DriveClub Engine to Keep Evolving, Right to End of PS4’s Life Cycle – Evolution Studios

Art director Alex Perkins hopes to eventually go beyond the track confines of the game’s engine.

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51. Driveclub 4

Evolution Studios’ DriveClub is now firmly out of the judgemental pit stop that delaying the game put it in and is looking better than ever for its release on the PlayStation 4. Even though the “more polish required” agenda is a given for delayed title, DriveClub’s engine looks visibly enhanced from last year. Art director Alex Perkins spoke to Tech Radar about the same and believes that it will keep going till the end of the console’s life cycle.

“For Driveclub it does a good job. By the end of the PS4 life cycle it’s going to do a brilliant job. We’re just going to keep evolving it. That’s the whole point of this engine. We’re not going to drop it down and change it for a different game. It’s just going to keep evolving.”

There may even be a day where you go beyond the track’s confines and explore the environments up close. “As the engine ever evolves, there’s no reason we can’t start opening this stuff up.”

DriveClub will be out on October 7th in North America and October 8th in Europe.

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