CryEngine Makes Xbox One eSRAM Easier To Handle, Kingdom Come Deliverance Initial Aim Is 900p/30fps

“We need some smaller targets first,” says Warhorse Studios’ Jiří Rýdl.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The power difference between the PS4 and Xbox One, although narrowing down, is pretty apparent at the moment and Warhorse Studios’ upcoming role playing game Kingdom Come Deliverance seems to be a pretty resource intensive game. Having said that, will the developers have a better chances of hitting 1080p/60fps on the PS4 than the Xbox One?

“We need some smaller targets first (smiles). Let’s create a working build with at least 900p/30fps, then we can tweak it to 1080p/30fps and maybe even more,” Warhorse Studios’ Jiří Rýdl said to GamingBolt. A few weeks ago we reported that the Xbox One version was already running at 17 fps in just 3 weeks of porting, so given that the game comes out sometime next year, there is still a lot of time to further optimize the game on both the PS4 and Xbox One.

Jiří Rýdl also revealed that they are not worried about the eSRAM issues of the Xbox One since CryEngine already takes care of that. “Development for Xbox One is much easier than for Xbox 360 in general and it is even easier if you use CryEngine, because this is exactly one of hundreds obstacles that is handled by the engine. We can forgot about it and focus on the game development instead,” Jiří added.

Kingdom Come Deliverance releases on the PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2015.

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  • d0x360

    Crytek took all that ryse wizardry and rolled it right into the engine. Add in the new esram access and techniques Microsoft has rolled into the SDK and most devs should have less to worry about.

    This friends is why console games from years 1-3 always look like garbage compared to games from year 4 and on. Tweaks, hacks and shortcuts lead to vast improvements and quicker mainline development which leads to better performance without polish which leads to more time spent optimizing instead of chasing a couple frames to lock performance or resolution.

    • Yami Sen

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    • Guest

      You sound aweful excited about what always happens. Big whoopdidoo, the games will get better for another year or two and then start to fall really behind the PC (not that it already isn’t). All the meanwhile it’ll be the X1 that will be far more likely to struggle meeting res’es. and effects and things like that. Console fanboy are the most hopeful (believe all the bs from their camp), yet whiniest (complain about everything and hateful (hate anything that’s not on their side) fools ever. And the Ryse engine ran at 900p with terrible framerates. I wouldn’t use it as anything to praise.

    • d0x360

      Good lord grow up

    • John

      what he said is true though.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Till he mentions the PS4 as being completely behind the PC as well, right?

    • Durian

      The visual gap won’t be as big this generation.

      Sure games will look better than they did at launch but the reason past gen games went from crappy to amazing is because developers have traditionally had to learn how the new hardware works.

      Current gen consoles are pretty much souped up PC’s. The kind developers have been working on for decades now.

    • d0x360

      I’ll star this in my feed. Im willing to wager as soon as this November we start seeing a major leap over what’s out now.

      Yes hardware is like a PC but unlike a PC which has tons of overhead and inefficient configurations a console allows developers to bypass OS based function calls and api layers and code directly to the hardware which allows said hardware to punch above its weight.

      Consoles have been designed like PC’s since the launch of the original Xbox. Design isn’t important, barrier to resources is.

    • Durian

      Good points, for the sake of gaming I really do hope you’re right.

      I’ve been a PC gamer most of my life and own a really powerful rig, been pretty underwhelmed by what I’ve seen this gen.

      Take that watch dogs trailer from 2012, that’s what I expected games to look and play like this gen. When it did finally come out I was depressed….

    • Mark

      Ryse was initially 1080p, but Crytek cut it bak to use for more effects.

    • slasaru

      No terrible framerates, running smooth as butter with cinema like graphics. Driveclub at 1080p has terrible aliasing, Ryse is just prrfect

    • Graeme Willy

      Don’t act like this sh** doesn’t happen on PC, too. I own a gaming PC and I don’t share your delusions. First, PC’s haven’t been “light years ahead” ever since console development began shackling/ crippling PC development. At the most, your PC version of any game will have farther draw distance, more on screen objects(trees etc.) and more filtering…big whoop.

