Dev Talks PS4/Xbox One Backwards Compatibiliy, Microsoft Trying To Improve Brand Image

Agatha Christie dev would “love to see real full backward compatibility for every brand.”

Posted By | On 04th, Mar. 2016 Under News

Xbox One PS4

Backwards compatibility will continue to remain a major issue for all kinds of console fans, especially as the generations roll on. However, the approaches being taken are pretty different when you look at Sony, which introduced PS2 emulation on the PS4 months ago and also PlayStation Now for PS3 games, and Microsoft, which offers backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games as a free feature on the console.

GamingBolt spoke to Alexandre Migeon, project manager for Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders, for his take on the same. “Being gamers ourselves, we would love to see real full backward compatibility for every brand. Microsoft is trying hard to improve the brand image since the start of the Xbox One. Let’s hope backward compatibility will be soon available for most of the fantastic 360 games launched this last decade and that the hard work will be appreciated by gamers.”

What are your thoughts on backwards compatibility? Should it be a paid service or offered for free? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Starman

    Plz stop including Sony when speaking of ‘B.C.’ they’re STREAMING (using bandwidth) it’s why they’re charging you … lol Wake up fangirls….

  • miyamoto

    “Microsoft Trying To Improve Brand Image”….yeah right. Like I said before no amount damage control can salvage the Xbox brand because M$ is ruining it themselves. Everytime Greenturd and Phail open their mouths they incur the hate of gamers because they make things shadier and shadier by the minute.
    The trust rating of the Xbox brand is as negative as it can get.

    They haven’t yet admitted all the broken promises & lies they made to their loyalest fans.

    • kee1haul

      Xbox has a history of doing things first and taking risks. This one may just pay off.

    • Doggystyle

      “Xbox has a history of doing things first and taking risks.”

      Yeah, like releasing a known to be defective 360 console to get a one year head start on Sony.

    • kee1haul

      That’s just stupid. They spent over a billion dollars fixing that. Why would they have done that instead of spending a billion getting it right first time.

    • Doggystyle

      To get a one year head start on Sony. I kinda thought I explained that already. They spent billions on purchasing Mojang. They spent billions investing in Kinect and Hololens, just to eventually abandon them. Is this all news to you?

    • kee1haul

      They were also the first to include a built in modem, a hard drive, wireless controllers, online gaming, app store…..

    • Doggystyle

      Oh really? Yay?

      Like any of that has anything to do with my reply.

    • Truth™

      Wonder what happened to Wonderbook? 🙂

    • Kidd

      Man where do you read your news out of a magical portal Hololens isn’t abandoned? & Kinect has other purposes they use it for.

    • Truth™

      It’s funnier when Sonycucks try to pretend they aren’t the most toxic fanbase when everyone wants rid of them more than the xcucks.

      When Microshaft is gone. Sonycucks and the anti-consumer company they worship are next 🙂

    • Dotcum22

      Grow up salty kid

    • miyamoto


    • Truth™
    • miyamoto

      Really? Microsoft is on a rampage to destroy PC gaming and Steam with GFW10 & UWP and you can’t stop them.

    • Truth™

      We already won. UWP’s are sellable eveywhere and Sweeney said he misspoke on his own twitter along with not even knowing how they were packaged. Developers can stay on Win 32 if they want and have every option available to them.

      PC Gaming kept on winning and Sonycucks were so desperate to do anything at Microsoft they repeated it even though it was only a half truth because they never cared for PC gamers. They just wanted to cry at xcucks. Maybe if you gave a damn about PC gaming you would tell Sony to port Bloodborne.

      Really and truly pathetic. The reason Sonycucks are dead meat when the corses of xcucks are dragged out of the arena. .

    • Kidd

      If consoles die do you really think developers will take a chance with Pc? Anyway Microsoft & Sony not going anywhere you living in your own world of hate. Check yourselves into a facility that can watch you. You are a danger to yourself and others. All i want is to see the future of gaming and you fanboys think you control the market? Is your computer screen admitting radiation cause i bet you are all really decent people in reality. but you all are Misfortunate if you think there is going to be an end to a Billion dollar Company?

    • Albert

      You inbred trolls do not even try anymore.

    • Amycsnider1

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    • hubbajube

      Yeah i gave your friend 200 last night. I mught have some more if you want to come over tonight 😉

  • Doggystyle

    Microsoft lost the console war and is now trying to redefine console gaming. They are shifting from trying to destroy Sony’s domination of console gaming to trying to destroy Steam’s dominance on PC gaming. Microsoft is a sad corporation right now who is finally, and justifiably, being abandoned from smarter gaming communities. The Xbox 360 is sooooo long time ago.

  • efnet
    Lol haters gone hate and gamers gone game

  • Mr Xrat

    I remember when Xgimps hyped this crap up last year. Ended up being a busted flush. I wonder what rushed goodies MS will have for us this year? Maybe they’ll announce they’ll get a fanbase that isn’t completely toxic.

  • hubbajube

    Yeah microcrap aint doing a good job. They said they were listening to fan feedback, but i yet to see any of the top like 10 most requested games

    • Drew Pray (TheButterKnight)

      they have said that some of the top requested games such as skyrim will take more time due to “vastness of the game”.
      but this still doesnt say they are working on the top requested.

  • Kidd



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