DiRT Rally Xbox One’s Resolution Has Been Improved From 900p To 1080p, No Plans For DX12 PC Version

“I’m delighted that we have managed to achieve it,” says Codemasters’ Paul Coleman.

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Dirt Rally 2

Codemasters’ DiRT Rally was one of the best racing games of 2015. The game boasts impressive visuals along with in-depth modes that will appeal to every racing fan. Now Codemasters are bringing the game to the PS4 and Xbox One version this April. GamingBolt recently interviewed Paul Coleman, Chief Games Designer at Codemasters and asked him how the console versions are shaping up.

We already know that the game is running at a native 1080p resolution on the PlayStation 4, however Codemasters were facing issues with the Xbox One version. But Paul confirmed to GamingBolt that they have finally achieved 1080p resolution on the Xbox One with a dynamic cap which will be used only during rare circumstances.

“Actually, I can confidently say that the game runs 1080p 60fps on Xbox One but we do have the dynamic system in place for the very rare circumstances that it needs it just to ensure that the framerate remains at a consistent 60. It’s something we always wanted and although it has been a challenge I’m delighted that we have managed to achieve it.”

We also asked him whether there are any plans to release a DX12 update for the PC version. Unfortunately, it seems that the development team has no current plans for it.

DiRT Rally launches on the PS4 and Xbox One next month. Stay tuned for our full interview with Coleman soon.

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  • Guest

    First of all its a dynamic resolution meaning it can drop and it doesn’t matter that they are saying that its a rare occasion. All devs make phony claims like this, like their framerates are better than they really are. And 2.) they probably went in and soent all this time trying to process less to be able to fit this in. But why? When MS fanboys claim to not care about res. We’ll see were the sacrifices were made when it comes out.

    • This Guy

      When the res is 900 and above it is hard to tell the difference. 900p is a good res and personally would be happy with it. Then again I think dynamic res is a great graphical trick to ensure a solid frame rate.

    • JC

      Dynamic Res is basically tiled resources. the stuff in your primary FOV being 1080 and the periphery/distrance being less, just like the real world.

  • andy

    Great to hear this. When Xbone can hit 1080p on a game it always points to the fact that if Xbone can do that then there is lots more room for improvement in the graphics dept. Imagine what a Codemaster game would look like this gen when the game has to be dropped to the standard Xbone 900p res.

    • Mark

      To be factual, 900p isn’t the standard on the “Xbone” lol. 1080p is…

  • Katana Man

    Microsoft trying to dispel the rumours that xbox is being canned next year.
    Microsoft is closing down xbox game making studios at the moment.
    The division and forza are coming to pc from xbone.
    We have project cars on pc and this xbone game is a Nintendo snes game in comparison.


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