David Hayter Possibly Teases His Return As Solid Snake In MGS5, Konami Employee Comments On Release Date

Brain twister.

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Ex-voice actor of Big Boss, David Hayter has responded to a fan query regarding his possible appearance as Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. When asked by a fan that whether it’s safe to assume he is Solid Snake in MGS5, Hayter’s response is rather twisted.

“I’m not “not allowed” to not tell anyone about anything,” he tweeted back. Brain twister, right? If you read closely, he is saying that he is allowed to to not tell anyone regarding this. In the past, there have been some vague indicators that Hayter may be returning back to the series. Audio files which sound similar to him were found last month in the PC version of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, and Hayter’s friend Quinton Flynn, the voice actor for Raiden stated that he was told that he is still Solid Snake and Kiefer Sutherland has only taken over the role of Big Boss.

Hayter has stated on a couple of times that he is not involved with the game in anyway. But there is a theory among fans that Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will possibly bridge events till the original Metal Gear which was released in 1987. Hideo Kojima has also explicitly stated in the past that Solid Snake will return in Metal Gear Solid 5, however those statements were made before the game was announced.

But close to the release of Ground Zeroes earlier in 2014, Kojima was asked by GameInformer whether The Phantom Pain will close the gap between the stories of Solid Snake and Big Boss, to which he replied, “Please don’t look me in the eyes because I’m so tempted to tell you and I shouldn’t. What I should say is that there is a specific way for the games to put things together.” He was also asked about his ideal candidate for Solid Snake’s VO by CVG back during E3 2013, to which he replied, “Well he’s a child… I don’t know if I have someone to recommend but let me think! (laughs) At the same time I don’t even know if Solid Snake will make an appearance in this game. If we said anything right now it would be a spoiler and bad for the fans, so we’re going to stay away from that question.”

Take this with a grain of salt as Hayter may be just playing around with his fans.

On a related note, Konami’s Tora Shiro took to Neogaf to share his thoughts on the release date of the game. “Trust me, it’s only compounded by how much I want that info out, as well– so we can get to talking about more fun parts of the game. It seems we’re all just really hinging on that release date,” he said. He also confirmed that the game is scheduled to be released in 2015 and won’t slip in 2016.

Hideo Kojima will be showcasing new information at the Taipei Games Show On January 31st, so let us hope that he finally gives us the release date then.

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  • DrGhettoblaster

    Not sure why they brought Keifer in at all, I mean he’s obviously awesome at what he does and does a pretty good Snake, but Hayter had the part nailed and was perfect for so long (since the beginning), didn’t really see any reason to change things up. To me, it’d be like replacing Nolan North as Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4. That’s just crazy, why would you do that….?

    • Accel_Almer

      Going to be honest, I prefer Keifers snake a lot more in MGS:V. I don’t have anything against Hayter, I just honestly think Keifer does the aged big boss voice a lot better than Hayter.

    • Tommy Murphy

      I agree, look David Hayter will always be Snake to me! I grew up on this series and it is by far and away my favourite of all time, but I liked Kiefer in the role of Big Boss in GZ, and from what I’ve seen of MGSV. BB is now in his 50’s and judging from MGS4, I didn’t want to see David try to imitate an old man again by trying to “Clint Eastwood” it! He was waaay to gravely voiced in that game..

    • Jason Mounce

      I agree. I at first cringed at Kiefers’ performance.

      But, it infact grew on me and sounded appropriate for Big Boss, and the lines he gave at least in all the trailers that contain his dialogue were all droole-worthy of something I could “Hear Big Boss saying” in the many ways you can interpret that.

      Hayter is Solid. Kiefer is Big Boss.

    • benbenkr

      Except, it didn’t make sense for a voice change from PW to GZ. The time period is too short for a voice change.

      The voice change could be explained in TPP via the long coma, but not GZ.

    • Accel_Almer

      Keifers voice just suits BB a lot more in MGS V because this is the game which will show how BB became the one of the main antagonists in the series and I think having Keifer do his voice is a lot more suitable because it sounds a lot more darker and a lot more deeper.

