Dev Explains Why Space Engineers Is An Xbox One Exclusive & Why It Will Not Be Coming To PS4 For Now

“Microsoft was one of the first who expressed their big interest in Space Engineers and offered their support from the beginning.”

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Space Engineers

During last month’s Gamescom, Microsoft announced that Space Engineers will be coming first to the Xbox One and will be a console-timed exclusive for a full year before it can hit other platforms. GamingBolt got in touch with Marek Rosa who is the founder of  Keen Software House, the developer behind Space Engineers.

The timed exclusivity is pretty interesting since from a business point of view indie developers would probably like to be on as many platforms as possible, especially with the PS4 selling 10 million units which is more than the Xbox One. We asked Marek the reason for going console exclusive with Xbox One. “Microsoft was one of the first who expressed their big interest in Space Engineers and offered their support from the beginning. We also believe that the game will fit perfect with the XBOX ONE audience since Space Engineers is written in C# / DirectX and porting on Xbox should be easier,” Marek said to GamingBolt.

But will we see the game on the PS4 at some point? “Our focus at the moment is only on the development of the Windows/PC and the XBOX ONE version. Despite that, there is a big number of players who are already requesting us for this. We can’t comment or promise anything now, but it is something that we might consider for the future, not only for the PS4 console, but also for other platforms as well.”

That reply sure sounds optimistic and Space Engineers is shaping up to be a pretty solid game. Unfortunately, PlayStation 4 owners have to wait for 12 months after the launch before they can get their hands on it.

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  • d0x360

    This game…I just don’t know. I’ve been watching it for quite a while on PC and I’ve almost bought it a few times. It looks interesting but I was skeptical of it ever being finished although I guess that doubt has been put to rest now that its also hitting a console.

    • Nathan O

      I did buy it and played it once and haven’t picked it up since. With absolutely no direction and no fail states I found it hard to be motivated to do anything. It may have improved since then mind you

    • d0x360

      That’s kinda another worry I have. I own Minecraft but I don’t really enjoy it. I don’t care about building castles and towns or whatever. I might find building ships and space stations fun but if there isn’t much more to the game aside from building then Id rather devote my space faring time to star citizen and no mans sky.

    • Mark

      Darn! Ur gettin Star Citizen! Aarrrgghhh

    • d0x360

      Yes…I get most games. You can get star citizen too, right now in fact.

    • Nicholas Randall

      I’m planning on getting star citizen to, but I am gonna wait to build my system until it gets closer to release date. I want a system that has a x99 chipset, So I am planning on buying a Asus rampage V extreme motherboard but its still 420 dollars on amazon. I want to put dual gtx 970 or or 980 on it but I am just waiting on all the price drops for them. I figure in about one year when Star Citizen drops all the components I need will be about 1500 dollars. Then stick on a nice 1440p (better then 1080 but it wont have the FPS issues or cost of a 4k) monitor and a death adder and I should have a great new system to stand up to games for at least a couple years. Also the DDR4 is still way to expensive seeing as how I want 4x8GB Corsair Dominator ram.

  • Riley Freeman

    baha let them do their exclusive on the system thats barely selling and being dominated.

    • ShoNuff

      Barely selling is a far stretch from the truth maybe you should have just said “Sold significantly less systems in the new generation than their competitor.” that way you could still sound like a fanboy and technically not be incorrect.

    • Riley Freeman

      tomato tomato (to-mah-to)

    • That didn’t stop anybody from making exclusives for Ps3 when xbox 360 was dominating,am I right ?

    • crizz1066

      360 had a year headstart, people supported the ps3 as they could see it was more powerful. This is one of the reasons it outsold the 360 in the end

    • Riley Freeman

      7 million difference with a year worth of head start not to mention ps2 shattering numbers that many people still had loyalty toward(developers).

      I remember the article posted that sony doesnt know why they are being so successful well honestly, i think ps2 people just came back to where most of them were.

  • Lacerz

    No Man’s Sky, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, DayZ… so many others as well. I think the PS4 owners will have plenty of things to do while they wait for… this.

  • RA3030

    I think the PS4 crowd has all they games they can handle through 2015 so if they hold this game on X1 for a year it’s probably best for the game dev and X1 with the lack of games they have for that X1 system because unless it’s given away as a free game of the month To Playstation Plus members I doubt many would pick it up. On another note I’ve never heard of this title and doubt more than a few have. I will check it out though and I hope it’s a good game.

