DICE Devs On PS4 Pro: Proper Checkerboard Implementation Is Complex, EQAA Can Bring Great Savings

DICE’s recent games such as Star Wars Battlefront won’t be able to use this technique due to complexity and time factors.

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A lot has been said about the PlayStation 4 Pro and the custom technique developers can use to achieve “4K” resolution. The technique is called checkerboard rendering and its has been used in several PlayStation 4 games such as the recently released Horizon Zero Dawn to achieve a 2160p checkerboard resolution. To make it simple to understand, checkerboard 4K resolution isn’t native 4K resolution. It’s a process of using a complex pixel algorithm to generate an image that resembles a 4K image buffer but in reality it isn’t. However it’s isn’t a mere upscale either.

Johan Andersson who looks after the FrostBite engine at DICE shared his thoughts on using checkerboard rendering on the PS4 Pro. When asked whether already released games like Star Wars Battlefront can employ this technique, he stated that method will be too “complex” and “time consuming” for older titles. He thinks that most games or engines that use this technique will use “EQAA Depth Resolve” optimization technique (possibly as an alternative). For those who are unaware, EQAA allows better smoothing of edges at a lesser performance budget (you can consider it as an optimized version of MSAA).

Graham Wihlidal‏, senior rendering engineer at Frostbite who is looking after the above mentioned solution also shared his thoughts on checkerboard rendeirng. He stated that implementing a proper checkerboard technique is far more complex than a bad implementation. This falls in line with what some of the developers have stated to GamingBolt in the past.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Luke Skywalker

    makes sense. inline with what other devs have said about checkerboard.


    Checkerboard rendering is the 900p of the 4K era lol

    • Mr Xrat

      You only wish, Kirk.

    • Luke Skywalker


    • LifeOnMars

      Scorpio will use checkerboard rendering.

    • It will be up to the devs that decide this but it’s more complex then just rendering to native 4K! Which it’s been stated that Scorpio will be getting PC assets of some titles! So if a dev renders using this checkerboard method they’re actually giving themselves more work to do so! Lol

      Scorpio will be simple as developing on PC with tools that are provided then simply optimizing for said console using UWP which to some devs have stated it took a single day to do! Lol

    • Barry Harden

      Unfortunately the Scorpio just doesn’t have the horsepower to do native 4K@60fps for high fidelity games. Even PC’s that can do it need >10TF from a graphics card. The only type of games the Scorpio can do native 4K@60fps are less graphically complex titles like Borderlands or Minecraft.

  • Thiago


    • C. Hoffer

      Its not the rendering that is the problem with older games….it’s the shortcuts and non-standard tweaks made to the game engine that are not forward compatible.

  • Eddie Battikha

    Checkboard rendering will be used for BattleFront 2 that’s all I care about.

    • So you’re happy with 1440p or maybe 1800p? Because that’s all checkerboard is with a method that adds pixels to the screen to give it the appearance it’s 2160p when actually it isn’t! Lol

    • C. Hoffer

      The vast majority of the PC population still uses 720p & 1080p resolutions. Xbox One users are 1600x900p, PS4 are mostly 1080p.
      And you’re telling him that 1440p & 1800p are just not good enough…LOL
      Checkerboard 4K will be good enough for consoles. The Elite PC users (<10%) will be running solid 4K on the same games (if they are released in both console and PC formats…..so who cares?!?!?!

    • Eddie Battikha

      I’ll be happy with any upgrade, games look awesome and sharp on my PS4 Pro and LGB6. When you got the money, u got the power. KFC is hiring go apply.

  • Mr Xrat

    That’s proper engineering against the slap-dash job the Xbone was. Xgimps ruined again.

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    • And then MS created a thing called UWP which enables devs to develop a title on 1 platform ie PC then simply have it run on any other UWP platform with ease! So scorio and it’s native 4K@60fps is totally half assed like the PS4 Pro’s checkerboard lazy method which takes more time and more complex to develop! Good on ya! Sony fanboys are on crack!

    • Sacha Salvatore Morgese

      Oh god, you are going to be SO disappointed. The only cards able to do 4K@60FPS with good details have 9 TFlops or more. Native 4K with decent framerate with 6TFlops is going to be hard. Games might end up look better on PS4 pro, even though it’s not native 4K. Mark my words.

    • Mr Xrat

      A shame your precious DX12 2.0 isn’t going to magically make that hardware run actual textures at 4K/60, except for maybe those garbage MS Studios games with the 2007 textures.

  • Triton

    Does this mean PS4 Pro version will be downgraded and drag down res on Scorpio version to fake 4K also? Or will Scorpio version run true 4K like the PC version?

    • Scorpio will have the full PC versions 4K@30/60fps also depending on devs which isn’t MS fault what the devs do! What some people seem to forget!

    • Mr Xrat

      No, it’s mean the Shitpio will be forever hobbled by the Xbone.

  • C. Hoffer

    Translation for those unable to understand the article….
    The Frostbite engine used in older games (Battlefront) does not lend itself to an easy implementation of the checkerboard 4k process recommended for the Pro.
    The newer Frostbite engine has been optimized such that any future games may include that process with little impact to development and would only require tweaking for maximum effect.
    Note: That other game engines may not have the same difficulties in updating older games with the checkerboard process as their game engines handle graphics differently.
    ’nuff said

  • TheNorthFace

    so its 4ki? (like 1080i) LOL

  • TheNorthFace

    i think these fangirls need to learn that ps pro is a weak pile of interlacing junk


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