DICE Dev: Xbox One Isn’t As Powerful As PS4, DX12 Won’t Help Reduce Difference, Talks Development

Gameplay designer Alan Kertz talks about the disparity between both current gen consoles.

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Much has been made about the power differences between the Xbox One and PS4, and with Windows 10, there have been discussions about DirectX 12 possibly improving the visuals of Xbox One titles when it finally arrives on the console.

However, DICE gameplay designer Alan Kertz doesn’t quite believe that. Speaking on Twitter, Kertz said, “No amount of consumer trust can change that it’s just an inferior horse in the horsepower category.”

It’s not all about power though. Kertz further explained that, “But just like last gen, when enough exclusives pile up and the price drops it’ll be a worthy purchase.”

Kertz also said (after an initial typo) that, “As I meant to say: Xbone will always be behind the PS4 this generation because it isn’t as powerful. Stupid typo.”

Contrasting the current state of the Xbox One and PS4 with that of the Xbox 360 and PS3, Kertz said that, “The PS3 was more difficult to get power out of, but it wasn’t significantly less powerful. It took more investment.”

When asked if DirectX 12 could even the odds for Microsoft, Kertz said, “I don’t think so, it’s not going to be able to reduce overhead enough to make up the margin.”

That being said, with the rise of exclusives like Halo 5: Guardians, Kertz didn’t deny that the Xbox One had several things for it.

When told that devs would focus on the minimum configuration at the end of the day, Kertz replied that, “It’s not that simple. If you can push more on another system for the same dev cost, you will. And PC is the gold standard still.”

Kertz was also asked about Battlefield 4 and whether it ran better on PS4 versus Xbox One. “The frame rate and resolution is higher. That’s just a fact.” However, it is interesting to note how shooters using DICE’s Frostbite engine haven’t really increased their resolution since Battlefield 4 came out in 2013. Battlefield: Hardline used Frostbite and was still 900p on PS4 and 720p on Xbox One. Star Wars: Battlefront has a higher frame rate but still the same resolution.

Regardless, it’s interesting to see how a developer like DICE views both consoles in their current stage. What are your thoughts on the differences between both consoles, especially with DirectX 12 coming to Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Mike Hunt

    Xbots attacking a guy for speaking the truth.

  • Blue Angel

    Just because Sony is selling more PS4 that doesn’t’ means Sony is doing well…slow death to sony

  • XanderZane41

    DICE is clueless. They can’t even get a FPS to run on the PS4 at 1080P. lol!! Other developers have already done this since launch. They have obviously not worked with Microsoft on the XB1 or their FPS would already been 1080P on it. We’ll see what happens.

  • kentray1985

    Playstation fan boys are the worst, smh

  • Orion Pax


  • kee1haul

    LAUGHABLE that he slates the Xbox for lack of power, but has never actually achieved 1080p on ANY console. Clearly they arent good deveoplers. OTHER devs seem to manage.

  • Starman

    It’s funny how every article on dx12 has more comments from Sony fans than xbox. They’re so keen to put it down. What’s it matter if it’s not on your system?

    • dave69uk .

      It’s like the Cloud Technology – possibly a massive game changer when it comes to how we will play games in the future, but instead of looking at as a positive – it’s got to be hated on and destroyed.

  • kreator

    All I know is Sony wont have real AAA exclusives running in 1080p 60fps no time soon! It’s going to take at least the end of this gen to do so.

  • cob

    And I’m over here getting annoyed when my fps drops below 100. Sucks to be a peasant I guess.

  • Mats Leven

    xbox 720p lol

  • Guest

    So there you have a guy in the know telling you that the PS4 is more powerful, with or without DX12. So if you XClowns wanna keep arguing otherwise, then you are only going to make yourselves look stupid.

  • Adrian Salvador

    Oh boy just looking at these comments…

  • Jake

    D.I.C.E can’t even keep hackers off their games at release, I doubt they can utilize the ESRAM as it was intended. I mean lets get serious here, BF4 and Hardline are hacked, on every platform. D.I.C.E. would be better off spending their time to combat this and create a new engine, than to post tweets on how bad a console sucks.

  • hvd hvd

    the problem is DICE.that frostbite engine.other game can hit 1080p/60 being forsa and halo 5,and cod aw was 1080p/60.the issue is the developer.battlefield hardline couldnt hit 1080p on the ps4.i stopped playing dice games even on pc a long time ago.

    the issue is the developer.they are the olny developer that cant seam to hit 1080p or even 900p on the xbox one.while every other one can hit at least 900p or 1080p.the issue isnt the console.

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