    • ShoNuff

      lack of games? you have got to be kidding me.

    • By “lack of games” do you mean “lack of indies”? Cuz that’s all that’s lacking from the XO… which is nothing to complain about.

    • Psionicinversion

      i think alot of PS4 games are over hyped… i dont think the order will be that good, bloodborne omg thats is insanely overhyped that wont live upto expectation, tbh Destiny atm doesnt live up to the hype BUT i know if you have end game content similar to like MMO’s everything upto maximum level is just filler till you get to the real stuff.

      ill see what destiny has when the real stuff comes out

    • Mike

      All games in the first year of a consoles life are overrated for the most part. Not like Titanfall wasn’t a wee bit overhyped. We are still a year away from seeing a real next gen game.

    • d0x360

      I enjoyed Titanfall. I also enjoy outlast, wolfenstein, forza 5, curse of brotherhood, thief, dead rising, killer instinct, super time force, metro redux, trials fusion, NFS rivals, o ject spark, last of us, and I somewhat liked watch dogs and infamous 3.

      There are plenty of other amazing games coming between now and December so I wouldn’t say the first year is over rated. What’s generally over rated is the first 6 months.

    • d0x360

      The order is going to be awful. The gameplay looks sooooo boring. Yea the graphics are fantastic but that’s it. There is no reason for the hype aside from the visuals. Its about as basic a cover shooter as you can get. Ready at dawn is a good Dev when they are iterating on others work but they seem to be devoid of creativity when it comes to a core game.

    • Gaikai

      Tbh i think Bloodborne is great and it’s not over hyped Halo is the most over hyped game ever, and it’s only a boring generic shooter

    • RA3030

      When you say “I think a lot of PS4 games are over hyped” … mean overhyped like the Xbox One a Cable Box game TitanFall right? A game so overhyped that fell flat right out of the gate. It was so bad Microsoft had to give it away for people to take it and they started giving it away before the game released. Microsoft hyped TitanFall everyday for 9 months a still they couldn’t sell it. No PS4 game or any other game has been hyped like TitanFall in the history of game! Let’s recap that TitanFall hype. “Titanfall will change everything” failed, “Titanfall the only next gen game” fail, “TitanFall, a killiner app and game changer for Xbox One” failed, and then my fav was always “TitanFall the Call of Duty killer” lol epic fail!!!……So what PS4 game has been overhyped or what PS4 game has been hyped at all? You mention The Order and Bloodborne. People talking talking about a game is not the same as hype. What hype are you talking about?

    • Andy Stephenson

      Wow.. If There’s one thing we know for sure the order and bloodborne will be some of the best games of next year. You sound more like you’re trying to convince your self

    • Psionicinversion

      Destiny was supposed be amazing… look how thats turned out! with ready at dawn defending destiny’s review scores by saying they dont know why its done so badly i think there sh#tting themselves. Destiny is just purely average theres not much good about it. Just an endless grind of vanguard or crucible stuff till you get the legendary gear. im lvl 21 and feels to much of a chore to keep carrying on. so i think the order prolly isnt going to live up to expectations and RaD know it.

      If your talking about exclusive games you may have an arguement but talking about games in general no chance there will be much better games out

    • Andy Stephenson

      I think you’re assuming a bit too much. Maybe they just like the game. I see your point I’m in the same boat as you lvl 24 and can’t seem to get any light armour anymore drops are way to random an the story was way to short for a “RPG” as they like to think of it. The thing with the order is I think it’s all going to be about the story. And from what iv seen the gameplay looks not half bad tbh. I doubt that them defending destiny has any baring or reflection on the order. In my opinion it looks like it’s something a bit special but we will see. Plenty more games where that came from

    • Psionicinversion

      well the order will be all about the story cus its single player only. it might be ok just have to wait and see

    • d0x360

      There is a lack of games on the x1? That’s funny I didn’t notice. I have 3x as many games on the x1 as I do ps4.

    • Forza horizon 2,Project spark,Sunset overdrive,Fable legends,Ori and the blind forest,Killer instinct Season 2 and master chief collection all those are not coming to playstation 4 or PS3 plus multiplats and it has lack of games ? haha wow.

