Dev Praises Sony’s Move To Include GDDR5 RAM & Powerful GPU In PS4, Ensures No Compromise

‘We didn’t have to do almost any compromises for the game to run well and look great on PS4,’ says Dean Sekulic, programmer of The Talos Principle.

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Continuing our coverage of Croteam’s The Talos Principle, GamingBolt asked the game’s programmer Dean Sekulic about how hard was it porting the Serious Engine 4 to the PlayStation 4 and whether there were any compromises made since the console is a lesser platform compared to a high end PC.

“Porting was quite easy, I have to admit,”  Dean said to GamingBolt. “There were some hiccups here and there, but nothing serious. Looking from CPU side, graphics API has really very low overhead! From the GPU side of things, I like the fact that Sony opted for fast GDDR5 memory and quite powerful GPU. Putting this all together, no we didn’t have to do almost any compromises for the game to run well and look great on PS4.”

The Talos Principle is due for the PlayStation 4 and PC later this year. Stay tuned for more updates on The Talos Principle. Thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Psionicinversion

    Quite powerful GPU, oh f##k off… powerful compared to what? the 5TFLOP GPU’s that were at or the “powerful GPU” that are considered mid range and struggle to run titles that are going to get obliterated by the the low end offerings of nvidia and amd… these devs are full of sh#t

    • Michael Clanton

      yeah the gpu isnt powerful, the ram isnt nothing special if your a pc games, its just the i love sony time and nothing they do or say can be questioned.

    • Kumomeme

      quite powerful might be they mean powerful enough for they adding fancy effect and push their game visual
      dont mistaken..they didnt even said ‘very powerfull gpu’…if they said that obviously sounds wrong
      also doesnt easier get misunderstood by word ‘powerfull’..they trying explain things
      they might be indie devs…but alteast they more knowledgeble than wannabe gamers and immature pc master race
      they know what they do…its they job,they working for living
      atleast they making and selling games… had respect for them…surely they no need to be told like that…

    • Psionicinversion

      well its hardly powerful if its struggling to get 1080p on properly demanding games

    • demfax

      Those are launch multiplat issues. If PS4 is 7850 equivalent it should have no problem in the future.

    • Psionicinversion

      your wrong… it was fine for last gen but not powerful enough for the new generation of games. sure itll get 1080p but at the cost of reduced details and framerate which is the exact reason were getting big performance boosts with the new generation of hardware coming out. for example the 880 or 980 (rumour has it there skipping 8xx and going for 9xx to keep in line with mobile part naming) put the 880 well call it, 10-15% above 780Ti performance for about 780/original 780 pricing i think. this is why the consoles simply are not powerful enough.

      Take witcher 3 for example that might not hit 1080p at all. Sure they’ve got some of it running 1080p 30 but the whole game has to run at 1080p 30, if they cant do it then theyve got to drop resolution. If witcher 3 does that imagine Star Citizen like the M50 sure its only 100,000 polys but its got 12 layers of 4096×4096 textures i.e. proper 4K textures. you aint going see that on a console. Theyll be going for that level of detail across the whole game so it could run 60fps in space but go into a landing zone with all the extrememly detailed textures and could drop to 20… not good enough so got drop resolution.

      A dev has said its better to drop the resolution and keep the textures higher than to up the resolution and make the textures lower cus your just seeing lower quality textures clearer!

    • demfax

      You said 1080p, not “1080p with reduced framerate”. Of course it’s going to be 1080p 30 not 60.

    • demfax

      Quite powerful compared to most PCs.

