DLC character, Jill Valentine, already hacked into MvC3

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Jill Valentine was announced as a forthcoming DLC character for Capcom’s recent fighter Marvel vs Capcom 3. Yet it would seem that the code for an incomplete Jill is on the game disc and some crafty gamers have already hacked her into the game and given us some tasty footage of the zombie slaying goddess in action seen above.

Thanks to Destructoid for the info.

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  • aquaman22

    To those of you stating that hacking should be allowed to the consoles we purchased, here’s the reason why you should NOT be allowed. Game’s been out 6 DAYS! and already someone’s figured out how to hack its future DLC (MONEY that’s SUPPOSE to go to the people who work hard on this game!) that’s my biggest problem with this bullshh. Aqua Out!!!

  • Thatruth86

    lmao why UMAD !! How big their roster now sheeshhh .. so its incomplete version i wonder what the complete one is going to be like ..

  • aquaman22

    @truth, now you’re just being ignorant. You know very well if you’re the one busting your ass day and night for 2 years, you would NEVER want this kind of shit to happen. This is money that they’re losing on, how do you guys not see that? That’s mind boggling, that you think this is okay to do. well whatever, it’s your opinion i guess, I stand by mine, and I think it’s wrong. Aqua Out!!!

  • Thatruth86

    stop complaining fool thats all you doing let them handle that situation im sure they know what do.. lmao @ calling me ignorant your a funny kidd U stay Mad.. see yes its opinion so stop whining .. jill looks like she’ll kick ass hopefully they make some changes to her moves..

    • aquaman22

      I think i’m the only one in this contest making relevant points about what articles are going up to begin with, and this IS an issue that needs to be dealt with. I’m a gamer, and the last thing i want to see fade out is the making of great games because douche bags who are working the system. So its not about complaining “kidd” its about saying and setting what’s right from wrong. So if you want to be CLOSED minded about this type of issue than be my guest. For now, I’m a do me, and state what i feel (as long as it’s relevant to the article), because this is what this contest is about. if you don’t like it, then don’t reply to me no one is forcing your hand lmao! Aqua Out!!!

  • Thatruth86

    Yea your the only one alright buddy stop it …lmao omg ur funny .. n stop keep bringing up the contest bc we all know its still going on … End of discussion..

  • MindCandy999

    Serves them right. I hate when devs or pubs charge you for an unlock code for content that was actually included with the game. There’s no reason they couldn’t have made Jill playable at launch. I hope this happens more often until they stop ripping us off.

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