Dead Rising 2: Case West and DC Universe Online Codes Giveaway

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Check your inbox for the codes!

Hey hey! Wassup everyone? It’s time for another give away  here at And this time we are giving away beta codes for DC Universe Online and XBL codes for Dead Rising 2: Case West.

We have ample codes, which means there will be more winners.  So how do you get your hands on these codes. It’s simple.

GamingBolt V2.1 is going to launch very soon with free game give aways every week, forums, groups, private messaging system, medal system, scores and much more. Just tell us why you love GamingBolt and the best comment will get  a code of either Dead Rising 2: Case West or DC Universe Online will be sent to your emails!

Contest opened to all but it ends very soon on the 13th of this month.

Thanks to SOE and Capcom for providing us with these codes.

About Dead Rising 2: Case West

Following on from the success of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Dead Rising 2: CASE WEST will extend the zombie slaying antics of Dead Rising 2 by delivering brand new content and the return of a familiar face. Intrepid photojournalist and star of the original Dead Rising, Frank West, is back from covering wars and arrives in Fortune City to investigate Phenotrans and find proof of its involvement with the zombie outbreaks.

Set immediately after the events of Dead Rising 2 and available exclusively on Xbox LIVE, Dead Rising 2: CASE WEST sees Frank team up with Chuck Greene for some serious co-op action as the pair embarks on a brand new case set in the Phenotrans Facility on the outskirts of Fortune City.

About DC Universe Online

-Based on the distinctive, acclaimed artwork and designs of comic book legend Jim Lee.
-Iconic DC Comic settings and characters, from Gotham City to Arkham Asylum, Batman to Blue Beetle.
– Players can enter a persistent DC Universe and fight alongside their favorite heroes and villains to play their own adventure in the mythology of these legendary characters and locales.
-DCUO will be an online world that stays true to the DC Comics property and allows players to feel and act like super heroes or villains.
-Physics-based fighting turns vehicles, streetlights and other players into weapons, resulting in dynamic combat scenarios that are different every time.
-DCUO is being developed by Sony Online Entertainment in collaboration with top talent at DC Comics and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

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  • I like that your game reviews are honest and not corrupted by the corporate mafia! Contests are sweet too!


  • I love gamingbolt because they do not have alot ads like other gaming sites I have been on.

  • Gamingbolt is always being updated everyday with news, pictures and videos of he games that we care about. Thats why i check this site everyday because i know im gonna have something new to read or look at. I love the last site update and the fact that your going to update it again only shows me that Gamingbolt cares about me and games. If my mom would only let me go to only one web site a day it would Gamingbolt every time. Keep up the great work.

  • I love gamingbolt because they have the most trustworthy reviews. They have helped me save money on games I thought I would like but ended up to be terrible. They have also helped me buy some amazing games I thought I would never like.They are like no other website iv’e seen. Keep up the great work gamingbolt! My gaming soul will be with you forever!

    Sincerely Your Gamer,


    P.S. Excited that you are giving away Dead Rising: Case West codes! I love the trial version! I just don’t have the money for the full version. Thanks for letting all of us have a chance to win such great prizes.

  • dj

    I like GamingBolt because it doesn’t feel like a corporate mouthpiece like other gaming sites.

  • There are many reasons why I like gamingbolt
    I love how real it feals, the reviews and the way that games are written about, it feels like there is real passion behind the writing. You give an honest opinion on gaming, and you cover all basis in gaming. There are regular updates, and information on games, that I do not have time to look for myself.
    There are unique lists on games that were great that noone bought, actually normally makes me go and check these games out if I do not already have them and they have so far all been great buys. There are great gaming topics and writing on the future of gaming.
    So overall if you want a true fan of Gaming Website Gamingbolt is it.

  • I like GamingBolt because it covers gaming news I don’t hear about from many other sites. It fits perfectly into the 5 gaming sites I check several times a day. Articles feel like their written by avid gamers. Overall its just a great site for gaming news and really getting a feel for what the gaming community cares about.

  • i hope i will resive i code for Case West. and make more DR videos 🙂

    Thanks GameingBolt.

  • I love gamingbolt because their logo actually has a BOLT in it and because of the game reviews. When I need a charge of the gaming dose, gamingbolt is who I turn to.

  • I love GamingBolt because like others have said, you are always on top of your game! Another thing is reviews and opinions are always fair and are well constructed. Thanks GamingBolt!



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