    • demfax

      Xbox has good exclusive games like DR3, Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Halo Collection, Quantum Break, Gears of War, Halo 5, Project Spark, Tomb Raider, etc.

    • Andy Stephenson

      Yeah but it’s not even real halo. More like non canon halo. Destiny is it’s true successor and as for the rest Xbox doesn’t have any exclusives. All the test will be on pc and you can’t include ROTTR. Titanfall was a flop and the next one is on ps4 anyways not that ill get it

    • RA3030

      All you guys make comments about all the games the Xbox One Cable Box has yet so few want that system and all those games it offers and then you all point to the Sony system and all those Indy titles they have…..yet so many gamers own that system. What does that tells us? I’ll give you 2 options and you can pick the one that you feel most comfortable with. 1 The Sony PS4 truely
      Is the best most powerful gaming console and the best place to game or 2 the Xbox One Cable Box has nothing to offer and thats why only a few people are interested enough in it to purchase it. No matter your choice the PS4 just keeps selling and in turn keeps looking better and better and the X1 Cable Box ….well maybe Microsoft should just get out of the console market because they are just bad for all gamers.

    • ipaxton

      Yawn, wake me up when the PS4 actually gets a good game!

  • Brian

    lol… much hate…good luck with YOUR gaming

  • bardock5151

    At least its not a 8bit micro transaction like the ps4 is being filled with.

  • Don Karam

    If it gets released for Xbox One while it is still in early access then it might be good that it is being delayed for PlayStation 4 because by then it might be considered finally decent quality.

    Look at when an X game from Egosoft is released for PC. Lots of people say to wait for about a year after that for it to reach a sufficiently decent quality to start playing it.

    • d0x360

      They won’t release an early access version on consoles. Consoles aren’t PC unless your EA. Even If they did release an early access version how would it be better to wait and get the ps4 release? It will still be the same exact game and the exclusive timer wouldn’t even start ticking until the final version was done so that would give the Xbox version like a 2 year exclusive window. Sounds awesome!

    • Mark

      Yeah i think he thinks EA Access is early access. But EA early access just means X1 owners get to play a new game 1 week from launch. It’s alot of fun. Can’t wait to jump in Dragon Age.

    • d0x360

      I’m still on the fence with EA access. Its such a good idea but right now I own all the games already aside from sports and I don’t like sports games.
      The discount on content is good too so I might subscribe right before dragon age to get 10% off that and all the dlc then 10% off any other EA game or dlc that comes out. The subscription will pay for itself if you buy enough EA content.

    • Mark

      I hear u mayne. I’m luvin Access. It cost a drop in a bucket for me. I’m hopin for Ubi to get involved! Yeeuhh

    • d0x360

      I have a feeling all the big publishers will have something pretty similar by this time next year and hopefully Sony Wise’s up and allows it on ps4. People who only own 1 console shouldn’t have to miss out on this just because Sony wants to make a nice profit on PS now…a service I used twice and will never touch again.

    • Mark

      Hahaa. U know Phil’s tryin to land another Publisher………Ubi needs to do it. Alot of people have been exposed to EA’s games because of Access. If Sony feels otherwise, then PS4 owners who desire it need to make noise. Nothing more to say bout that. Dude I really want Steam! Or, I want more PC studios to port over more. I don’t mind paying full price for games, but I’d atleast like a mass more of what u guys r gettin…… Pillars of Eternity! Or Star Citizen although MS won’t allow console and PC players to bang on the same servers. Oh well, I really want more PC games though man. Next year should be mad fun.

    • Andy Stephenson

      You. Man . Loving. Costs. Hoping. Ubisoft. Yeah. 😉

  • Mark

    It’s funny because both Xbox and Playstation have an amazing indie future. People will say Xbox has no indies, but that’s just insecurity. Don’t need to list them. Both systems have indies that I’d buy in heartbeat. The even funnier fact is that fanboys from both sides keep saying “ours”. Dude 90% of indies will hit both systems, lol. These studios aren’t here to raise a specific platform banner! Here’s my list if I could have em all;

    No Man’s Sky
    Vanishing of Ethan Carter
    This dam PS4 game I can’t remember! Inspired by CastleVania. Dam it looks sick.
    And more!

    • Mark

      Ghost of a Tale!

  • silentflight

    im so sad because i love watching this game but i cant play it now because all i have is a xbox 360 and i cant play it pls add to xbox 360


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