      If you’ve been PC gaming for any amount of time, you know full well what the OP is saying is true.

      Let’s say you have a high-end graphics card the moment it launches. You manage to run the latest game at a bearable 30-40 fps, with MSAA2X, AF8x and the graphics presets set to Ultra. A year goes by and you fire that same game up, using the same OS installation, the same hardware etc. and suddenly, you’re running that game at damn near 60FPS, with plenty of room to bump the filtering up to MSAA 4X+ and AF 16X, while still running the game at the Ultra preset, and now you’re tinkering with unconventional settings, like tessellation and picking up on those effects, too. What change in that year’s time? Easy…software updates; game patches, driver updates, OS updates, API updates etc.

    • lygamnt

      You sound like the whiney little arse.To praise progress is to embrace it. The Xbox 360 was 7 years old when the Xbox One came out and games were still getting better and better (Did you see GTA 5?)and that was because of better comprehension of the hardware making software run more efficiently, thus giving it more power without any hardware changes. The Xbox One and Ps4 will be no different in that respect. And I give microsoft some credit or as you say praise for listening to their fanbase and updating the machine in a very fast pace . But then again I’m just a “console fanboy”. I bet you get excited when newer better more efficient drivers come out for your super cool golly gosh neato $600 graphics card. Well that is how console users feel when they here about improvements to their console of choice.

  • andy

    So pretty much the same to expect from Xbone since launch. This res and framerate is the staple of the console. What is so special about Cryengine achieving this?
    I want to know is why is this dev only commenting in detail on Xbone to date and not a single mention of how PS4 development is going. I smell something fishy going on. The last time I said this was after the “we kept the 2 versions the same” controversial comment from Ubsioft with AC Unity. And look how that mess turned out where it was obvious that their entire next gen engine was built for Xbone eSRAM from the ground up with its 900p 30fps as proof. All other versions suffered for this screwup.

    • John

      because the ps4 can easily do 1080p/60 fps

      xbox one is underpowered. however the difference in specs isnt that big. the big problem is xbox ones esram. its a total mess and is hemorrhaging performance.

    • kma99

      Lol no the ps4 can’t. Ignorance is bliss. Hoe many triple a games does the playstation run at 1080p 60 fps?

    • Mark

      That’s probably John Doe…..what a sad man. Lol

    • Psionicinversion

      technically almost anything can do 1080p 60, even a mobile phone. All depends on the gfx settings

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      If the PS4 can “Easily” do 1080P 60FPS. Then why was Metal Gear Solid GZ exposed as using low settings on the PS4 and games like Driveclub 30FPS?

    • bardock5151

      I would single out certain portions of your post, and correct you, but after reading it again (good laugh by the way) I decided that you are either too stupid, or taking the piss. I hope, for your sake that you aren’t serious.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Probably because the journalist asked about the xbone version in particular.

      I’d rather know about the (Obviously better) PC version which will hit the goal of 1080P 60FPS but it seems you paranoid Sony fanboys see anything not mentioning it as a threat and bias. Sad, sad, sad people.

  • Mark

    If anything, Jiri sounds confident they’ll hit 1080p. “And maybe more”; probably some better AA or added motion blur etc. Had my eye on Kingdome Come for awhile. But it amazes me that some people hate any “good” Xbox news…..I couldn’t imagine getting upset that the PS4 could render native 2K resolution or something. Whew, breathe people

    • kma99

      Why would they be confident at hitting 1080p when the xbox can already do that? Im having fun with a 720 beta running at a smooth 60 fps.

    • Mark

      Maybe u got me wrong. I’m saying of course the X1 can render 1080p. I’m just countering the debbie downers with this idiotic, slave-like war over resolution.

