Destiny Data Servers Housed in Las Vegas Bunker

Bungie and Activision spare no expense to make Destiny’s launch go well.

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Bungie’s Destiny is now officially one week away from release (less than that if you count the fact that it goes live at midnight wherever you live in the world) and despite all the beta tests, there is a worry that the servers will be unable to handle the load placed on them. After all, it happens to the best (and worst) of developers all the time.

However, both Bungie and Activision are ensuring this isn’t the case. It’s even gone to the extent of housing Destiny’s data servers in a bunker in Las Vegas according to CEO Pete Parsons interview with The Guardian.

“The interesting thing about Las Vegas is, you get a lot of natural disasters walking down up and down the strip, but you don’t get a lot of true natural disasters affecting the landscape. There are no earthquakes, no hurricanes, no floods – it’s perfect.”

The data centre is being maintained by “well north of 100 engineers” according to director of production Jonty Barnes, and this links to Xbox Live, PSN and other rented servers the world over. “It is the largest engineering team we could imagine.”

Destiny launches on September 9th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. Are you picking it up? Let us know in the comments.

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  • d0x360

    While it’s great they want to keep the data center safe you would think they would at least have 3. Westcoast, middle america and east coast. Having one data center gives players onnthe west coast an advantage over every one else. Also it doesn’t matter how well protected the servers are. The real question is if there are enough of them. Hopefully with all the experience Activision has with blizzard they are prepared.

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    • d0x360

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      Unfortunately SOME people do click them or you wouldn’t post them. I’d like the names and contact info for those people so that I may fly to their homes and tell them how utterly stupid they are directly to their face.
      Thank you.

    • jayflow

      Lol, now that’s how you deal with a spambot!

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