Dev Explains Why Toren Is PS4 Exclusive For Now, Runs Much Faster On PS4 Than Regular PCs

Creative director Alessandro Martinello says the team is aiming for more realistic and detailing lighting on PS4.

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Swordtales’ Toren, a fantasy adventure game with a dark tone, may not be the biggest blockbuster out for the PS4 (along with PC and Mac) in 2015 but it’s stylings and overall atmosphere have certainly caught our attention. The question as always though is whether it isn’t heading to the Xbox One as well.

Speaking to creative director Alessandro Martinello, he stated that the lack of an Xbox One release was because, “We had early access to the PS4 dev kit and this gave us the certainty that we will launch on Sony’s console. But we don’t exclude the possibility of release in other platforms.”

As for the game’s art style, Martinello talked about the power of the PS4’s GPU in handling the game compared to your average PC. “The game runs much faster than a regular PC, and we haven’t made changes to use all this power. We intend to use more realistic and detailed lighting on PS4, but our main goal is to guarantee the 60 fps performance.”

Thoughts on Toren possibly hitting Xbox One as well? Let us know in the comments.

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  • bigshynepo

    In before someone points out he said “regular PC”.

    • Starman

      Then explain to me low , medium or high powered pc , what makes either of them regular or irregular ??? either way , a low end PC is faster than any console on the market ….

      So my question is ……How much did Sony pay for that statement ?

      you’re a smart man , I’m assuming ….so if you believe that one , then I have a bridge to sell you….

    • rudero

      boy you girls are soo sensitive. There is not a pc in the world that will out perform the ps4 for $399.00. package must have hdmi, controller and blu ray. Go! prove it

    • Starman

      You must think you’re are talking to kids … I built a $500.00 pc for my 9yr old son ..and I have both systems and neither are faster … and also are you sure you’re on the right article ?? because everything you just mentioned , is irrelevant to this article , you must be a kid …lol

      PS:why not use a faster pc then ? lol I’m just saying , the developer makes no sense …

    • rudero

      I am replying to you. 399. You said no console is faster then a low end pc. I said prove it. You came back with two hundred dollar more example. 399. The more money you spend, the better something should be. No one is arguing that. I’m just asking you to back your statement with fact. Your low end build has nothing to do with low end commercial products for consumers.
      Sensitive is how you do reply to someone who has to barge in and protect the pc master race from a statement that Sony has nothing to do with.

    • Starman

      I use PC for Graphic arts…using ‘photoshop’ , and very little gaming , my 9 yr old games on pc , so no pc master race here , I’m a console gamer , but i’m not delusional , and it was only a hundred more than $399.00 i said $500.00 not $599.00

      You have no argument bro , let it go …lol

    • rudero

      You are very right. I do not have an argument. I have fact. You are arguing fact. Yes, a 500 custom build pc out performs a Xbox one. There. Fixed. Did not come with mouse and keyboard and HDMI and bluray either correct? So, my point is, what was your point of saying such a claim? A slightly more expensive product does slightly better performance. Great. Good story.

    • Starman

      Obviously , you’re a PS guy and no one can state facts with you guys , I like how you said “it can out perform ‘XB1’ but not PS4 …. like I said . you’re are DELUSIONAL , …enjoy bro , happy gaming …

    • rudero

      Cute. Your argument is very detailed and precise. I stand corrected. :/
      I said Xbox to help with your 500 argument, but they had to drop that price.
      I just love picking on people that really have to protect the pc master race.
      It’s idiotic and they get so defensive with either non argumentative come backs without any facts at all.(check) or you’re a Sony guy(check).
      No, I’m just an intelligent guy who doesn’t talk out of their as@

    • Patrick Cushing

      I laughed when you said, build a PC that will be better than the new generations consoles for $399 and the guy commented saying he built a better PC for $500.

    • Starman

      So what was funny ? I’ll tell you what’s really amusing , is , if you paid more than a little over $500.00 for a low to medium gaming rig , you’re getting robbed , you guys probably shop at ‘MICRO CENTER’…LMAO …

    • MrSec84 .

      What were the specs of this alleged PC?

      Does that price include a Bluray drive, controller, Windows OS (you know because it’s a necessity for multiplats) and a HDMI cable?

    • Psionicinversion

      i priced up a PC which was 6 core AMD, 8GB ram, 1TB HD, case PSU, 2GB 270x came to about $530 and told him to download the OS for some guy off a forum. controller = kb +m extremely cheap talking about $15 for a cheap combo. doesnt need bluray drive.

