Don’t Believe Xbox One X Pre-Order Reports, Says Michael Pachter

There is more context to those reports than people are gathering.

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The Xbox One X is allegedly the fastest pre-ordered Xbox system ever- and as per another report, it is already outselling the PS4 Pro for the entire year this year too on Amazon (at least in the US and UK). This is good news all around for Xbox- given that Xbox hasn’t been having the best time of things of late on the sales front.

However, Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pacther, speaking on his YouTube show (via NeoGAF), has said that the numbers are not necessarily as positive as they seem. “Xbox One X is ranked on Amazon in the pre-orders a year to date, last I looked number 66,” Pachter said. “I believe the NES Classic was at number 23. It sold 2.3 million units lifetime, and you know that the bulk of those units were sold last year, so this year maybe a million, so if Xbox One X is ranked 48th bellow that, it’s not even close to a million, and of course the Amazon allocation is probably five or ten thousand units, so don’t fall for the bullshit that comes out of Windows Central that tells you that this is the fastest pre-ordered console and Xbox history. They only have a couple. The original Xbox didn’t have big pre-orders. The Xbox 360, maybe, but honestly, who was pre-ordering consoles back then, so of course this is the most pre-ordered.”

Now, a few things- Pachter’s words were harsh, and he has since apologized on Twitter for inadvertently antagonizing Windows Central, stating that he has no problems with their report itself, but from the conclusion people are drawing from it, especially out of context. The other thing is, Pachter’s final remarks are true- the original Xbox didn’t have big pre-orders and didn’t sell well, the Xbox One didn’t have good pre-orders, and the Xbox 360, while hugely successful, was a slow starter, with sales picking up after Gears of War launched in 2006. So Xbox One X being the fastest pre-ordered Xbox system is, while impressive, also something you would almost expect by default.

Let us hope the final system gets the kinds of sales people project from these early reports, however.

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  • Rafoca

    More like “don’t believe Pachter” lol this guy is always in the headlines and since last gen I don’t understand why. He is wrong so many times. Also, a known MS hater

  • J. Locanas

    Anyone else notice how Pramath has rearranged the comments instead of by timestamp to now have Dafuq Iswrong’s PS4 biased comment first, lolol. The desperation of Pramath…

    • Mark


  • MickaelSuarez

    angry/jealous, is there any reason ?

    • Smart guy

      Specifically? Lol everything

    • MickaelSuarez

      “Specifically? Lol everything”
      Not so smart finally…

  • J. Locanas

    he’s an idiot – read his other comment to me above this one. He’s already contradicted himself saying 238K were from Amazon only and then says they are from 2016 total in this post.

    In fact, they are launch month only according to NPD via PSLifeStyle.

  • GUN®

    Faux K?

    You mean like X1X’s version of AC: Origins which is using checkerboard to hit 4k? Like a PS4 Pro?

    • J. Locanas

      Actually **the AC:O engine** uses dynamic scaling first, and then if it doesn’t reach 4K like the PS4Pro then it uses checkerboard. The X has plenty of power to handle 4K native per the game’s director so it won’t be needing the 2nd pass of checkerboard. Google it.

  • lonnie

    I could care less if it’s the fastest seller or not. I also could care less if some people don’t like xbox. I happen to have an Xbox one and a PS4 and I love them both equally . All I care about is will i have fun playing games on an Xbox one X and the answer is yes.

    • J. Locanas

      Ditto! Own an X, PS4, and a Switch.

    • lonnie

      Never understood the console war thing. All of them play games , just enjoy them. Why does everyone have to fight over which is best, chill and enjoy what you have and respect each other.

    • J. Locanas

      I don’t understand the level of hatred shown by PS4 owners this gen. Some people say it was like this back during the 360/PS3 era also, but I remember it very differently, even if I wasn’t online as much. But yeah, it’s scathing. I have 3 pages of blocks on Disqus for toxic people.

  • chuckyj

    Was #1 fell to #66.. When no more were left to pre-order remember this was just the limited edition Scorpio Edition. When the regular launch consoles go to pre-order later this month/early next month Xbox One X will go back to #1.

  • andrewsqual

    Lol I don’t believe and neither should anybody. Microsoft made a big deal about Xbone preorders back in 2013. They said that the Day One Edition sold out in less than 2 weeks. You could still pick one up in February 2014 easily.
    They even had to confirm to us that the standard Xbone has ceased production since 13 months ago. Because really, how would we have known considering the fact you can STILL pick up a standard Xbone console, brand new, in some stores, even with some heavy discounts and bundles.

  • Dean M Yates

    Lol…lets was your E3 2017? Many new titles there PMSL. A simple reboot of E3 2016 with the same games. Dont blag me pal… Sony was a let down at E3!


      E3? really? how good was your timed exclusive indies reel? what AAA was announced? NONE! and a few months later the “big” exclusive crapdown was delayed AGAIN!

