David Hayter Possibly Takes Shots At Kojima, Konami CM Assures MGS5 Will Surprise You

“Expect the unexpected,” says Konami’s European Communication Manager.

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It’s been over two years since David Hayter was replaced as Snake by Hideo Kojima. Kojima wanted a actor to deliver more believable facial expressions For Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. “We’re taking on some heavy subjects, like race and revenge. As a result, I wanted Snake to have a more subdued performance expressed through subtle facial movements and tone of voice, rather than words,” Kojima stated back in June 2013.

This essentially meant that Kojima replaced Hayter because he felt Kiefer Sutherland is better at expressing facial emotions. In short, Hayter was re-casted since Kojima did not believed he will be a good fit for motion capture. Flash forward today, 1st June 2015. Hayter tweeted the following:

This seems like he is possibly taking shots at Kojima and Konami. But the question is why is he doing this? As I mentioned above, its been over two years since he was removed from his iconic role. Why keep coming back and even discuss about it? Of course, he has every right to discuss it but something does not feel right. Something seems fishy about this entire drama about Hayter not being involved in The Phantom Pain. But we shall see.

Talking about theories, Konami’s European Communications Manager Su-Yina Farmer tweeted out something that should excite fans. Answering a fan query regarding Gray Fox  playing the role of a body double for Big Boss in The Phantom Pain, Su stated, “all theories are valid. MGS will always surprise you, expect the unexpected – that’s why people love to theorise…”

We are ready to expect the unexpected. Bring on September 1st!

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  • WitWolfy

    I dunno… Seems quite elaborate, I dont believe any of these rumors anymore since Konami went all abusive stepfather on their fans and employees.

    • DarthDiggler


      While I don’t agree with Konami’s new strategy, I think it’s a bit hyperbole to liken the company to abuse.

      Kojima goes over budgets routinely. I am sure he will bounce back and may make better games because of this.

    • doctorhino

      They took Kojima’s name off his own work. They are basically taking out their anger over a fallout on someone who has made them a lot of money and fans of him. Taking an artist’s name off their own work is a complete insult to everyone who has supported Kojima and Konami over the years.

    • Jacob Williams

      Like I’ve told my friends and others, we don’t know the full story, and due to NDAs, and probably never will. The whole name and artwork debacle was possibly due to some sort of binding contract of some kind, while it is very easy to see it as an attack (as you said, taking the name of of someone’s art is a very personal insult towards the artist), I doubt that was their intention, it is very possible that due to Kojima leaving, his name had to be removed until another, separate contract was signed. Alas, we will probably never know the truth, but with the ways contacts are I recommend taking things like that with a grain of salt and giving the legal team the benefit of the doubt. I would honestly hate to have their job with all of this going on.

    • doctorhino

      Why are you going out of your way to give Konami the benefit of the doubt? Kojima studios was owned by Konami. He does not own that entity or he would have already been a contractor. Its pretty clear by their actions that they have no respect for the gaming community or their own PR. Dont forget this is a company built by console gamers that now says consoles are not their focus.

    • doctorhino

      One more thing on that. I dont care what kind of lawsuits you are risking if you are taking a beating like Konami is you explain yourself and make things transparent for the fans if you want to stay in business.

    • Riku Ruohomäki

      Oh. And there just happens to be an easter egg hunt, in MGSV: Ground Zeroes, in both the Jamais Vu and the Deja-vu mission, where you wipe out Metal Gear game titles, by literally shining a light on them, using a gun with a special light? LOL. Only titles directed by Kojima are wiped out. And when you have wiped out, you hear Psycho Mantis on the radio, stating that you like Kojima games. And then Hideo’s voice thanking you for support.

      And then there are also the two Kojima Productions logos missing the FOX figure, which you place inside them, also by shining a light, a searchlight on them. And of course, there’s the scene in the opening cinematic of the main mission, where skullface uses the same gun to remove the name of his outfit from the chopper. The name? XOF, an anagram of FOX.

      Sounds a little fishy, right? A little bit deliberate, considering the recent developments? And then there are those hints in that secret Youtube channel, where certain letters were inside the texts were written in capitals. Letters form words like XOF, FOX, LIES, etc.

      Believe me, this is all just viral marketing on a grand scale. We’ve been duped. Reed some of my posts on FB group Outer Heaven. Or, read this: https://www.facebook.com/notes/riku-ruohom%C3%A4ki/konami-is-evil-and-you-fell-for-it-sucker/10204287990255074

  • Pretty sure David Hayter needs work like everyone else. As much as I’d love to believe there’s a long con(spiracy) afoot, he’s probably just suiting up for a totally unrelated job.

    • Isn’t he working on The Long Dark? Could have something to do with that (though given it’s art style, I find it kind of doubtful)

  • jmmy

    Whats up with this guy all the time?
    If they did not see him fit for facial capture, he should really accept that he is not a good actor. A good voice actor, but if they took him out, its a pretty clear indication his not up for the job. Nobody is mocking him or anything. Just interested in a good performance, as should every gamer that will play MGS5

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