Do We Need A PS4? Crysis 2 PS3 vs PC DX 11 Comparison

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According to SCEE Boss Andrew House, the PlayStation 4 is not going to launch anytime soon, which made us wonder whether we really need a next generation console at this time. Sony have made it clear several times that they are targeting a solid 10 years for the PlayStation 3. We are in to the fifth year of the PS3 and developers have started mentioning the fact that the current generation has already reached its technical limitations.
With modern gaming PC’s already providing more options to the developers in terms of making games at higher resolutions, better frame rates and a host of other features, is it time that Sony should target for a PS4 launch in 2012? In order to get an answer we compared some screens from DX 11 version of Crysis 2 and some direct feed screens from the PS3 version. The results and the differences are astonishing.

Note: Please use the back-next button to navigate through the images. Apologies for our ancient gallery system, the new one will be better. The images above are from the PC DX 11 version and the ones below are from the PS3 version.



The screens above clearly indicate at how much the current generation of consoles are lacking compared to a modern gaming PC. We really hope  that Sony launches or atleast reveals PlayStation 4 sometime in 2012.
What are your thoughts? Do you think that Sony should launch the PS4 soon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • im glad i sold my ps3 1 week after gt5 release, cause that was THE game i awaited for 5 years and it totally failledmy expectations. Crysis 2 or any one other will look and play better on hi-end pc and even a medium config is capable of being on par with ps3 or 360.
    my graphics card (gtx 580) has more power alone then ps3+360+200 wii alltogether!!!!, not to mention my i7 at 4.5 ghz. seeya next gen maybe??
    cause even a ps4 or a 720 wont match a gamer pc. Evolution on the pc market is unstoppable. kiss

    • As lovely as PC graphics power is… We still dont get a great variety of games on our machines. Yes we get the top FPS, Strategy games. A few good Racing games as well and a few RPG’s as well, but we still lack variety though. I would LOVE to see a racing game like Forza on PC or Lost Odyssey. Im a PC gamer and just enjoy playing games on my pc, but i would love a wider variety of games that interest me that would make more use of the power we have available. Other than that PC graphics will always be tops regardless.

  • Nooooooooooo. They don’t need to launch a new console(PS4) until ’14.
    The PS3 games coming 1-2 years from now will look just as good. The PS3 has a lot of power left but the developers have to find out how to use it all.

    Microsoft and Nintendo are the ones who need a console soon, 2012 at the latest. The Wii needed to be replaced years ago. And no I didn’t forget about the Wii U. IT’S A JOKE! How do they expect that to compete with the next generation. Nintendo will need a new , new console to compete. I don’t see any reason why the next generation consoles wouldn’t be able to compete with PC gaming.

  • I don’t see the fuzz. Since gameplay is more important than graphics and money is even more important than gameplay, I can smell the opportunity for game developers to improve gameplay over graphics on consoles, if the graphics part cannot be improved anymore, but still is good enough, And a real hardcore gamer does care about the total package.

    These PS3 screens don’t suck, they’re just less beautifull. If people really care about the looks so much, than buy that PC and everything with it. If you own a console you will find your gems there. In the end you play games, not machines.

  • The difference in these images is not that great, the “next-gen” is not going to be a massive leap in power or graphics. The Wii U levels the power playing field, as far as consoles go, but no console is ever going to compete with a high-end PC.

    Better graphics? Emperors new clothes.

  • Played U2 again almost 2 years after launch and it still puts most games out there to shame and the beauty of it all is that even if the game didnt look as good as it did it still would have been a brilliant game, something that Crytek can take to heart because Crysis 2 looks good even on console but is an average game at best. Crysis 2 is multiplat, why not compare it to a game like KZ3.

  • Not really convinced by the images above. Oh, the PC ones look better, but really, if you want the opportunity for cutting edge visuals all the time you buy a PC. If you want to conveniently play games on a giant HDTV and not mess with occasional compatibility issues you get a console.

    The argument that we might need to move on to the next gen consoles just because a PC game looks better is ridiculous. When the 360 and PS3 came out, their graphics processors were already behind current PC cards. Ditto for every console released since the late 90s.

    Personally, I like consoles more because they force programmers to improve their code and engine efficiencies to make the games better instead of just pushing sloppy, bloated code for PC and hoping that the gamer has an updated graphics card that can crunch all the numbers to make it look great.

    I guess I’m tired of the following two arguments: “Game consoles should move to next gen to keep up with PC graphics” and “Consoles are killing PC gaming” There is room for both PC gaming and consoles.

  • I strongly disagree because 90% game studios hasn’t even come close to completely exhausting out the playstation 3’s hardware itself let alone ways to use playstation move & stereoscopic 3D with playstation vita launching soon. Also it takes money to make money & 90% of game studios do not have a enough funding for next gen projects because most of their budget is invested on several game projects this gen & need to financially recover before they can fund newer projects.Also there is no reason for the majority of gamers to rush into next gen because theres enough diversity of quality games & content to last this gen until at least until late 2014.

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  • ARchar

    LOL – $1000 for a decent PC for higher resolution water effects or reflections vs $250 for a PS3 – yeah – it is a no brainer for me… the PS3 – games are intended for FUN, you know…

  • ARchar

    LOL – $1000 for a decent PC for higher resolution water effects or reflections vs $250 for a PS3 – yeah – it is a no brainer for me… the PS3 – games are intended for FUN, you know…

    I have consoles, and PCs, but prefer to play on the consoles on the projector (the PC as well), but consoles for me!

  • guest

    yes the pc images look really good, but I guarantee that if I play the same game on my ps3 that I would have just as much fun while at the same time be loving the visuals and graphics the ps3 can throw out, just as I did with my uncharted 2 & 3, mwf, killzone 2 & 3, cod and metal gear solid, they were all fun and looked great to me. I would not pay £700 more for a system just for games to look a little bit better, I’ve had fun on my £250 game machine….thanks

  • litearc

    it’s hard to tell which screen is from what – they look very similar in quality. i think graphics are getting to the point where it’s hard to differentiate the next gen from the current.


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