Crackdown 3 Devs Confirm Cloud Makes Xbox One More Powerful

The infinite power of the cloud, this time for real.

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The power of the cloud. Does anyone remember that refrain? It was something that Microsoft used excessively back during the reveal of the Xbox One, to the point of satire and parody. Back when Microsoft had to justify not only the console’s relative weakness compared to the PS4, but also its then planned always online connectivity, Microsoft had to fall back on the mythical cloud, and all the benefits that it would provide to games on the Xbox One, via the extra processing power that it could theoretically support and provide.

The original vision for the Xbox One is long gone at this point, as is all the rhetoric about the cloud, but one upcoming game, at least, is still going to rely on the cloud to enhance the experience that it can deliver. Crackdown 3 will use the cloud in the multiplayer mode, to provide players with a fully destructible city. This kind of performance, Crackdown 3 producer Dave Jones claims, is possible because of the cloud, which does in fact make the Xbox One an effectively more powerful console for as long as the system has access to it- the most powerful console ever, as a matter of fact.

Of course, this is all theoretical and temporary, and advantages provided to the system transient. Still, it is something intriguing, and the first time that Microsoft has seemingly walked the talk, as far as its cloud rhetoric is concerned. Whether or not Crackdown 3 will indeed benefit from the cloud in ways that we are being promised is something that remains to be seen.

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  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    We agreed with playing weak from the start within 720p.
    The just layer hardware unlock and later we have asked for cloud support.
    The meltdown in GAF’s about crackdown is a laugh for us as fans that asked for this.

  • XbotMK1

    Nope, it in fact doesn’t make Xbox One the most powerful console. It’s just more lies from the Gamingbolt headlines and Microsoft developers who have an agenda.

    If the cloud offers 20 times the power of a single Xbox One, why does Cr@pdown have horrid animations and cartoon graphics with no lighting at 900p 30 frames per second? Why does it not run at 4k at 120 frames per second? The cloud isn’t making Xbox One more powerful and wording it like that is a lie.

    The cloud is just dedicated servers and the dedicated servers used for Cr@pdown aren’t rendering graphics. They’re storing memory for the building’s physics. Everything else is limited by the Xbox One local compute. That is why Cr@pdown has downgraded graphics. The Xbox One is not strong enough to render all of those individual objects regardless of the cloud. This is similar to how MMOs use dedicated servers.

    Many games use extra compute in the cloud. You don’t see Day Break Game Company running around saying, “Planetside 2 makes your PS4 more powerful”, do you?

    The RAM in the Xbox One sends 68 GB of data per second. Compare that to 5 MB of data per second that utilizing the cloud is limited to. Cr@pdown only uses the cloud in a certain way for a certain game design.

    More lies and bullsh*t marketing spins. I’ve been telling people this for years ever since Microsoft tried to damage control the Xbox One’s weaker hardware.

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      You sound like the salty meltdown that’s happening in the crackdown thread
      On GAF as they try and convince themselves Sony can now does this, but don’t want to yet. LOL

    • Psionicinversion

      Wow more lies and misinformation by a salty PS4 owner. Fact is all these physics places tremendous strain on the hardware, far more than it can handle by having the servers calculating the physics properties of all these pieces it almost completely alleviates the xbox from the most strenuous part of rendering the game.

      But of course your full of crap derp and cant admit that xbox is the more advanced box using tech sony cant use because number 1 there crap at software and 2 there so broke they have to have a garage sale to drum up money for there servers

    • *Also On PC

      Leave him alone. Poor John Derp can only see 24FPS :^)

    • XbotMK1
    • *Also On PC
    • XbotMK1

      False. Each individual city block in Cr@pdown is stored on a server. All the cloud is doing is allowing each city block to have it’s own physics identity that changes instantly. The Xbox One can easily run the physics for a couple of buildings without the cloud. Cr@pdown is open world, and the rest of the city is stored and memorized on a server. This is similar to how MMOs work to manage large maps and large constantly changing worlds. You can easily design a game with full destructibility. You don’t need the cloud to do so.

      Everything else is limited by the Xbox One hardware. So, in fact, you are not playing with 20 times the power of your Xbox One. That is a marketing spin and a lie. The cloud is only sending instructions to the CPU but it isn’t providing any help to the GPU. The game’s graphics are still limited by the Xbox One CPU and GPU.

      There is nothing advanced about the Xbox One’s weaker DDR3 memory and standard X86 CPU and GPU set up. Sony or any other company with access to dedicated servers can do the same thing. Many games use servers for extra compute. Cr@pdown and other games are only using cloud because it works for it’s specific game design. Using dedicated servers the way Cr@pdown does, wouldn’t help every game.

