CyberPunk 2077 Can Be A Bigger Success Than The Witcher 3, Says CD Projekt RED Co-Founer

Here’s hoping they top themselves!

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From going to making niche, cult hit cRPGs, to one of the biggest and most acclaimed AAA titles in history, CD Projekt RED has had a hell of a ride- and it’s not stopping any time soon, because right now, all hands on deck are working on CyberPunk 2077. CD Projekt has previously said that CyberPunk will be its most ambitious outing till date- and speaking to Polish website Gazeta, CD Projekt RED co-founder Michał Kicińsk has stated yet again that CyberPunk could go on to become an even bigger success than The Witcher 3.

“I think that none of us expected such an unbelievable success of the game and CD Projekt itself. We’re talking about a game, that has pretty much won every single award and accolade that you can in this industry. If we’re to expect something more, it would be even better sales of the game. My brother Adam (CD Projekt’s CEO) spoke about it at one of the investors conferences. The Witcher 3 was of course a gigantic commercial success, but in terms of sales there’s still a lot of room for growth. CD Projekt’s ambition is to catch up with the largest developers in the world in that area.

And why will CyberPunk achieve greater success? Well, one reason could be its science fiction setting, inherently more appealing than a fantasy setting.

The Witcher was a fantastic material for a game, but it also constraint us. For starters, we’re working with a story set in a fantasy world. Secondary, we’re promoting a brand, that was mainly known in Central-Eastern Europe, and not in the west. I’m confident, that Cyberpunk 2077 can be a much bigger commercial success than The Witcher 3. The futuristic world of the Cyberpunk is much closer to what we know from our daily lives. It’s also much more popular, massive as you can tell by its presence in the films, books, comics and games. You have to remember, that fantasy is a much more niche topic.

“I believe, that in case of Cyberpunk, CD Projekt can fight not only for prestigious awards and accolades, but also for a huge commercial success. It’s hard to achieve both of those in our industry, but it’s perfectly doable, as shown by Rockstar and, in the past, Blizzard.”

I wish CD Projekt RED all the luck in the world. With The Witcher 3, they have proven they are a talented bunch. Now let’s see if The Witcher 3 was just a flash in the pan.

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  • Mark


  • judero

    Very nice..
    take your time CDPR 🙂

    • JRyan72

      yea seriously they should just take their time. No point in rushing something out and blowing all their goodwill. There are real questions about Andromeda right now and time will tell if that game is going to fall flat or recover with more play time. In any event I don’t think it will match witcher 3.

    • 787b1

      Witcher 3 was an amazing game, from gameplay to story telling there are not many games that can match it from the past or present.


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  • Thelight

    Fantasy is more niche than Cyberpunk? Lol. Sci Fi as a whole is more niche than Fantasy.

  • Nikusz Stańko

    Well, for those moaning about the niche, that s just true, a call of duty was sold more than the witcher 3, because Cd Project Red was not famous at the time, I do think that they just want to continue to do a good work and make their business grow, reaching a global amount of people, and the cyberpunk science fiction idea for sure will be their first commercial success, can wait to see what they are capable off…with bullet, arrow and potion are old fashion

  • J.

    CDPR, please don’t look at other game developers to try and emulate them.

    The whole reason we, the gamers, love and respect you so much is precisely because you’re not like them.

    Rockstar is the company that bans mods and goes back on its promises (GTAV story dlc anyone?), whilst making console exclusive games despite huge demand from the PC community (Red Dead). It milks players with online micro transactions whilst ignoring their wishes.

    Blizzard is much much better, but even so – they sold out to Activision and continue to rely on old games, old engines and old concepts. Their last game changer was in 2004.

    Don’t follow these companies, keeping doing your thing!


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