DX12 Running In Excess Of 100fps On An Unreleased GPU, “Way beyond Console Stuff”

Good news for players who own multi GPU PCs.

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Brad Wardell, the CEO of Stardock, has been using Twitter to send out some neat details recently, particularly pertaining to DX12. He has said that when running a comparison between a DX11 and DX12 GPU, there was a difference of more than 100fps.

Whilst the GPU in question wasn’t named, the tweet reads, “Did a test of DirectX 11 vs. DirectX 12 on an unreleased GPU with an 8 core CPU. DX11: 13fps, DX12: 120fps. Lighting and lens effects.” One player, who proudly calls himself an Xbox One gamer, tweeted at Wardell asking if this was close to the Xbox One Specs. Wardell of course responded, “No. This is way beyond console stuff.”

While we’re not sure of the specific setup being used by Wardell, One problem that gamers who make use of multiple GPU’s often run into is having their multiple GPUs is recognised as one single setup, speaking on the matter in response to a question, Wardell says, “One thing it does is make it easy to treat multiple GPUs as a single entity.” Good news for hardcore PC gamers with big rigs.


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  • TheAdjustmentBureau

    Good for PC gamers!!! I prefer to build my own PC, but Directx 12 seems to be pulling through for some great stuff.

  • red2k

    That GPU was tough for DX12 and you see the massmassive improvement. At the same time you can see the dramatic disaster in the perperformance generated by DX11 particulparticularly on a next gen GPU. Xbox One can be a similar case because we already know Xbox One was created for DX12 as Phill Spencer said. That doesn’t mean the Xbox will be able to deliver a game at 120fps but means the Xbox hardware is suffering big limitations using DX11 proprobably more than modern architecture.

    • d0x360

      The limitations imposed on the xbox are most games are simple dx11 ports. The same holds true for ps4. The benefit of pc games switching to dx12 code bases is those improvements are now built into the engine so they will by extension run better on BOTH consoles.

      Now the Xbox will have the advantage in the fact that it can run dx12 so ports will be insanely simple.

      I will close with this..before THAT GUY decides to pop in screaming about fanboys. Dx12 being used on pc will help improve graphics on the xbox. Fact. It will not make the Xbox more powerful than ps4 except for cpu bound tasks as the Xbox cpu performance already exceeds the ps4. Both consoles will see better visuals but neither will come close to what a proper pc game will achieve

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  • d0x360

    That is a stunning improvement. The future of pc gaming is very exciting. This is going to be a huge boon for companies like oculus as well. No more needing high end cards to render 2 images at 90fps.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    well.. the gap between current gen and PC has finally widened. maybe the idea of a service for each manufacturer making games through PC or TV may be possible after all..except for Nintendo that is.

  • Rayan

    Pretty sure it’s one of AMD’s 300 series GPU with an FX-8350 CPU.


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