    • kma99

      Ok 🙂

  • coolgamer

    narrowing down ?
    if we look at Driveclub, which already looked phenomenal, and bam, they upgrade it with the weather patch, and the game goes from phenomenal to almost life-like…

    please tell me what is actually being narrowed down, because i don’t see anything.

    one year after launch, all the multiplatform games are running better on the ps4, whether is twice the resolution, or twice the framerate. that isn’t a 5% difference. if we take tomb raider remastered, the ps4 runs at twice the framerate: that means the ps4 is using the power of TWO xbox one.
    when i see a call of duty running at 720p on the x1, and 1080p on the ps4, that isn’t a 5%-10% small difference: no, the ps4 is using the power of 2.2 xbox one systems.

    almost 100% of the multiplatform games that are releasing in 2015, will run at twice the framerate, or much higher resolution, on the ps4, compared to the x1. even a 900p vs 1080p, it’s still a huge 60% difference.

    so, again, can someone explain what is being narrowed down, regarding the ps4 and x1 power? because i can’t see it.

    even games like sunset overdrive, which were made with microsoft engineers always there in the studio, to help coders, engineers, etc, even that game, which is not even using real-life textures, but rather simple color textures and color gradients, even that game, was only running at 900p.

    i am sure the weather effects on driveclub alone would almost need 30% of the whole processing power available of an xbox one.

    microsoft announces directx12, that won’t be fully utilized in a game before at least 2016-2017(we’re in 2015, how many pc games fully use all the directx11 features?…), they announce a new sdk nobody has seen a single pixel or letter from it, one or two studios come and promote their game engine, that will handle the esram more efficiently than the competition, of course, and there we have:

    the xbox one processing power has already virtually increased by 40%, and the power gap between both consoles is narrowing down.

    i love it. oh yes i do 🙂

    • kma99

      You have absolutely not clue, all i see is your bias opinion. In actuality the last few games that came out ran better on the xbox. Read up before you post this garbage.

    • Mark

      Lol. These guys r nutso

    • Mark


    • kma99

      Most dont even do research they just spout out the same thing they have been saying for the past year. Most still think thr xbox can only do 720 because of cod ghost and battlefield.

    • Mark

      Just shows how strong of an impression the media can have on our minds, if we trust them to be unbiased, esp. journalists. The media, on all fronts, has made me a conspiracy theorist! Lol. Some stuff I believed was false in that world, but atleast I do my own homework 🙂

      When will people start caring about the truth man? The REALITY of the future for both systems is, they’ll each have solid games to play next year. Boom

    • slasaru

      Ps4 is ten times more powerful than ps3. Is graphics 10 times better, lol?

    • bardock5151

      Scared much?

    • corvusmd

      Jesus you’re diluted. I would counter everything you just said with facts, but that would be like medicine for the dead

    • Psionicinversion

      Hahaha what a load of garbage,ps4 does not run at twice the resolution and twice the frame rate of x1 at all spouting tomb raider off which was a fast port at the start of it’s life cycle yeah major indication. Wait for witcher3 that will give a better indication at where there console differences stand on a demanding multiplat game if x1 is running 1080p 30 then your twice the power argument means ps4 will be running 1440p 60 oh wait out can’t, it barely runs 1080p

    • Mark

      Actually Psionic, it may be Fable Legends. Nvidia had it running on DX12 (PC) awhile ago. It looks good, but nothing to slap ur dad for. Still, the H5 beta is impressive, and I can’t wait to see the campaign. Ultimately the best studios will get the most outta DX12. And yes, I do believe Brad Wardell about DX12 (atleast for PC) achieving CGI graphics. The meat of what he said was, that current graphics engines don’t render images the same way Hollywood studios do. Mainly talking about Post Processing effects with pixels, and how with DX12, those effects will be rendered natively, per frame.

