Crytek: DirectX 12 Will Help Develop Complex VR Worlds, Cloud May Allow Higher Frame Rates

Crytek’s Elijah Freeman on DX12 and the power of cloud.

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GamingBolt recently got in touch with Elijah Freeman, who is the Executive Producer at Crytek  to talk about virtual reality and how they are pushing the medium with Back to Dinosaur Island Part II. In our interview we were also able to ask Elijah’s thoughts on DirectX 12 and its impact on VR gaming.

“From an engine technology perspective, VR is mostly about being able to run consistently at high frame-rates, which results in some major challenges for rendering optimizations,” Elijah said to GamingBolt. “Everything which helps to make drawcalls more efficient is highly useful, so DX12 with its reduced API overhead and better parallelization capabilities can definitely play a part in helping us create more complex VR worlds than before.”

Furthermore, the so called power of the cloud is turning into a reality for Microsoft. At Gamescom, they demonstrated the technology for their upcoming sandbox shooter, Crackdown 3 which showcased a ton of destruction without any sort of impact on performance. So does Crytek believe there is potential of using the cloud along with VR gaming?

“Minimizing latency is essential for VR, so we will likely not see VR games being fully rendered in the cloud any time soon. However, some complex simulation code for which lower frequency updates are acceptable could well run in the cloud and free up resources on the player’s machine, helping to achieve higher frame-rates.”

It will be interesting to see whether developers will be using DX 12 in conjunction with cloud servers. It could work in theory and it will be amazing to see what kind of results it could bore. What are your thoughts on this? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned for our full interview with Crytek.

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  • XbotMK1

    Gamingbolt journaliss really are simple minded corporate slaves looking for clicks. You’re OBSESSED with DX12 and cloud. DX12 is a proprietary API that makes you a slave to Windows. You might as well, ask if Vulkan will help VR. And your question is dumb as well. Lower level coding will help performance in regular games as well as VR. It’s common sense. Your article is uninformative.

    Cloud is nothing new.

    • SomeGuy

      Cloud is not new, but using it as an async resource for console and pc gaming is certainly new. Crackdown is the first game I’ve seen use this type of distributed computing, and it’s phenomenal. Especially backed up by such a large cloud service as Azure.

    • Herald of Gaben

      That is false. Using cloud for async resources for console and PC is not new.

    • SomeGuy

      The concept is not new, the deployment with a cloud service, combined with a common api for usage across xbox / pc game developers certainly is. Cloud services are even relatively new in the grand scheme, this would not have been possible even a few years ago.

    • GamerJudge

      “Gamingbolt journaliss really are simple minded corporate slaves looking for clicks.” or they are just trying to inform people of what’s going on in the gaming world with DX12, if you don’t like it ignore it because nothing you say makes what they are saying less true/informative. Like Nelva always says, he doesn’t make his articles to full your childish console war but just to inform.

      “You’re OBSESSED” You should know right, since that word out if the many out there defines you very well.

      “Your article is uninformative.” In your opinion.

    • One The One

      I’ve said it before and I will say it again: you’re unbelievably retarded, even for a fanboy.

    • d0x360

      And you are an sad fanboy living in denial

    • Psionicinversion

      hahahah the salt flows through the sony fanatic because he knows playstation is doomed to be relegated to the bottom of the pile.

      Cloud is real and this type is technology is very new, has the cloud been done to offload some non mission critical rendering tasks to the cloud in VR…. nope.

      Your just mad sony invested in old tech that will fail. Funny how sony fanboys downplay backwards compatibility yet praise sony for charging them for the same thing

    • d0x360

      IMG teh cloud is real!?

    • *Also On PC

      John Derp are you going to shill for Apple’s Metal API now they dropped Vulkan to make it for OSX?

      John derp why do you have no clues about API and all you do is show up, scream then run off crying when I show up to laugh at your complete cluelessness of the PC Platform. For someone so against DX12. You haven’t even told people about the only place that Vulkan will actually make a difference on Linux Distros (Certainly not on the POS4 with its weak hardware that cannot even run a walking sim :^)

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      Your avatar is frightening.

    • Derek

      You will amount to nothing in your life. Give up now pony. You are the coroprate slave working without money for SONY. Definition of a REAL LOSER. U

    • Ben

      You know for once, I will agree with you. This hype over the cloud is useless, Titanfall showed that. And crackdown will obviously be graphically downgraded in order to do this. It doesn’t seem like a bad thing, but its way overhyped.

  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    We talk about how much DX12 brings with cloud support.
    In GAF a thread on how the PSN is “embarrassing” is well underway with meltdowns and anger. Popcorn is out and waiting for the pro-Sony mods to get there and spin it positive with bans.

    With comments like “The PS4 is powerful enough not to need the extra processing support, even if the network is down a lot” LOL

    • Robert

      Lol me 2 grabbing popcorn. Get to watch Sony pony tears

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      Yep that’s the thread.
      Can’t last too long before the “pro-Sony” mods close it.
      End up just like the drive club and The order1886 threads all over again. Major meltdowns, salty tears and a record number of bans….. LOL

  • Everything in computer, that is dedicated to Microsoft, will make you more and more depended on the Microsoft secret Windows System. Also that closed DirectX stuff.
    No open Source and everything is a secret. Do you really like to become a Microsoft addicted person without a free will.
    In my opinion, there is no difference between Microsoft and a drug dealer.
    As more you use Windows, as more you can not change anymore and you need to buy expensive things and they can suck your money.

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