      One thing all you consolers forget is the console makers sell it to you at cost price. If you bought a PC at cost price it would be alot cheaper. Also the console makers add $10-15 ontot the price of the game as there licensing fee well its actually about 20% they take so every game you buy you can add that cost onto the price of the console. See how much the console really is by the end of its life cycle

    • MrSec84 .

      Bluray is necessary to match the specs of the consoles, so that adds another $35.00, looking on Amazon, with everything I mentioned, including a bluray drive, 1TB HDD, FX 6300, an OS you don’t buy off of some random dude on a forum that any regular person won’t know from Adam, it all came to about $620, same GPU you mentioned.

      FYI console makers aren’t selling at cost, well at least Sony makes a profit, but we’re not talking about the same economic environment when we’re talking about a PC.
      By it’s very nature a person can’t buy the PC parts they need at cost new.
      Console makes don’t add $10-15 onto the price of games, maybe $6, but that can be remedied with sales.
      Where I come from it certainly isn’t the case that PC games are guaranteed cheaper all of the time.

      The very online yearly subscription fees that PC gamers knock actually give access to full, new games, which actually offsets any cheaper prices for the odd game that may or may not be cheaper on PC.
      PS Plus can easily save you over a $100 on games in a year.

      By the end of a consoles life the kind of games that PS Plus will be giving gamers access to will be easily on par with new releases and the lower prices they may go for.

      In the end the hardware will be far cheaper in 4 years time and PS Plus will provide each user with a library of content for a fraction of what it would cost to buy them on PC.

    • Psionicinversion

      You shouldn’t look at amazon won’t get the best deal there, best site to look is it searches multiple sites for prices also can choose stuff with mail in rebates to make it cheaper. The consoles are sold at cost to you just because Sony makes about $18 per console that’s still in the realm of cost price. Sure the consoles will get cheaper in time, the APU is supposed be getting a die shrink I think so will make it cheaper to produce but in the same fashion newer more powerful hardware comes out pushing the price of older hardware down making it cheaper to buy a PC that’s on par with consoles. In 4 years even cheap gpu’s will be significantly more powerful. When the 960 releases this month it should be faster than a 770 for about$200 which is a decent performer bump but when the 20nm comes out could be seeing 780+ levels of performance for bout $200.

      PS Plus isn’t that great you know, steam sales are far better than ps plus because sony needs that money off ya and the free stuff on ps plus isn’t exactly mind blowing. Also with windows it’s not such a bad deal with getting windows 8.1 because MS will let you upgrade to windows 10 for free so its like 2 full OS’s for the price of 1 and it’ll be full dx12 compatible

    • MrSec84 .

      I looked on that website of yours, for cost much was actually cheaper on Amazon.

      I must say I’m not American, I live in the UK and Amazon are actually one of the most competitive retailers of PC parts that a regular person can use.

      The very fact that Sony are making anything off of their hardware is proof that they aren’t selling at cost, now you could argue that Sony gets parts for cheaper than you would buy PC parts at retail, but that’s a different thing entirely.

      The cost of PC always has a barrier to entry that consoles get much cheaper than in time.

      No one’s denying that significantly more powerful hardware is available on PC, that’s a fact, but it’s not something that console gamers on the whole largely care about.

      The users that buy a console aren’t all the same as those that buy a PC to game on (there’s some overlap, but mostly they’re different camps of consumers).

      That GTX 960 is actually going to retail for $249, not $200.

      By this time next year PS4 will likely be below $349, it’s already £329 here in the UK and a GTX 970 costs about £260.

      These new GPUs still require a reasonable CPU so as not to bottleneck them, something like an i5 or FX 8320, with the cost of those to combined you’re talking about more than the price of a PS4.

      When 20nm becomes a thing in GPU hardware you’ll actually see a price increase, to cover the cost of the fab size decrease, you know because going smaller and more efficient isn’t this free thing that companies like TSMC give away for no extra cost over the last process, actually being a newer node it costs more, it’s not until later in the generation that costs will come down.

      TBH a PS4 will likely be a sub $150 console in 4 years time, considering that even when PS2 was the market leader by several miles Sony dropped it’s price from $299 down to $199 in the space of 2 years.

      $249 looks likely in 1-2 years from now, especially as it would have a huge impact on sales with all of the software Sony will be releasing in that time.

      Now as for PS Plus vs steam, looking at the cost of the games that have already been released on PS+ it’s actually worked out much cheaper than steam.

      You can do a costing yourself using this list and steam:

      When the likes of Trine 2 cost $19.99 and you realize that just on PS4 Sony has included 20 games (PS3 has had much more than that and far better titles) it’s incredible value, that only increases as Sony offers better games.

