Destiny on Xbox One Needs A Staggering 40GB of Space

Holy moly.

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29. Destiny

Destiny is almost here, and I’m pretty sure most of you are pretty damn excited to try the game out when it finally gets here. However, be sure you have enough space for it on your consoles- as it turns out, the Xbox One version, at the very least, requires a massive 40 GB of free hard drive space to install.

The most amazing thing is that this is likely not even the final size for the game- considering its MMO-trappings, the game will only grow with time with numerous patches, DLC, and updates, and the file size is, similarly, likely to only grow. This means that we may well be looking at a game that single handedly takes up over 10% of your hard drive space all by itself when all is said and done.

This also makes Destiny one of the largest games on Xbox One- the only other game with a similar file size was Titanfall, although I suppose Destiny, unlike Titanfall, has some reason for its file size.

We’ll keep you posted on what the PS4 file size, assuming it is different, is.

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  • GHz

    So that 18gig preinstall I just downloaded isn’t the whole game? Hmm.

    • jonedevil

      I just got paid

    • d0x360

      You did. Bluray discs have multiple copies of the same file in order to lower seek times which in turn lowers install times. When installed the game is 18 gigs even though the bluray is 40.

  • d0x360

    Mine is 18 gigs and its the entire game preloaded. The bluray might be 40 gigs due to file duplication(which speeds installation) but the game itself isn’t. When installed from bluray it will also be 18 gigs.

  • jonedevil

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