DriveClub Drafting Behaviour To Be Updated, More Custom Liveries Might Be Incoming

More updates incoming.

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Given the number of updates that DriveClub has received since its disastrous launch back in October, it makes us wonder whether this game was shipped in a finished state. Regardless, Evolution Studios have made steady progress with DriveClub making it one of the best racers available on the PlayStation 4.

Evolution Studios are not done with making the game better as a number of updates are due soon. For users who are facing issues due to vehicle’s drafting in the game’s Semi-Pro Cup, Evolution Studios’ Game Director Paul Rustchynsky has confirmed on NeoGaf that drafting behaviour will be updated this month. When that update will come is unknown at this point.

Furthermore, for users who are not happy with only 4 custom liveries or the lack of deeper color customization, Paul has confirmed that they are looking into this matter. Hopefully they will be able to provide users with more options.

On a related note, DriveClub won our Best Graphics Award of 2014. You can read about it here and if you are interested in checking out our entire Game of the Year Awards of 2014 then check this out.

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  • Guest

    Disastrous launch? Why because you couldn’t go online for about a week or two? Gamers nowadays are the whiniest people on the face of the earth. But if you wanna talk about “disastrous”, let’s talk about this website and its obvious pathetic attempts at click bait

    • rodney patrick

      you the only one here whining,the game was rushed out it’sodvious it was not ready even after a year delay,so what do this all mean……the game sucks deal with it

    • jayflow

      Have you played or own the game to know it sucks?

    • Starman

      I have…..and yes , it sucks .

    • jayflow

      Yeah right. As much as you dog out every Sony game…I doubt it! You’re a true MS corporate slave.

    • sampson3121

      said the idi0t

    • bardock5151

      It was longer than a week or two. Closer to a month and a half before you could actually play the package, as it was advertised. Even then the weather just got patched in, and still no PS+ edition, they promised them both. All this after a year long delay, and a supposed “Forza killer”.

      The launch was disastrous.

    • Steven Johnson

      Why are we still bringing up the launch issues? Forget it, move on… Driveclub is an awesome game now, Evolution are very active on Facebook, updating fans about upcoming updates…. let’s talk about that for once.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      And that excuses them shipping an unfinished and broken product, how?

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      You are missing calling people “Entitled” for expecting a game to work out of the box, marketer.

  • Michael White

    This was definitely released in an unfinished state, no 2 ways about it

    And while I like the game (kinda sorta) it basically lives because of the graphics

    I dare say if it didn’t look this good NO ONE would still be playing


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