      Titles like Strider and maybe one or two other games are worth the price of entry alone.
      Even at the cheapest you can buy games for on steam you can’t really match the value included with the service.

      As for Windows, Windows 10 would likely be necessary to play games, 8.1 still costs $90 for the regular person who doesn’t have some special deal available to them.
      You need windows to play most games, maybe that will change if a different OS takes over, which may or may not seem likely, but even without that you’re still looking at a higher price than PS4, for a system with an equivalent GPU and as time goes on developers will get more performance out of that hardware, relative to the same spec of PC, so at least a bit more hardware will be needed and that adds to the cost of entry.

      Looking at the kind of games PS Plus offered to PS3 owners only a few years after launch, along with the bigger install base of PS4 in the same amount of time it’s likely better games will come much sooner.
      When the likes of big PS3 exclusives like Infamous 2, LBP2 and Motorstorm came at about 2 years after the service launched and we’re already getting access to a decent amount of content from Driveclub it’s probably not far off before multiplats start to become included.

      It’s a fallacy that Steam offers better value than PS Plus and because of PS Plus the saving on cost is actually still a factor.
      Maybe the service won’t give you access to all of the games you could want, but for the cost of a game users get access to a full library of content.
      It’s actually great value.

    • Psionicinversion

      im in the UK to, pcpartpicker is available in multiple countries just have to change region. ive found amazon to not be good for core system components, things they can shift in high volume like drives yeah but generally, overclockers, ebuyer, aria are a few places that do good deals on core system components.

      They are 2 different markets consoles and PC, with PC theres different markets to… causal gamer, gamer that wants decent gfx but doesnt want spend alot right upto hardcore enthusiast that wants the best. My next full build in 2 years from now will cost between £1500-2500 pending on if i go 4K or not but i want the best gfx and console cant give me that. well mostly in the multiplatform area… as far as the exclusives go there really not up my street i dont think. I think Uncharted 4 is going to pretty much max the system. The thing with consoles are a big part of development is to create more efficient ways of doing things and can guarantee it takes up alot of money trying to figure it out.

      Consoles are good for the casual plug and play market and PS fanboys are like GPGPU gonna save everything when its really not. It has to be used cus the CPU sux.

      I think Star Citizen is going to be the new benchmark for graphical fidelity, its going be insane if they get the similar levels of fidelity with the characters and environment as the ships its going blow everything away. Think its one game that really will benefit from a higher resolution like 1440p or 4K. I got a lowly 280x atm and i dont think the 980 is going be powerful enough for SC and dont want go SLI/xfire so going wait for AMD 390x and nvidias GM200

      Regarding windows 10 well i think thats the only OS that support DX12 but there releasing 11.3 which includes most of the feature set of dx12 for win 8 and win 7 and only a small bit needs win10 to run

    • Gaikai

      So you made a 530 bucks already outdated computer, which probably won’t even be able to play all the new AAA relaeses by next year, new games like shadow of mordor and the evil within already require 3-4 GB of vram to run properly, The evil within especially require a minimium quad core intel i7 just to run on lowest settings and I doubt your AMD will be up to task, and I prefer to pay to pay 10 bucks more for a game because I won’t have to spend 200-400 dollars each year to update my computer so it’s still cheaper than a pc

    • Psionicinversion

      no i did this for a guy on a forum which was originally going to put a pentium G3258 in or someat and i said if you buy a system with that you may as well wipe your bum with your money and flush it down the toilet. So did him an AMD system on a budget of $500-600 which is how much the other one would of cost him and this one would be alot more capable. ive got an i7, my next build in 2 years will be £1500-2500 pending on if i shift to 4K or not. definately going 1440p though.. only got a 280x in atm but a 980 isnt powerful enough for what i want so im waiting for the 20nm AMD’s/GM200 maxwell

      Shadow of mordor and evil within only require that much vram on ultra textures. using high youll be fine with 2-3GB. 2GB is more the low end. Consoles run high texture but lower settings on everything else and a weak AA implementation to keep within there ram limits.

      I know what you mean about consoles ive got a PS4 to but if you want maxiumum level of graphics PC is the only choice for multiplats also i think ill be getting an Oculus Rift to which needs alot of power as consumer version maybe 1440p @ 75-90hz

    • LordTantamount

      You have both systems and neither are faster? False. Fanboy alert.

    • Starman

      Your name reeks of fanboy , kid …

    • LordTantamount

      Huh? A mentally handicapped 12 year old is calling me “kid”? Go back to Tumb1r, snowflake.

    • MrSec84 .

