Devs Feel Like Sh*t When They Deliver Games In Poor State, Dying Light To Push All Platforms: Techland

‘We make sure each platform is pushed to its limits,’ says Techland’s Maciej Binkowski.

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dying light

Recently, a lot of AAA games arrived broken at launch. 2014’s biggest games such as Watch_Dogs, Assassin’s Creed Unity, DriveClub and others were almost unplayable for certain players. In fact, the PC platform suffered the most with a lot of poorly optimized ports. It seems that certain developers have become lazy with the amount of processing power at offer. So how is Techland making sure that Dying Light won’t suffer from the same fate?

“I think it’s important to say that I’ve never met a lazy game developer. I’ve never met a person working on a video game that is happy with releasing a buggy or badly optimized game. Every time a game is delivered in a poor state the devs working on it feel like shit,” lead game designer Maciej Binkowski said to GamingBolt.

“Having that said – we treat all three platforms with same degree of importance. All versions of the game are developed in-house and we make sure each platform is pushed to its limits. We want our players to have a great experience no matter what platform they prefer,” he added.

Dying Light releases later this month on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • Guest

    To Gamingbolt, why don’t you find out some more info on the PS4. Like is it actually hUMA or not, how do the CPUs actually compare, (rather than a letting a bunch of fanboys make up sh*t). Is the PS4 GPU advantage real and not being used by 3rd parties or is it really there for nothing? Find out more about the PS4’s bus system (Onion, Garlic and Onion+). Does the X1 really have a better sound processor or is that juts more fanboy nonsense. Since doesn’t the PS4 have TrueAudio and isn’t that really what the X1 has plus SHAPE is really just for Kinect. What are their real bandwidth performance. And how about the GDDR5 latency, is that real or just more fanboy nonsense? And the list goes on. But you and other authors are in positions of asking these questions and getting the answers. Also, how the APIs really compare.

    • d0x360

      Well right off the bat I can tell you the ps4 uses its CPU for audio while the Xbox one has a dedicated audio processor so yes the Xbox is capable of better audio.

      Is the GPU advantage real? Yes but its not a significant advantage even if it seems so on paper. Most games on both consoles are going to end up being CPU bound anyways so that’s an issue for ps4. The x1 now has a faster CPU and more cores available to that CPU plus gddr5 is BAD for CPU tasks. For example assassins creed unity is CPU bound. It literally can’t run at a higher resolution on ps4 because the CPU can’t keep up. The small CPU advantage the Xbox has is why the Xbox version is less buggy and has a better frame rate.

      How can you say gddr5 latency is fanboy nonsense ROFL…do a Google search. Gddr5 is based on ddr3. In fact it is ddr3 with some tweaks. Those tweaks make it faster (good for graphics) but more adds latency (bad for AI, sound, physics etc, bad for any CPU based task).

      Nobody but developers can answer questions about bus performance and changes are they are under NDA which prevents them from doing so.

      How do APIs compare? That’s a question someone who doesn’t understand what api actually is would ask. You can’t compare api for 2 different devices that function in different ways. Api is not a set in stone piece of code. However if you want to know which console has more efficient api the answer is the Xbox for incredibly obvious reasons. Microsoft has been writing api for every piece of hardware in existence since 1993. Microsoft has more talented engineering teams and coders than Sony. Why? That’s all Microsoft does. Sony has a talented team no doubt but Sony can’t afford to have what a company like Microsoft has. They can’t afford to dedicate the resources. In fact is highly likely the ps4 is using api written by Microsoft at least in part. Why is that likely? Microsoft wrote the api for AMD, AMD licenses Microsoft technology in their GPUs and CPUs. By extention Sony licenses Microsoft technology in the ps4.

      Let’s drop the fanboy crap and accusations. If you want a specific question answered without bias then ask away. I could care less about what box my game runs on and anyone who frequents this site should know by now that I’m unbiased and not only do i love talking about technology but I actually know what I’m talking about. I’m more than happy to have a discussion provided the fanboy nonsense and argument is left on the floor. It doesn’t matter which box is more capable all that matters is the games. With that said ita still fun to talk tech and since I know some people I might be able.l to dig up some hard to find answers.

      I recommend, If you haven’t already seen them to watch the Ben heck videos where he takes all 3 modern consoles apart and shows you the internals and briefly talks about what they do. I also recommend reading some of the development docs on nvidias site and also browsing an code libraries you can find on msdn affiialted sites. Last but certainly not least visit scene sites aka modding sites. Browse hardware FAQs, hacking instructions, download any SDK files and documents. You can learn tons from them and use that knowledge to make highly educated guesses on other topics. Also be sure to look into virtual machines and hypervisors. Its important when talking about the Xbox one and potential future performance gains.

