Crackdown 3 Developer Says Xbox One X Is Far More Powerful Than PS4 Pro, But Is Unsure If Third Parties Will Make Full Use Of That Power

So am I, to be honest.

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The Xbox One X will be the most powerful console ever made when it launches on November 7 later this year. And its showcase game will be the long delayed, long in the making Crackdown 3, which is being developed by developers Sumo Digital.

Sumo Digital have, over the years, worked with every major console on the market, including the PS4, PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and Xbox One- so they probably know what they are talking about when they say that the Xbox One X is far more powerful than all of them.

Crackdown 3 Design Director Gareth Wilson talked with Metro GameCentral, and mentioned that the Xbox One X is far more powerful than the PS4 Pro- but the uncertainty of that extra power actually bejng used by third parties remains.

“We were really fortunate really, because the game was always PC and Xbox One, and we were always gonna do cross-play between PC and Xbox. So when Scorpio, or One X as it’s known now, started to become a reality we were like, ‘Well, this is just another platform really’,” Wilson said.

“And to be honest the dev tools we got were great. They pretty much allowed us to get it up and running at 4K straight away. It’s a beast, actually, that machine. It’s so much faster than the PS4 Pro. Comfortably faster, especially in terms of running things in 4K. There’s no question it’s more powerful, the question will be whether third parties make use of that full power or not.”

This is, indeed, the larger question that I have pondered multiple times myself. The Xbox One X is a well made console- but will it have the games to justify its hardware? That still remains to be seen.

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  • Cenk Algu

    Poor Mr.xRat now he is in suicide mode hahahaha

    • Mr Xrat

      Been too busy spending the last week laughing at all those big promises of yours fall through. It’s DX12 all over again!

    • Cenk Algu

      Hahahahahaha fake
      ,funny boy. I laugh hard at you.

  • Paul Garrison

    Okay, but Sony has GAMES!

  • Cenk Algu

    still consolating yourself in this way?

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


      From now on, let the goat do the typing.

    • Michellewrussell

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  • Thomas Hannah

    Both still have very weak cpu’s. That’s the real reason it won’t be used to it’s full potential in half of the cases, more so than the developers.

    • Troy Marcel

      It’s been highly customised to deal with the bottlenecks of the older jaguar cpu

    • Thomas Hannah

      I understand that, i just recently learned from a person on Youtube, not all games uses dx12. If you look at the upcoming Destiny 2, it’ll be running at 30fps on the XBOX ONE X aswell as well as the PS4 Pro. Bungie said 60fps isn’t possible neither, because while the gpus on both are powerful, the problem is cpu for both. Destiny 2 is cpu demanding. Anthem is not rendering native 2160p, but 2160p via checkerboard rendering and at 30fps. XBOX exclusive Crackdown 3 is 4k 30fps. These are obvious compromises being made in order to get the target resolution, with the inability to get 60 fps, which are bottlenecks. Microsoft made the mistake of marketing, then Project Scorpio as a true 4k 60fps uncompromised console, with uncompressed graphics and textures. They would have to hold true to how they marketed their system, with it doing everything they claimed it would do. Which we are starting to see differently in areas.

    • bardock5151

      Wrong. Microsoft has never marketed it as an uncompromised 4K 60fps console.

      They said it will allow for “True 4K” meaning 4K assets and render resolution.
      They said it will allow for 60fps. But never guaranteed “4K 60fps”.

      One or the other, sometimes both like Forza 7.

    • Thomas Hannah

      They was advertising it as that when MS revealed last year they were working on a platform, the then Project Scorpio right after they released the S.

    • Orion Wolf

      While I agree on the marketing part, as neither console is currently actually capable of true native 4k on complex next gen titles. And I was against the whole midgen nonsense because I knew this was coming. Even if it’s not now, sooner or latter there would have been games that would have pushed the xbox to use either upscaling or worse visuals etc. sacrifices would have had to be made to keep the 4k rethoric.

      And here we are already.

      … However, I would warrant caution on whatever Bungie says in regards to why the game doesn’t run at a certain resolution/framerate. The thing that makes me wonder about Destiny 2 the most and whatever statement Bungie gives is the marketing right Sony paid for.

      If anyone thinks that a marketing deal worth $60 million has nothing do with this, especially when you’re (that is Sony with the ps4 and the pro) now the underdog in terms of power … well, good luck with that.

      Btw about the CPU, people think it’s the same as the one in the pro with a slight upclock i.e. a Jaguar … it isn’t. Otherwise MS would simply call it that, but they aren’t because – as they’ve stated – of the multiple customization done to the chip.

      Short version: maybe the xbox CPU is really to weak, but it’s a lot more powerful than the one in the ps4 pro and that, IMO, doesn’t sound all that enticing for developers that have CPU intensive games they would like to put on the console.

    • Thomas Hannah

      It’s the same Jaguar cpu, Pro’s is clocked at 2.1 ghz, and the 1X is at 2.3 ghz, both were overclocked, even more so with the 1X. Microsoft can do as much customizing, and modifying as they want to and try to push that narrative that “now we no longer consider it a Jag”. It doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s still that same Jaguar cpu they took, then heavily customized that chip, and on top of that overclocked it even further than Sony did with theirs.