      It provides a good distinction between Solid Snake (Which I think Hayter does the best) and BB (Which I think Keifer does a lot more better). Also who knows, maybe there will be a young Solid Snake voiced by Hayter.

      Other than that, I actually like the change of voice actors, that’s only my opinion though.

    • benbenkr

      Never said Keifer was bad. I’m saying, why the voice change in GZ when the events in PW’s true ending didn’t happen too long before GZ’s story?

      Voices can’t change in a matter of months.

    • Swinny UK

      And it didn’t make sense every time James Bond magically changed his appearance… He looked like Sean Connery at one point and then all of a sudden he looked like Pierce Brosnon and then, he looked like Daniel Craig!!!!!… They better explain this.

      LOL sorry for the sarcasm 🙂

    • benbenkr

      Except, James Bond movies are not connected at all.

    • Swinny UK

      Both are pieces of entertainment, both have actors, both have replaced those actors. Are you telling me you don’t get the general idea that I put across? I could have use any number of examples from all of entertainment to illustrate my point. Batman would be another great example as many different actors have played him in both the films and even in the Arkham series, nobody was asking for these to make sense with the story. Ridiculous.
      And, not that this matters, but MGS is heavily inspired by James Bond.

    • benbenkr

      I get what you are trying to say. VAs are not permanent and never was.

      Except you forget the fact that Batman or James Bond was never written as a continuous story at all. MGS was and still is. That’s the whole difference.

    • Swinny UK

      Batman Forever is a sequel to Batman Returns, and Batman And Robin(shudder) is a sequel to Batman Forever, they do continue.
      Or how about the Arkham Games? There are different actors for both The Joker and Batman in Arkham Origins.

      Whenever you watch a film or play a game, you are surrendering yourself to an illusion, you know its not real, you know that in a film you are just looking at a bunch of actors on a stage/set, and that they are reading from a script/have it memorized, you know that when you play a game that all it really is- is a bunch of computer generated polygons on a screen giving the illusion of movement… You accept these things/surrender to them, so its because of this that expecting a change of voice actor to make sense in a story is ridiculous, you’re not surrendering to the illusion at this point, you’re expecting too much… you’re expecting soo much that its ridiculous.

    • Swinny UK

      I think that Hayter as Snake is arguably the most iconic voice in gaming, it is such a shame to see him go out like this, but at the end of the day, Kojima Productions do not need David Hayter to make a great game.

      At the same time though, if Kojima’s comments above are anything to go by, I think we’ll be playing as Solid Snake in the latter half of The Phantom Pain and if this is true- Hayter will be back as Solid Snake. I’m pretty convinced of this at this point, however, I’m trying my hardest not to go in to TPP expecting this just in case I am setting myself up for disappointment.

  • Starman

    Enjoy the small balloons , that looks like it can barely keep a small dog a float but , can pick up tanks ,send it to his base at warp speed …… I know it’s not real but if you’re going to base a game on fiction tech , at least let it make sense ….Oh !

    and let us not forget the new and improved “Dynamic” box bigger than Snake , that can fit in his pocket somehow, and can be accessed at anytime anywhere … this game is a joke…Konami has fallen from grace .

    If you want to make an epic game…..Stop being so scared and make Z.O.E. 3 .

  • tplarkin7

    I didn’t like Hayter’s scratchy voice in MGS4. Sutherland makes a better older Snake (or Boss). I would be disappointed if Hayter returned. Ground Zeros was amazing. Totally worth $30 (I think it’s cheaper now).

  • James Clark

    Have I read this wrong or is this him saying he’s essentially not the guy who’s not allowed to say anything? (e.g. Kiefer) thus making this article completely pointless/incorrect? :/

  • Tommy Murphy

    I have to say it would be hilarious to hear Hayter voice a 13-15 year old Snake in MGSV like Jean Claude Van Damme voiced his younger self in ‘Bloodsport’!

  • Kevin618

    David Hayter will be in the post credits portion of the game after it sets the story up for the original MG (1987) The game series will come full circle


    The thing is Kojima says Venom dosent do to much talking.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    June 2015 everybody. expect it


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