      And how about your gamescom?

      your future in exclusives looks pathetic and your present is..has been dry for months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      now ps4 on the other hand…

    • Dean M Yates

      Lol… You do know us Xbox gamers havent bought a gems in probually 6 months…we gave up on 1080p games yonks ago…You keep on buying your old skool 1080p games ..rather you than me. sod that era…jump ship while you can lol. Now lets see how many of those games are on your console? Come on…lets av it? Scared lol.

    • Dean M Yates

      People like you make me chuckle.. lets see your PS PLUS account & what games are on there….I bet the majority is MULTIPLATS. Scarred are we?

    • lol you listed timed exclusives on the Ps4 side, as well as games already on the Xbox One. also, didnt even bother posting any of the Xbox One exclusives, save for HW2. …???


      LOL how come you dont dare to name them? I challenge you to say which ones of those are on the xbone already!

      Cause, smarty pants, there are no other xbone exclusives good enough to score 80 or higher! not even HW2, this one here is only the re release of the 1st halo wars! Its the same reason i didnt put ps4 exclusives like tales of berseria, childrens of zodiac or everybodys golf.

      but you made me realize that the chart wasnt up to date, now there are three more ps4 exclusives, now I have updated it!

      Thank you!

    • because you wont accept my answer and want to argue further, making excuses. but okay. Puyo Puyo Tetris is on the Xbox One already. Games like Nier are on PC…
      use a wiki.


      Oh, OK you have a point there I’ll remove it from the list! So there’s 25 games scoring 80 or more on ps4 and not on xbone vs just one.

      Now, don’t you even start with the “also on pc” cause if we do that, the xbone list since last year goes and remains in a perfect ZERO. get it?

      Either way it’s a demolishing comparison!

    • just pointing out you are being ridiculous and posting untrue facts. and not sure what your point is.


      Oh! untrue facts? Puyo puyo tetris was not on xbone when I made the chart, so it wasnt untrue when I made it.

      But you, you knew that ONLY that one game was on xbone yet what did you say?

      “games already on the Xbox One”…gameS! Trying to make it look like they were many, only when I forced you to say which ones where you admitted it was ONLY ONE!

      So Yours was a deliberate lie! And that’s the point of the chart, to show the real difference between the quality and quantity of the exclusives of the two systems si that liars like you can’t minimize it with untrue facts.

    • I pointed out where and how you posted something untrue… and therefore I’m the liar?? You’re all over the place, dude. Your last reply was pretty much “umm… uhh… uhhh… well you got me there, but…” then you threw in some insults and quips. Now, you are full blown mad


      Ah there you are lying AGAIN! I admitted immediately that the game was on xbone. I put it in only cause at the time it wasn’t released on the xbone.

      You only pointed the game I had wrong only after I asked you to do it, cause you lied saying they were MORE THAN ONE! Which, turned out to be a lie.

      So yeah, unless you can explain why you said games when it was only one I call that a lie not a mistake.

      And the exclusive advantage of the ps4 still remains regardless of all your whining.

    • chill out. nobody was lying. youre just some kid that posted a dumb list you saw on the internet without actually checking it first, lol. i tried to be polite and tell you the list isnt accurrate and you want to flame instead. well, flame on. goodbye.


      I’m chill and you are wrong! I made the list, and the list was correct, puyo puyo tetris was and will never be released on xbone outside of Japan,

      SO yeah, that games exist for xbone in just one country in the world! So I didn’t lie!

      YOU DID! There’s nothing polite about saying games in plural when it’s only one!

      The fact that you call dumb a list that it’s factually correct only shows you are a buthurt fanboy! And for good reason, the xbone lineup truly sucks!

      But that’s not my or the list’s fault!

  • Dean M Yates

    LOl… here he is again..EXCLUSIVES coming from the one that has a library full of MULTIPLATS…give it a rest you pillock!

  • Dean M Yates

    No words for you…warped mind…sucked into the relmes of the PS fan boyism..a sheep led to its slaughter…no mind of your own…carry on about your so called EXCLUSIVES you dont play lol.

  • Dean M Yates

    You are a lost cause….prob still living at home with mummy & daddy….time to end my correspondence with you. You sound like a 10 year old lol.

  • Dean M Yates

    Not corresponding to you anymore…you are a loss cause, a child still living at home..think you need to get to bed before mummy catches you talking rubbish.

  • Foozi

    Anyone who thinks MS is going to ship more than 2 million units at launch is a complete idiot.


    @THE4point2TFLOPweakness:disqus Oh ! that did it? LOL

    You are just another:


    lol you have been owned cause the present is: 26 to ONE LMAO

    EAT THAT mr. oceloserforgothismeds


    With no console and no games? You can’t even touch me x bot!


  • thomas28

    I dont know about the particular but XBOX is one of the best consols , for me is the top gaming console has many advantages.

  • Rich Scales


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