    • Psionicinversion

      oh shut the f**ck up… yeah everything is stored on a server but unless the xbox has 20 cpu’s in it and 64GB RAM it cant run on the xbox therefore 20x the compute power. The server calculates the falling blocks and pieces that info is relayed to the xbox for rendering something that it cant do on its own. Have to be impressed regardless… and PS4’s weak GDDR5 and weak GPU and crap CPU cant do anything close to this either

      Sony and dedicated servers hahahah thats a joke they refuse to buy them

    • Psionicinversion

      lets see your piece of sh*t console run this

    • H0M3RC1D4L

      Let’s see who gives a damn (maybe pc owners will but not many console owners)

    • Ricardosilva78

      “More lies and bullsh*t marketing spins” – now where have I seen this before? Looks at Sony’s PS4 slogans: *Greatness Awaits; No hurdles, just games; This is 4 the Players; See the Future; The best place to play; 1080p* – riiiiiiiight.

    • Terminator

      Nothing to see here people just your hypocr*tical, m*sinforming, delus*onal, but1hurt PS Drone XbotMK1. Flag and move along.

      (For reference here is XbotMK1 for you)

    • Anthony

      You seem upset.

    • Of course, let us criticize Microsoft for pushing the industry forward. Let us criticize Microsoft for utilizing the cloud – in the infancy stages of innovation – and expect no more growth in this sector.

      Where is Sony innovating?

    • Anthony

      It’s fine if they want to use cloud but why do they have to lie about it?

    • Herald of Gaben

      Sony has been innovating and Microsoft has been copying Sony.

    • Psionicinversion

      ah yeah i noticed Spencer has been getting better at giving sly digs… definately copying sony

    • Kinect

      Bwuhahahaha!!!!! Pure ownage!!!! Well done!!!!!!! :))

    • E.J457

      I knew Microsoft would get caught in their lies again. I can’t stand Microsoft. They lie and overpromise more than any other company I watch.

    • Somebody’s jealous of 100% destructible environments. Don’t worry, I’m sure Sony will have the cloud figured out by the time PS7 rolls around, so you can finally get over your inferiority complex.

  • Deeboy

    How many times do Microsoft have to show you guys to understand that this is in practice? Not theory. They showed you demo after demo then show you a game proving it. Yet its all in theory still according to some writer that don’t know jack about cloud computing. Just face the facts with the cloud and DX12 the Xbox is the most powerful console on the market. Period.

    • Psionicinversion

      always have to show it… 1 more time with these guys

    • Mr Xrat

      For one game.
      In its multiplayer.
      In a year.


    • Psionicinversion

      all it needs is 1 developer to show whats possible and more will follow suit

    • Deeboy

      There he goes with his magical upvoting with ghost accounts. As if it hides his stupidity. They’ve actually been using the cloud since launch with Forza and Titanfall. You do know the cloud can be use in various ways. Although you may not want to accept it. The fact of the matter is power has many ways of measurement.

    • Leeboyopm

      Forza was drivatars not big of a deal, and titanfall was the same on the 360 graphics aswell, i liked titanfall for a week at most and forza 5 let me down at launch, im waiting for forza 6 to hopefully change that

    • Deeboy

      Not a big deal. What other games that you know of uses the cloud to make true AI based off of how the player plays the game? You’re basically driving against those people instead of your traditional AI.

    • Instead, you should give us examples of games that PS4 has which bring innovation to gaming. You’ll have trouble finding this.

    • XbotMK1

      Driveclub weather physics.

      Forza is a copy cat of Gran Turismo.

    • Kidd

      4K gaming anyone!!!

    • *Also On PC

      Hey andyscout. Wheres the PS4 games?

      Oh wait, PS4 still has no games.

