Codemasters Explains How Grid Autosport Will Standout From DriveClub And Project CARS

“What makes GRID games stand out is that they are games about racing. Not driving simulators, but games.”

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GRiD Autosport

There is no doubt that that Grid Autosport is shaping up to be a solid racer but given that DriveClub and Project CARS are due after it is released later this month, are Codemasters under pressure to deliver and live up to expectations? We spoke to James Nicholls, who is the Chief Games Designer of the game, to find out.

“We’re very focused on what we’re doing, so any pressure there has been ensuring that we’re giving our fans what they want and maybe a few things they didn’t expect. As this project has gone on, that pressure has changed into excitement as our vision becomes reality,” says James.

James believes that GRID is more about racing than simulation. “What makes GRID games stand out is that they are games about racing. Not driving simulators, but games. They are balanced as a videogame, and they are built to create a game experience about what it feels like to be a racing driver. It’s an important distinction and that’s what makes a GRID game feel different from anything else. For us, the racing experience lies in the AI, the goals set to you in the race, and the atmosphere created around you that convince you that you are a racing driver, in the thick of the action,” he further explains.

According to him GRID is all about the experience and defining moments that set it apart from other racers. “GRID Autosport delivers that alongside a focus on motorsport, capturing what it feels like to take part in five completely different disciplines of modern motor racing and, most importantly, capturing the different skills and techniques you need to succeed at each.”

“I think we’ve nailed that feeling of racing for a team objective in career mode. When limping home in 5th place with misaligned steering and a damaged radiator seals your team goal for the season, it can be as elating as any podium in any other game. The memories you come away from racing in GRID Autosport are those formed out on the track – chasing down a championship rival, working with your team mate, coping with car damage mid-race, navigating a spectacular pile up with the AI… these are those racing moments that capture the sport of racing like no-one else is able to.”

Do you agree with James’ answer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • oo7PorscheMGS

    I do agree with his comments because Grid does and always will remind me of the old TOCA racing / touring games that Codemasters started with..great physics, speed, damage, and AI as well…racing and trying to finish well with a damaged car was intense, and it STILL gets my heart beating with the new GRID games. I play Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, and others but I believe Grid has that true INTENSITY of racing nailed down like NONE of the competition. Sense of speed and damage especially. Gran turismo is a joke when it comes to both sadly, and NFS just lets your cars “respawn” and treats their physics like matchbox cars.

    I know Codemasters said they want to create a really good next gen engine before they release a ps4 racing game and I respect them a LOT for focusing on quality instead of jjst releasing a slightly better looking version of this on ps4. But I also worry because I don’t know how many people might overlook this game since it is only on ps3 and there are 2 huge ps4 racers this year….I might do so myself, sadly, even though I love the games. Actually, the only reason I didnt buy grid2 right away was because of lack of incar view. They NEED to bring that back….that was part of the FEELING of racing…and crashing in incar view was SICK! Only NFS SHIFT has repicated that intensity, that thin line where you are afraid to even blink! Otherwise, this is the BEST racing franchise. I will probably wait for the ps4 debut of GRID though, unless Codemasters includes a LOT of content in Autosport or they add that incar view back already.

    Respect to Codemasters either way, great games.


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