    • Psionicinversion

      most old PC’s all the ones that will be sold around now to possibly 1 year or so ago will have hardware in much more powerful than the consoles. Even cyber powers starting steam box is technically more powerful with a 270x in

    • demfax

      Cyberpower’s starting $500 PC reportedly has a 270, which is a rebranded 7850. Although they haven’t actually launched it yet.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      I’m sure it was a 270x which is a 2.5TLOP GPU cus it won’t be that expensive especially when steamos is free. But it looks cool which is the main thing with consumers who don’t know about hardware. Looks pretty it’s all good

  • You are flat out wrong’s mom

    oh please armchair indie dev, you are making a puzzle game that looks like minecraft graphics, you could make that game run on last gen hardware. of course there was no compromise.

    killzone (24 player count compared to last gens 32 player count) 40fps 960i
    bf4 + hardline 50fps 900p (poor dev + broken game)
    watch dogs 900p 30fps (downgraded game)

    those are the games that really juice up the ps4 and they had to compromise, they are pretty poor developers themselves such as this puzzled indie dev, optimisation will be the key, and i think with the talented devs both xbox one & ps4 can hit 1080p no problem as we have already many out there. devs like bungie & the guys who made wolfenstien really know how to optimise games for next gen hardware.

    • Michael Norris

      Xone has more games running at 912p or lower than Ps4.The Ps4 isn’t powerful in Pc standards,but it is a well put together console.Those games you mention were made on developing API’s it’s not fair to say that those games are the bench mark for Ps4.I have heard trolling too hard can cause nausea,skin irritation,and loss of sight.

    • rodney patrick

      thats not trolling,thats telling the truth.but by being a sonyfanboy you are unable to tell the difference between trolling and the truth being told

    • You are flat out wrong’s mom

      i wasn’t trolling, i was just stating the obvious, i agree ps4 is easier to develop on since they can just chuck chunks of memory to the gddr5 memory, where as xbox one needs to ultilize esram properly, both consoles even xbox one can hit 1080p, eurogamer interview with metro redux devs and they stated are having problems with dx11 development tools for xbox one, dx12 is supposed to ease the process and help make it as simple as the ps4 for those armchair devs. they even state the xbox one’s gpu is sufficient enough for 1080p just the issue is esram & dev tools.

    • Gaikai

      As far as I know they also stated that PS4 is more powerful than xbox one

    • demfax

      PS4 version of Wolfenstein has higher average resolution and higher shadow quality over Xbox. The Xbox version lowers resolution down to 960×1080 to maintain 60 fps. The Xbox version of wolfenstein is 1080p if you’re staring at a wall or empty room. Otherwise it’s lower during actual gameplay.

      PS4 version of Destiny will have higher avg. framerate and/or better visual effects.

      Killzone: Shadowfall Multiplayer outputs a 1080p native image with no upscaling. Temporal reprojection is significantly more advanced than interlacing and no pixels are upscaled, so it’s not 1080i or a lower res upscaled to 1080.

      “In both SP and MP, KILLZONE SHADOW FALL outputs a full, unscaled 1080p image at up to 60 FPS. Native is often used to indicate images that are not scaled; it is native by that definition.

      In Multiplayer mode, however, we use a technique called “temporal reprojection,” which combines pixels and motion vectors from multiple lower-resolution frames to reconstruct a full 1080p image. If native means that every part of the pipeline is 1080p then this technique is not native.

      Games often employ different resolutions in different parts of their rendering pipeline. Most games render particles and ambient occlusion at a lower resolution, while some games even do all lighting at a lower resolution. This is generally still called native 1080p. The technique used in KILLZONE SHADOW FALL goes further and reconstructs half of the pixels from past frames.”

  • Gaikai

    It’s pretty simple really but fanboys just wont admit it, Computers are and will always be more powerful than consoles indeed but they also cost a lot more and most of the time games suffer from poor optimization because there are so many diferent type’s of computers out there with diferent configurations and OS’s, consoles on the other hand have the advantage of the optimization, for example a Xbox one game can run and look nearly as good as on a high end gaming pc if it’s optimized corectly even 4A the creators of metro stated in a recent interview”programming close to the metal will usually mean that we can get 2x performance gain over the equivalent PC spec” It’s not that hard to understand just like the fact that PS4 is more powerful than xbox one not by far I have to admit there is just a small diference and that won’t change no matter whatever MS does unless of course they relase a new console which just isn’t going to happen, just like I said it’s simple PC>PS4>XONE


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