific cloud platform is they choose. There are so many problems with it such as future support. Games will be bound to those networks and architectures.

    Sony is all ready boosting their own servers. House revealled in his recent plans, that they’re transitioning PSN in to their own newer servers. Kazuo Hirai is also starting cloud growth with data storage for businesses. But as of now or the next decade, I only see cloud being good as a complimentary or optional services such as PlayStation Now. Cloud isn’t anywhere near ready to move away from traditional hardware and may never be ready. This is because hardware power is advancing faster than data speeds. There are too many problems with it.

    • Starman

      Dude , what school or bogus online info did you get that from , oh wait! you are a DEV…. ..but Sony , with there outdated servers and technology are going get closer .. the servers MS built for this gen were with the cloud computing in mind “DYNAMIC SERVERS” something Sony can’t afford … it takes a lot of cash thats all … you’re fanboying right now and hoping they fail …GTFO…you sound just as outdated as Sony’s whole approach this gen…

    • Modi Rage

      I see you fan boying all the time in many articles Starman. You’re embarrassing yourself with such nonsense.

      Sony obviously all ready has dynamic servers that run PSN and they have billions of dollars to buy more.

      How can you call Sony’s approach to this gen outdated, when Microsoft is the one still using AA batteries in the controller, back tracking on Kinect, using weaker hardware, has a slower network, and has only been copying Sony since the start of this gen?

      Stop being a delusional rabid fanboy Starman. You’re sad.

    • Terminator

      We see you and all your other delusional rabid hypocritical troll suck puppet accounts fanboying, misinforming, lying, making things up and acting is if you knew what you copied of the internet in most known gaming sides daily. You have a sad life Sony Pony D*ck Rider.

    • Mark

      Modi, TitanFall already uses Microsoft’s Azure for AI… real time. They’re offloading jobs to the server for processing, and back to the Xbox, probably to a small degree (I read one developer on GAF say 5%, cpu performance wise).

      Here’s the issue; the use of Azure in TitanFall isn’t noticeable. No major building destruction and such. It’s just helping on the AI logic. People will say “Well why not throw 1,000 enemies on screen with it”? Well as Respawn stated, the game still has to be fun, has to be balanced, the player has to feel….u get it.

      So the issue isn’t “Can games use remote processing power to enhance gameplay”. The debate we’re all having is “To what magnitude”?

      And I really don’t see Phil and CloudGine trolling everybody with CrackDown 3’s focus on Azure. Someone asked him why didn’t they lean on Azure even more, with TitanFall (in terms of physics), he said “We had to use it in a small way, with TitanFall first, to be certain that it works. Because this is new for us, we’ll now ITERATE, on that foundation”.

      I respect ur opnion, but ultimately, none of us knows how this will play out. I hope they got sumthin to show in 2 weeks.

    • Omnipotent
    • Terminator

      Cool story XbotMk1 or John Doe or I’m Flat Out Right or whatever else you like to named. You lose all credibility every time you show yourself in anything gaming related.

    • Modi Rage

      Some of you are crazy and you have serious mental issues. I rarely ever comment, but I’ve seen you in the comment sections of most gaming related articles that I read. You’re an obvious hypocrite and a Microsoft fanboy, Terminator. You shouldn’t be talking about credibility because you have none.

    • Terminator

      LOL, you keep telling yourself that Mr. multiple accounts.

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