Darksiders 2 Lead Designer: “More Than Enough Life in Current-Gen Consoles”

Posted By | On 12th, Aug. 2012 Under News

Next generation this, next generation that. Remember the times when consoles updated every decade or so (or wait, were those PCs)? Regardless, everyone’s got an opinion on the next wave of consoles.

In an interview with BrutalGamer, Darksiders 2 lead designer Haydn Dalton instead shared his thoughts on the current generation, saying, “I think there’s more than enough life in the current-gen consoles. [Developers] are really harnessing the technology and pushing it further each year.

“The idea of a new platform is always exciting for a developer, but it begins the cycle of learning new tech, finding its strengths and shortcomings, developing your tool sets and where and how you can get the best out the system, for the type of game you’re developing. Not to mention releasing something to a developing market, which is a whole different issue.”

So while it will truly come – change is inevitable after all – just know that it may not usher in a new golden age as quickly as one would like.

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  • this dude is off his rocker.. yeah sure you could push some years out of current gen, but the money to keep everything and everyone happy wont be there. quaterly reports are all down so its time for something new and amazing. yeah itll take some time but just like the consoles before eventually we’ll be where we need to be.

  • syro

    maybe they should start rendering every game at 1080p and 60 fps, maybe then they will understand how much “life” is remaining

  • Hey Dalton, do me a big favor and shut the hell up please we don’t need those morons at Sony, MS to start believing this BS. To see why current-gen is lagging behind PC hardware all you gotta do is look at the games coming out in the coming year Crysis 3, PlanetSide 2, Starwars 1313, Watch Dogs, Arma 3, WarZ, DayZ, etc.


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