    • Orion Wolf

      DF is the one calling it a Jaguar not MS, a journalists words vs an architects? Yeah I’ll stick with the architect. By the same logic a Puma or even a Puma+ based chips are Jaguars as well. I mean it’s nothing more than a “heavily customized” chip based off a previous iteration – btw Puma cores are based on the Jag microarch and design, but with improvements. MS could be pushing narratives, but how can everyone be so sure it’s the same chip, let alone claim that it is? Were people there, were they part of the team that worked on it? It was DFs author that came with that, I remember him saying previously and pushing with the “it’s going to be a Jaguar” narrative, so what if he wanted nothing more than validation to what he stated and an ego boost?

    • Thomas Hannah

      DF only confirmed what most everyone else, journalists, and other articles already known all along, that it was a Jaguar cpu, going off it’s specs and it’s overall description, still based off the same x86 architecture as the base PS4 and XB1 before DF even came out. Microsoft themselves also came out and against confirmed it was an evolved jaguar cpu, due to them modifying, and customizing that chip, at the same time, mentioning the increase in bandwidth from 320 to 326.

    • Orion Wolf

      “Most everyone else,journalists, and other articles already known all
      along, was a Jaguar cpu by it’s specs and it’s overall description
      before DF came out.”

      They knew? So MS was sharing info with journalists from the get go? Or, perhaps, just perhaps, they were all speculating on what it was going to be.

      “Speculate” – Form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence.

      And by the amount of info they had they could have argued about a Puma based chip as well.

    • Mr Xrat

      And yet it’s 30fps everywhere we expected it to be because it’s a Jaguar CPU, slaphead.

      At least have the balls to admit that much after a year of baseless bulls**t hype.

    • Wei Feng

      Just like the xbox one was designed for “balance” and not weak.

    • Troy Marcel

      So you’re still in denial that the Xbox one X is the best console ever made so far, when such a demanding race sim PC2 can run at true 4k and 60fps while PS4 pro won’t even come close.
      You Sony fanboy’s have such a short memory when you all were proclaiming it was all about the power of ps4.

    • Thomas Hannah

      The thing is, people know that racing type games in general aren’t that demanding. GT Sport is running at 1800p CB at 60fps, so it is close to Forza perfomance wise, Forza looked and ran pretty much perfect anyways on the XB1/XB1S from my experience seeing my brother play it on his. It also has less physics going on when you compare it to Driveclub. The 1X should be the best performing console when it releases, with the PS4 PRO in 2nd place. The real test is gonna be those more demanding and open world games.

  • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    “And to be honest the dev tools we got were great. They pretty much allowed us to get it up and running at 4K straight away. It’s a beast, actually, that machine. It’s so much faster than the PS4 Pro. Comfortably faster, especially in terms of running things in 4K.”

    Again I have to ask, have these guys never made a pc game before today? LOL, this interview sounds more like an infomercial than just simple honest praise for the utilization of more powerful console hardware. Its just pc hardware. Why are they acting so surprised that they can do so much less nowadays to get their games to run on pc architecture? Who are they really targeting with all this nonsense? The pc master race? If so, they’re most certainly not buying an Xbox One X just to play some 3rd party multiplayer games. And if the PS4 Pro gets that $50 price drop, its all over for MS this holiday season.

    • Luke Skywalker

      @doggystyle805:disqus disingenuous at it’s best

    • Dougdec92

      I’m sorry bro, we have to wait 2-3years, says Phil… Sad

    • You are strangely offended by the power of X, lol…
      btw, the answer is, no, a lot of console devs dont make PC games. And as a console, the X is a lot easier to develope for, as the article reads. Its not that hard to understand.

  • Bigz5253

    I can respect the power n the X, but it will only be used to make the games a better resolution than the PRO ok n higher frame rates for single player games only never on multiplayer games. N with that being said the majority of those game will be 3rd party. I know what games I’ll be getting on the PRO n they look damn good from what we ALL SAW!

  • Mr Xrat

    Oh dear, one of MS’ third party partners on that lame-looking exclusive aren’t fully sh**ling like those indie devs are. Better get those angry Xgimps out there to correct things!

  • Jimmy DoneGood

    Beast Mode unlocked!

  • Wei Feng

    Xbox fans are all the you-tube damage controlling the checkerboarding games shown so far.Very Fun to watch to a new 4k defence force in action.

  • I could have told anybody this. Until the Xbox One catches up to the PS4 in sales (probably never gonna happen), the industry will continue to do lazy ports for the lowest common denominator. But at least we can say goodbye to uprez’d 720p and 900p games.

  • So basically…
    “Yay, I’m get to play 20 games on my playstation that I cant on Xbox! I just need to sacrifice the performance of the other hundreds of games on my console so I can brag on the internet that not only am I autistic, but too poor to own both consoles!

  • StarkyLuv

    Yes, Pramath. I’m sure you “pondered” this question as in “prayed to your chosen deity that it will not.”

    • One The One

      This. Exactly.

  • rocKEt LauNCHER

    The vannila xbox had more power than the ps2 for the same price

  • 01100100 01100010

    more powerful than the ps4 and its 30 fps…

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