Contrast Dev: ‘Difficult to Gain Xbox One Dev Kits This Early’, ‘Situation A Big Disappointment To Indies’

‘It’s a real shame that they don’t want to join the party just yet.’

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contrast compulsion games
Contrast is an upcoming puzzle platform game in development at Compulsion Games. It will be releasing on a wide range of platforms including PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and PC. However, almost surprisingly, the game is not coming to Microsoft’s next gen console, the Xbox One.

We got in touch with Sam Abbott of Compulsion Games and asked why they are not bringing Contrast to the Xbox One.

“Microsoft currently isn’t letting indies self-publish, so we’re holding out for the moment in the hopes that they reverse their positions. Development kits are also more difficult to gain access to this early in the game.We’re hoping that will change at some point soon,” Abbott  said.

It is a bit surprising that not all developers have access to Xbox One developer kits, given how we are only a few months away from launch. Not to mention the fact that it is also releasing close to Sony’s next gen platform, the PS4.

We also asked his thoughts about the strong push by Sony for the same on the PS4. He believes that the Xbox One situation is a big disappointment for indies and it’s a shame that they don’t want to join the indie bandwagon yet.

“Well, it’s certainly the topic of the moment in the indie community right now. The community is still growing, and the culture is wonderfully supportive, collaborative and encouraging. While there are elements of competition, there is a huge explosion of ideas and feedback, and I think gaming is better off because of it.

“The diversity of the games being produced is just astounding, and we’re seeing more and more devs applying for things like the Indie Megabooth at PAX. And, in terms of general gamer culture, appreciation for indies is growing, which is super great. So the Xbox One situation is a big disappointment for indies given how well other parts of the community are going, and to be honest, it’s a bit of a surprise. I’m sure Microsoft is still figuring out what it wants to do, but it’s a real shame that they don’t want to join the party just yet,” he added.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Guest

    So “No game” syndrome for the Xbox One for 2014 as I can read. Even blizzard didn’t received a Xbox One dev kit. PS4 seem the better choice for 2013-2015, then more dev will have received a Xbox One devkit and the Xbox one game drought will be over.

    • usrev

      maybe. the 360 even now has a pretty bad exclusive lineup. I don’t think we will see a good lineup from xbox one unless MS throws money at developers to be exclusive on xbox one.

      sony on the other hand owns a lot of good studios like naughty dog that churn out hit titles.

    • Basukua

      MS launch lineup exclusivly is far greater than the ps4 as the ps4 has like 4 exclusive titles -_- and one of is DCUO… none are great mind… first quarter of 2014 is when half decent games come out..

      On the other hand naughty dog have yet to announce anything for ps4 so yeh…. might be terrible… especially if they make anohter uncharted :L ruin all integrety they have xD

    • cozomel

      “far greater”? oh come on with that fanboy bullshit, maybe in your mind but i’ll take Killzone (with real next gen graphics) and, driveclub over a free to play game (KI) and forza 5 (i hate sim racers, boring) anyday

    • CosmosIsKool

      Killzone is still a B tier shooter, whichever way you slice it, until it is still behind, Halo, Battlefield and Halo as far as AAA shooters go. I expect Titanfall will be the next big game to join that list. As far as Forza I don’t particularly enjoy sims either so no comment on that.

    • cozomel

      super fanboyism here, so let me get this straight KZ is a B tier shooter so therefore KZSF is gone to be B tier too, right?But Halo is AAA when everybody knows that every Halo is worst than the last. With Halo one being the only good one and Halo 2 being consider good only because of its online component and it being one of the first consoles game to bring consoles kiddies to the online world pc gamers had already been on/enjoying for over a decade. Halo is garbage kid, its been garbage, just fanboys bolstering it up. And then you go on to talk about a game that looks like current gen graphically with slightly higher res (im talking about Titanfall) and you claim it to be AAA when nobody has ever played it, assume much? They need to get off the quake 3 engine already! Come back when your over your fanboyism. Battelfield i’ll give you, but then again what’s better than BF? And p.s its on the PS4 too and will probably perform better. And I’m with ya on sims, Fuck Forza

    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      fanboys these days… shocking isnt it?

      halo is overrated. trust me, i know.

      out my 100 friends on my friendlist, i rarely see anyone playing halo, even when halo 4 came out, it still wasnt the most popular game played, and the people that played it only played it for a few weeks maximum.

    • Shawn Pearson

      lol it’s all about preferences, The last of us took 3 weeks to sell 3.4 million copies it took gears of war 3 one week,sony’s install base is supposedly 80 million why are the die hards not buying the 1st party exclusives,sonys 1st party exclusive never really sell a amazing amount of copies period, I happen to like xb1 line up and will have it day one, ps4 (360 with btter graphics) will wait until naughty dog makes me buy one because the only thing i want is second son but that game ain’t a system seller so it can wait…


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