    • Guest

      “Well right off the bat I can tell you the ps4 uses its CPU for audio while the Xbox one has a dedicated audio processor so yes the Xbox is capable of better audio.”

      See this is what Im talking about, how can you say that with certainty when you really don’t know and are really just “guessing”, (here, correction just for the sake of making it sound better for you, but a “educated guess”). The TrueAudio isn’t built into the CPU, its built into the APU, its separate hardware. So how can you say for sure that its the CPU doing it? Now I know thatultimately its going to take some CPU cycles, but the same is true for the X1. And like I asked before isn’t SHAPE really more for Kinect than it is for actially game sounds? It certaintly didn’t seem to help with framerates (by taking a burden of the CPU) in the first 10-11 months of games.

      ” The x1 now has a faster CPU and more cores available to that CPU plus gddr5 is BAD for CPU tasks.”

      We do not know for a fact that the X1 CPU is faster, and you and all the other fanboys are assuming this based on things like the clock speed being 1.75 vs 1.6 and the PS4 CPU using GDDR5 instead of DDR3 (so supposedly has higher latency) (which btw, I don’t doubt but I don’t think matters to games) and the supposed 30GB bus on the X1 (vs a 20GB bus on the PS4.) But once again these are all assumptions being made by people who want it to be true. I know that GDDR5 has higher latency and isn’t considered ideal for a CPU in a traditional PC steup (separate CPU and GPU), but AMD, let me say this again, AMD themselves recommended using GDDR5 RAM for their APUs for much higher performance. Now why would they do that? Are they trying to hamstring their APU? And the difference was signicant. Are you telling me that you know more/better than AMD what works best for their APUs? Also, if latency is so important to CPUs in general, then why is it that every new DDR3 speed upgrade brings with it, wait for it, higher bandwidth (which is what GDDR5 is good for) while bringing higher the latency? Why is it that if latency was SO important to a CPU the industry instead is worried with upping the CPus bandwidth rather than lowering its latency?

      “The small CPU advantage the Xbox has is why the Xbox version is less buggy and has a better frame rate.”
      You do know that after the last update, that the X1 advanatage is practically gone right? I mean at best whats the X1 beating it by? 1, maybe up to 3 frames difference (if even) when they get bogged down. So where is this better CPU difference? Cuz its hardly noticeable.
      And just so you know, I’ve been known that GDDR5 is derived from DDR3, that’s old news and I know its known to have higher latency, but vastly higher bandwidth. But I know you would never buy a graphics card with DDR3 on it. Those are the bottom of the barrel cards. And game systems are primarily graphics/bandwidth concerned not latency.
      And I know a API is not set in stone, but to assume that MS has the better API simply because MS has been doing this longer is very simple minded in my opinion. Cuz things aren’t as simple as that. First of all you know that DX was considered crap for a long time, when did they finally becoming a good API? DX8-9? And why use a PC bloated API on a game system? (Yes, I know its stripped of all the non essential stuff). And devs were saying that the MS X1 API was crap at the beginning and that the PS4 API was very good. But my question is, how do they compare now?
      And don’t tell me to drop the fanboy crap then sit here and act like you’re not really a fanboy. I know you favor the X1, its obvious (to everybody but you I guess). So you don’t have to pretend with me. Altough I will give you this, you are a more sensible and rationale guy than the usual fanboy. And will try and correct MS fanboys every once in a while.
      As for your “recommendations”, I’ve seen the Ben Heck videos and there is nothing there to teach me sh it. Some of it are actually good advice while others are such bore. And I know about VMs I have a bunch of OS’es running on a few different ones, and if you’re gonna tell me that VM somehow contribute to performance. Then I don’t know what to tell you.

    • d0x360

      I have to get ready for work but I’ll come back and reply again later but I’ll touch on the audio real quick.

      The apu in the Xbox and ps4 are essentially identical. The only difference is the ps4 version has the beefier GPU. There is no dedicated audio built into a CPU ever, its just not functionally feasible. You can pull up patents to see the layout of the AMD apu but also the Ben heck video I referenced goes into detail about it.

      The same video shows there is no dedicated audio processor anywhere on the ps4. Now don’t assume that means it will create any major difference in quality or performance. Audio is very very cheap in terms of resources. The truth of the matter is neither really needs a dedicated audio chip so its anyone’s guess why exactly Microsoft included one.

