Days Gone Release Date Leaked By Austrian Retailer – Rumor

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Days Gone

Days Gone, the ambitious zombie action game by Sony Bend that Sony revealed at its E3 conference last year, has been largely missing from the public eye ever since, prompting some speculation that the game is far out from release. However, that may not be the case- at least if this Austrian retailer is to be believed.

Austrian retailer GamesOnly has the scheduled for a release on August 22– whereas nothing we have seen so far indicates that the game is ready for prime time later this year, we do need to point out that August 22 is a Tuesday (which is when most games release), and that Sony may just be priming for a quick turnaround from release date announcement to release with this game (to avoid the delays that otherwise consistently plague their first party games).

But as of right now, this remains entirely unsubstantiated- so, you know, as much as I want it to be true, I would take this with a heathy helping of salt.

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  • PorHawj2016

    if that turn out true then hopefully it is polished game with few bugs/glitches. i doubt Sony announce release date on this game during Sony E3 conference

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