      Your crying on /v/ this morning over the PC version of MGS V destroying the POS4 has been glorious. What happened to Two weeks? What happened to the 8GB GDDR5. Surely Mister Cerny Media didn’t lie? :^)

      PS. I’ll be enjoying Kojima’s masterwork, the way he envisioned it. On PC

    • Leeboyopm

      No they showed a demo in 900p, if the cloud was really freeing up gpu tasks then why can’t the xbox render this cel shaded cartoon in 1080p 60fps, listen the xbox isnt the the most powerful console on the market i would love the cloud to make forza 6 past drive club but im not dillusional, come on man why is mgs 900p on xbox one why is witcher arkham knight and 95% of all x1 games, the cloud, dx12 secret sauce, 2nd gpu, hidden gpu talk about clutching at straws, you know some devs and phil Spencer said dx12 aint going to do nothing for xbox one apu mainly pc, xbox got some pretty good games coming out just enjoy them, the ps4 is the stronger console but they both got some really good games coming out, no man sky any one

    • Psionicinversion

      actually MGS PP is now confirmed by konami to run at 1080p on xbox. even with 900p theres alot to render but it would be impossible without servers calculating the physics also all of it is persistent so the xbox would run out of RAM pretty fast when your destroying everything. Games cheat when you leave the area it flushes the cache and stuff for those bits to free up more memory. With servers holding that data it can use as much as it wants

    • Leeboyopm

      Funny that i just 3 articles saying mgs confirmed 900p xbox 1080p ps4 60 fps both, so when did they confirm that do you mean the typo at n4g thats been sorted

    • Psionicinversion

      think id prefer to believe konami’s own website than anywhere else

    • Deeboy

      That’s simple not all devs all using all the Xbox’s resources. They are still using game engines from last Gen. The further along this Gen the more will catch on.

    • You should refrain from mentioning Direcx12. First, not one single SONY developer knows or understands how to use Directx12. This is only for the Windows 10 gaming-ecosystem. You bring up “secret sausce” as if that sauce has been used. It hasn’t.

      In 2016, you’ll only see the beginning of Directx12. It seems you Sony fan boys will experience a slow realization. But trust me; the epiphany will come. And Microsoft was sneaky on you guys. They’ve pulled a royal flush and you bet all your hands. Sony will need to create a brand new piece of hardware in 2017 to compete with the 2013 Xbox One.

    • Kinect

      Sweet meltdown Deeboy. The PS4 allready has a low level API like DX12. DX12 doesn’t do anything for Xbox One. You don’t ever understand what DX is or what it is made for.

    • Deeboy

      Meltdown? LOL. Ok. I don’t think I mentioned the PS4 on this article but sense you did yes the PS4 already had their custom API made available at launch. So yes we have been playing on a console that didn’t have it’s API ready for almost two years. The results. Braggin rights about resolution it seems to the most diehard PlayStation fanboys. Truth it the Xbox is more powerful than these fanboys and people were lead to believe. There’s no set way on how to measure power. Before it was launched backward compatibility was impossible. Now its here. They said the Xbox wasn’t powerful yet with cloud computing its more powerful than any console. That’s just a fact. It had been shown and demoed. Its time for reality to set in on you guys.

    • bardock5151

      Don’t worry about them, shills like mk1, Andy etc will burn themselves out eventually.

      They also like twisting things and making up delusional conspiracies.

      For instance, Crackdown uses the cloud for 100% destruction in multiplayer. That’s a big deal, the scale of destruction is massive, it’s an entire city! They aren’t tiny little buildings that create a simple killbox that’ll kill you if you get too close, they are huge buildings that can be knocked down and into the next building destroying it, and it just keeps going until you run out of buildings to destroy or you miss the target.

      It’s all proper physics based destruction, not Red Faction styled destruction. As cool as Red Factions’ destruction was, it didn’t have thousands of different pieces of debris affecting the course of the destruction.
      Crackdown has an as yet unseen level of destruction that isn’t just some tech demo, or promise anymore… Its real, its coming and those shills are foaming at the mouth trying anyway they can to downplay.

      “Cel shaded cartoony graphics are crap”, “Red Faction already does this”, “it’s not helping the graphics or the P’ssssss” and so on. Xbotmk1’s favourite seems to be “mmos already do this”, cool. Show me one that has 100% physics based destruction on this scale and I’ll back down. If everyone can already do this and apparently have had the ability to do so for years, where are the games doing what Crackdown is doing.

  • Devon Day

    Great to see the progress of both DX12 and the Cloud. All that awaits is games like CrackDown take full advantage of it.

  • Bill E Weaver

    17 minutes of gaming footage, and these idiots still can’t swallow the fact that xb1 is 20X’s more powerful when using servers compuattions,lol! Just because Sony can’t do it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! Plenty of people at gamescom have played it and have been blown away.

    • Mark

      True. 2016 is gonna be loaded…hope I get into the Crackdown beta

  • Bill E Weaver

    And the boatload of 1080p title the x1 has now has sony fans salty

    • Kidd

      I invested in kleenex brand tissue made a fortune from salty Sony fans already! Lmao

  • Kidd

    How would 4k gaming work with the cloud anyway?


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