Crytek Details Ryse Graphics: Full Real Time Lighting, Advanced Level of Details, Praises Xbox One

Yerli talks about graphics and visuals of Ryse Son of Rome.

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Crytek boss Cevat Yerli explained how they are utilizing the power of Xbox One and CryEngine in bringing out a visually spectacular game in Ryse Son of Rome.

Yerli revealed that the game will support full real time lighting and that CryEngine will support the same format as movies when they implemented special effects. This means that developers can easily import their assets in the engine. Further more, the character models in Ryse Son of Rome have 680 inflection points with 180 on the face alone. The game supports soft bounce light on faces which is basically portrait style of lighting along with physically based lighting and shades.

Ryse already looks spectacular and the in game cinematics are developed in real time so there is no need for special models for them. These in-game cinematics where shot in a  motion capture studio by Imaginarium during the course of four weeks. They hired the services of an animation director and a professional stunt movie man in their state of the art performance capture studio. Yerli also revealed that Ryse is doing in real time what three years ago would take an CGI movie hours to render a frame.

They have also employed advanced level of detail techniques which remove details as characters are further away from the camera. This  is dependent on per item level on character so there is no real switch of model detail all at once. He also went on to the praise the power of Xbox One by stating that the combined power of CryEngine and Xbox One has allowed them to use film practices in real time in Ryse.

Let us know whether you are impressed with what Crytek is doing in Ryse Son of Rome.

Source: DICE 2013 Stream

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  • Shango Thomas

    not very impressed ryse looks like god of war ascension only with many characters on screen and more physics

  • sazse

    I hope it doesnt play line GOW Ascesnsion! Loved GOW3, but hated ascension. Too repetitive and no interesting plot twists whatsoever… A perfect example why graphics arent the most importante factor in a good game.

    • phaedruss

      As this has nothing to do with God of War, I’m not sure why this is a concern.

    • cozomel

      I hope this doesnt play like Halo 4, i loved Halo 1 but hated Halo 4, to boring and lame and a perfect example of why graphics arent the most important factor in a overrated franchise. Sorry i meant to replay to him not you. Im just giving him a dose of his own medicine

  • Ilovegoogleglass

    Damage Control?

  • kreator

    XBO FTW!

    • cozomel

      grow up kid

    • Guest


    • Kagaru

      You know they always get so mad & desperate to troll when the X1 gets praises, seems like they’re afraid of something.. ya know :))

    • cozomel

      Weak response kid, try again

    • Ilovegoogleglass

      Comment of the year…

      Oh yeah….

  • Ilovegoogleglass

    Did you see the New Ryse: Son of Rome ‘Marius’ Trailer its freaking amazing! If that’s in real time…(speechless)

  • You are flat out wrong

    Crytek tech demo with flaky gameplay. No thank you.

    Anyone still believing Cevat Yerli’s lies at this point needs their heads checked.


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