      His engine (Nitrous) along with UE4, are being used with D3D12 as we speak. The man’s no Microsoft “shill” or anything idiotic. He’s making a game for X1, PS4 and PC right now. People disregard him only because he works with MS. One last thing; his emphasis with DX12 is not higher frame rates, but drawing more objects on screen at a higher pixel quality. Made a reference to Lord of the Rings. So yeah, long post but uhh, yeah. Lol

    • Psionicinversion

      Some of the bigger 3rd party studios will have the DX12 SDK’s already it just depends on when the games are supposed to be released. Not sure if cryengine has DX12 support already?? its been announced but not sure if its in but they at least will be working on it. if it does i hope Star Citizen integrate it into there engine quickly and hope they get an SDK so they can at least prepare for it.

      If 1 game is going to hit that CGI gfx level its going to be that one.

      Does the game preferably have to be built up using DX12 specifically for the full advantage or is porting it over net the same results?

    • Mark

      Dude I’m thinkin 1000% built ground up with it. Reason being is, it’s much more to the advantage of a studio to have crazy targets and assets in mind, before they even get heavy into developement. Knowing somewhat, that they can achieve X, Y and Z, only thru the use of a next gen API, given the fact that it’ll buy them say 50-70% more time (according to latest Mantle n DX12 benchmarks), over DX11, means they’ll have the option to target 30fps, but add unheard of detail in each frame (Brad’s emphasis). Obviously DX11 wouldn’t keep up. Basically I think porting over something will just give higher frames, and/or some better settings.

      Imo, building a new game using DX12 or Mantle, with lower frame rates, will be the ones to achieve possibly something better than Star C………again, given the massive amount of time extracted from the hardware, by the new APIs. Basically from scratch, artists could draw something unbelievable, that programmers could actually keep in the game. Would be super demanding. If u simply do a DX12 port, ur just gonna get an amplified expression of what’s already there. From the ground up, u could see all new algorithms. In fact, that’s AMD’s exact words.

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah probably is better. But Star Citizen is going to be designed to destroy GPU’s of today and really push GPU’s of tomorrow anyway. Theyve got Very High detail setting as max atm but theyve still got to add AA and everything BUT im pretty sure theres going to be an Ultra setting where it will FRY GPU’s at even 1080p.

      A game like Star Citizen can be ported over and go deeper into the optimisation for DX12 over time.

      The problem with DX12 is that it will be win 8/10 only so a developer cant target only for DX12 as it may lock some people out, especially the stubborn win 7 users. SC will be DX11/12+Mantle. So have to wait and see what happens with it all.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      The hardware difference is set in stone at 30-40% accounting for various PS4 bottlenecks because of high latency ram and low end GPU not allowing it to hit full range. Learn maths by the way. However between two low range GPU’s. 40% is minor and only a few settings tweaks between each GPU. If you really want power. You would have a PC.

      By the way, Driveclub looked like this on launch. Evolution simply added pre-baked rain filters and wet tracks then tweaked the photo mode with 4XMSAA and post processing filters. You are a pretty terrible liar.

    • Salama

      The car looks like it’s levitating… But it’s an arcade racer so it’s ok. RIIIIIDGE RACER!!! People don’t understand that if the game would simulate physics like Forza’s or GT’s do it wouldn’t look that good.

    • kma99

      You typed all that for what? Cod runs at 1080p on both consoles you nut job. Writing 400 paragraphs doesn’t make you smart it actually showing people how blinded you are. A weather patch makes a game look better? All that for graphics made them sacrifice frames. Nice way for you fanboys to accept mediocrity.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    More hopes and wishful thinking for the xbone crowd, LOL.

    • corvusmd

      ….because a dev of a multi-plat game said something based in fact?

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      That’s funny since I see you begging and getting really upset when PC outperforms PS4 by an ungodly margin.

      Sony fanboys never change. Resolution only matters when it’s not against PC.

    • kma99

      Sony has their minds locked up in a mason jar. They want that all important pixel count instead of a steady frame rate and better npc. They want every game like the last of us. Nice looking game with a predictable story and dumb AI. You cant go 3 steps without ellie running in your way and getting you shot.

  • BuckNasty84

    (looks at Kickstarter receipt for the PC download)



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