      Don’t forget must also be a new build, with no parts you have lying around at home and a version of Windows that can run all multiplats that will release on PC.

    • d0x360

      No of course there isn’t. That doesn’t mean further clarification on regular PC isn’t needed. Some people just like to know because they are interested not because they are fanboys.

      Regular PC could mean anything. It adds absolutely nothing to the article because nobody knows what he’s talking about.

    • Psionicinversion

      PC doesnt need a bluray becuase games dont come on them

    • rudero

      It does when you are talking about competing products so that I can watch 3d bluray movies on my tv if I am not gaming for 399

    • Psionicinversion

      well seeing as a bluray player is extremely cheap id probably say most people will have one, anyway, i wouldnt rely on having a console to play a film tbh. if your a student at uni or something then yeah would be good for family man the console/computer maybe kicked out of the living room anyway. a bluray drive isnt something you NEED, wouldnt surpirse me in a few years if sony release a console wihout a bluray drive especially if there seeing there digital sales business booming. For the moment a bluray drive is a NECESSITY for a console, its not for a PC though

    • rudero

      Ok. Good talk. But what does that have to do with building a better running pc WITH all aspect covered that beats the 399 console? I get your point, but it hinders the build to compete. Streaming media has yet to compete against bluray quality. In order to compete, you have to be able to do all things one thing can do or better. Bluray>streaming. I whole heartedly agree that both Sony and Microsoft will release one without but, to the average consumer, this will not be successful for some years to come. People like holding what they own.
      On the ps4, Apple TV, any Netflix streaming etc, if your internet goes down, you have no movies, games or music.(getting lost)
      My point, if someone has to bring up competition between two physical pieces of hardware they must match. Can not nit pick and offer scraps from pc builders of ways to cut corners. We are not talking hobbiest when talking about competing products.
      I am saying, for 399 you can not put a pc on your TV and have outperform a ps4.

      To add, one group of guy took on the challenge. They got it to 499 but used the “old keyboard mouse laying around or find them cheap” never adding in the cost. Hdmi. Not adding the cost. Mounted it on wood never putting in the cost to cover it and os. The real build was 599 and it was a core gaming machine with no real os use(of which is a console) but, it also had no bluray and they had to warn that using the stuff they bought could be questionable on reliability.

    • Psionicinversion

      When your talking about outperforming the PS4 thats got nothing to do with a bluray drive thats core hardware. I dont really own any blurays or films, ive got a netflix subscription, just use that or download via nefarious ways!!!. Also people are moving towards digital content for there needs and i think i read its taking a big hit to bluray disc manufacture cus theres not as much demand for them anymore. unless youve got a bluray and a stream side by side your not going notice cus you adjust to what your seeing. Anyone whose an avid film buff aint going to use a PS4 to play a bluray on it or a PC, the person will have some insane bluray unit attatched to an amazing home cinema system and that will probably be connected to NAS to stream stuff.

      You cant include mounting it on wood, because if someone did the same to a PS4 can you add the cost of that on to it to?? kb+m is extremely cheap and hdmi is like £2 is not worth adding it, well might add like extra $15-20

      Sure you cant get same performance atm for $399 give it a cpl years and you might be surprised at how much more power will be going for a really low cost

    • bigshynepo

      I can’t see how my OP contains any PC or Console bias at all so I’m not sure why you are calling me out.
      That said, your comment reeks of PC insecurity.

      Gaming agnosticism for the win!

  • Psionicinversion

    looks like someones bin taking the steam survey a bit to seriously

  • Starman

    Everyone wants to challenge my opinion on what the DEV meant ,,,, Then plz tell me what a regular PC is …. VS a irregular PC then …
    What he’s claiming doesn’t make sense .
    You all are assuming I’m a “PC” guy , lol …I love my PC , as a tool , not a console for gaming …. difference is , I’m not delusional to think any console can out perform a PC , tho I still choose console gaming (XB1 my favorite , Wii U a far 2nd and PS4 my 3rd) ….
    The gamer’s (who only play on Sony platforms , if you want to call them gamer’s ???lol) No one can say anything is better or exchange facts with you all because you have no clue ….

  • Alan

    LOL, at saying “regular pc”. Okay then consolers, explain to me why Sony does not put the Folding at Home client on the PS4? I’ll tell you why, it’s because our PC’s would DESTROY it in PPD numbers, which would prove that the all the marketing crap that the PS4 is powerful is a lie! LOL, I get 155,000 PDD on my Intel I7-3930K CPU with AMD HD7970 video card, the PS4 would by lucky to get 48,000 PPD WITH OPTIMIZATIONS!!! They know how bad they are spanked by PC power!!!


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