      If you wanted to put it into a visual performance perspective we are talking about 1/4 a frame per second when running standard HD audio (Dolby/DTS). Now yes it does mean the Xbox could in theory use more channels and samples but at this point CPU based audio is so cheap you probably would never hear the difference. Its probably more likely the audio chip is being used mainly for the kinect in cooperation with the xbox’s additional ARM CPU.

    • Michael Norris

      You are so wrong about the audio used in Ps4.Just piss off and take your bias attitude with you.

    • Michael Norris

      The Audio is built into the APU you won’t see the it unless you Xray the APU.

    • Mike Scarborough

      man … that was freakin awesome! lol, thanks. You really seem to know what your talking about. I know for me, when I see someone start in with a bias attitude, I skip right over the rest of the comment. I love reading stuff like this. Thanks again.

    • Michael Norris

      You are wrong about Ps4 using a Cpu for it’s audio.

      Also GDDR5 isn’t a issue for CPU the latency is a non factor.Also you talk about frame rate yet when any game on Xone has huge amounts of alpha effects the frame rate drops case and point BF4/GTA5

      How about you take your false information away.

      This is where gaming is going CPU’s are holding back everything.

    • d0x360

      OK so the audio is being done on the GPU instead of the CPU. It still doesn’t have a dedicated audio chip it has an integrated audio chip on the GPU die. Thanks for the link. Its been well over a year since I looked at a pinout of amds soc designs.

      That doesn’t change the fact that a dedicated chip is still better. When you you combine a chip into another chips pipeline you are taking finite resources from one of them. The point still stands exactly the same except its GPU resources not CPU resources. No CPUs are not holding gaming back. Lazy developers not making proper use of multithreading is holding it back. No modern game engine maximizes CPU core use which is why Microsoft is creating direct x 12. Obviously.

      Gddr5 is bad for CPU tasks. Period. Do you see any PC using gddr5 for CPU tasks? No you dont and never will. Latency is bad for CPU tasks and gddr5 has higher latency than the ddr3 it is based on. Both are being replaced with ddr4 which is faster and has lower latency than gddr5. You can argue all day long that gddr5 is fine for a CPU but you are wrong its that simple.
      Xbox..why are you talking about Xbox alpha effects and frame rate? So far this discussion has been about the ps4 audio and CPU capabilities. Your leanings are showing and I said in the first post I will not partake in a fanboy bs flame war. So reign it in and be civil. Your post stinks of holier than though which is ironic to anyone who understands hardware.
      As for the initial post I haven’t had a chance to go through the rest yet I had a pipe burst last night so I’ve been fairly busy.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Look. Here’s a handy solution.

      Get a gaming PC and you will never ever have to worry about the under performance of a console again.

    • Xbox Fans Have No Integrity Or

      You are one sad and pathetic soul. PC gaming to me and everyone I know is nothing but headaches. Some of us prefer ease of use and sitting on a couch. And don’t go giving me this BIG PICTURE CRAP EITHER KID.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Pathetic is defending a company known for rootkits and creating DRM. You have no integrity and are nothing but a scumbag shill.

    • Michael Norris

      Pc gaming isn’t as easy as you pass it off to be.You can run into many issues,drivers,compatibility issues to name a few.Consoles have a reason,that reason is ease of use,so get off your Pc master race horse and understand why consoles are around.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Drivers and compatibility issues haven’t been an issue since AMD and Nvidia started offering auto-detection distribution programs that install latest versions of Direct X along with their own drivers and software suites. When you install a new Nvidia card, it automatically takes you to Nvidia’s site to download the package. PC gaming has been foolproof for years and your outdated concepts of what it is are laughable.

      Consoles used to be for ease of use and are around to take pennies off gullible fools who buy for a brand name than a proper product. At least the Wii U had the dignity to differentiate itself and offer excellent software than the APU twins.

    • Ricoh123

      Instead you get to worry about under optimised shoddy ports that don’t work properly.

      Turd games.

      Zero triple a exclusives.

      Which leaves all that hardware for nothing but rts, mmos, f2p and shovelware.

      The software on pc’s is, in general, trash.

    • Mike Scarborough

      seriously, what awesome questions. I totally agree.

  • d0x360

    The guys at techland must always feel terrible considering the quality of games they release. ZING!

    • Michael Norris

      Finally you say something that has to do with the article.

  • Mark

    “We make sure each platform is pushed to its limits”. Well, he is saying there’s no parity clause here with Dying Light, so I guess we’ll see the face-off. Same as Bioware with DA:I “we pushed every system to its max”. And there were fps and resolution differences there……not all studios are doing parity.


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