DX12 Will Allow Even More Detailed Environments, But Low Level API Already Available On Consoles

The benefits of DirectX 12 discussed by Spiders CEO.

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As noted before, DirectX 12 will signal an advancement in games development when it releases with Windows 10. It will also eventually make its way to Xbox One but there’s been plenty of speculation as to the impact it can have in the coming years.

GamingBolt spoke to Jehanne Rousseau, CEO of Spiders which is working on The Technomancer, about his thoughts on DirectX 12 and the advantages it would bring to PC and Xbox One games development.

“We can’t wait to see DirectX 12 on PC! This is the missing standard to allow everyone to benefit from the new generation of graphic API initiated with Mantle. This will mainly allow even more detailed and dynamic environments. But in practice, we already have some sort of more low level API on consoles than on PC.”

It will certainly be interesting to see how DirectX 12 pans out since there won’t be a plethora of games taking advantage of it immediately. What are your thoughts on the benefits of DirectX 12? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Terminator

    I know my thoughts on the matter, luckily I dont act like a know it all and talk out of my a$$ just to feel like I’m smart when I’m not.

    • Nico

      You are a special kinda stupid, your so cute.

  • *Also On PC


    Console peasants. lol.

    PS4 ain’t getting any secret sauce either, losers. Stuck at that peasant-tastic 30FPS

    • Premature Procrastinator

      Really? The xbox won’t see any benefit? even though it was developed at the same time at the same company? Even though the Xbox is called Xbox because of direct x? It was supposed to be the “direct Xbox” but they shortened it for marketing purposes. Phil Spencer has said the x1 was built to use dx12, its not about being low level, its about multicore processing.

    • Ian Williams

      And the 7th core has been opened to devs recently.

    • Robert Thomson

      and ‘half’ of the 8th core I read 😀 correct me if I’m wrong though. loving windows 10 so far, cant wait to try some dx 12 games on both my laptop and my xbox one when they come, I’m sure I wont be disappointed in any way! Definitly enjoying xbox remote play on my laptop so far, its pretty awesome.

    • Guest

      Nothing you said made any sense. Yes the Xbox is called Xbox because of Direct X and it has used DirectX since day one. But what part of “But in practice, we already have some sort of more low level API on consoles than on PC.” Sdont you understand? In other words, the consoles already have a even lower level API. I swear some people cant accept the truth even when its being told to them. Phil Spencer is even trying to tell you. You fant’rds are hardheaded idiots. Keep believing in the secret sauce moron.

    • Premature Procrastinator

      You obviously don’t know anything about how dx12 and Vulkan work, at the moment, only one CPU core can communicate with one GPU core at a time, dx12 and Vulkan allow multiple cores to communicate simultaneously, meaning the work is spread. It’s nothing to do with secret sauce, Aaron Greenberg was clearly asked whether Xbox one would receive benefits or just p.c, he answered clearly: “both, but devs have to use it”, meaning that there will be performance increases in games developed using dx12.

    • Guest

      What do you think low level means you dolt. It means that its ritten to the hardware rather than a abstract layer that can cover a min specification. Low level to the metal means it was written for that specific hardware’s capabilities.

    • I want you to print a copy of this page since you didn’t have the balls to link us to a profile. Your courage in speaking out comes from your ability to remain anonymous. There will come a day when you will re-read your comments and see how wrong you were.

      Using the terms “Secret sauce” is your way of insulting Xbox fans for having more technological intuition than you. We’re not making “pie in the sky” statements. There is a science to technology. What is interesting is that you Playstation fans seem capable only of looking at the surface of technology. For example, it is very easy to understand that the PS4 has stronger hardware, but it takes far more depth of intelligence to understand the future implications that Directx 12 will have on the industry.

      I make you this promise. The Xbox One will, one day in the future, be capable of playing games that the PS4 will not be able to handle. This gap will grow. Xbox One owners have a virtualized machine, and it will only grow more powerful.

      That is my prediction. You can print this page out or save an image of it. I’m going to be 100% right about this.

    • random_name

      Isn’t whats so special about the consoles is that they’re all low level in the first place? It’s already been stated that DX12 will make little difference for the Xbox.

    • Give me the name of the person who said Dx12 will make little difference for the Xbox One.

    • random_name

      Phil Spencer is the first person that comes to mind.

    • I’m glad that you found a good source.

      The following is my evidence that your credibility is now ruined, since you actually believe that a Microsoft spokesperson is going to reveal a Royal Flush.

      Marc Whitten – 2013 – says that Xbox One will not be backwards compatible.

      Albert Penello – 2013 – says that backwards compatability could really be a problem.

      and your guy, Phil Spencer – 2013 – says that people should keep their Xbox 360 if they want to play 360 games.

      Google the names of all these guys from articles written in 2013 regarding “backwards compatability.

    • random_name

      Are you sure you’re talking to the right person? I never mentioned backwards compatibility and didn’t even realize we were on that topic. I/we were referring to the benefits of DX12 will have for Xbox One. So I’m not sure where you’re coming from with that train of thought.

    • You used Phil Spencer as your anchor of support for the future of a product. He is your citation and that citation is responsible for your perception regarding Directx 12 and how it will make “little difference” to the Xbox One. Is that correct so far?

    • random_name

      Now you’re on the right path.

    • You are using a Microsoft representative to shape your thoughts on the future of Direcx 12. In parallel, this is what people did when Microsoft representatives where “dumbing down” backwards compatibility. You said : “It’s already been stated that DX12 will make little difference for the Xbox” – and you believe this from words that came from Microsoft representatives.

      Do you see the correlation?

    • random_name

      I personally am not up to snuff on the “dumbing down” of backwards compatibility, which might make sense as to why i’m not seeing a correlation. Either way, according to him, there should be little difference using DX12 on the Xbox. That was the argument I presented forward and I got that information from what he said in an interview. Since you’re bringing up the dumbing down portion, could you please present the information on that? <that's an honest request.

    • I mentioned this already when I wrote:

      “Google the names of all these guys from articles written in 2013 regarding “backwards compatability.”

      I gave you the list already of their names. This is not to be rude, but if you are not up to snuff on how Microsoft purposely led us to believe that backwards compatibility was not going to happen, I can see why you believe Directx 12 will make “little difference on the Xbox”. There is no insult here. I truly believe that you think this to be true because Phil Spencer said it.

      That is precisely why so many people are going to be surprised as time goes on regarding the power (or should I say, increasing power) of the Xbox One.

    • random_name

      Alright, thanks. So by your rational, because they were wrong/lied/misled in the past, they’ll end up doing the same?

    • I know that it sounds like a foolish rationale – trust me. But you have to measure this with regards to whether the technology should be secret enough so as to confuse the competition. I mean, if Sony knew what Microsoft was doing with backwards compatibility, Sony would have had a year to develop for it. This console war is a poker match. With regards to “backwards compatibility” it was dumbed-down like a Royal Flush hand that hasn’t been shown yet.

      They are doing the same with Directx 12. You’ll see. My gosh…so many people are going to be far more surprised at Direcx12 than any surprise related to backwards compatibility.

    • Insanelycool

      This might just be the stupidest argument I have ever heard. You honestly think just because MS went into damage control and emulated the xbox360 on the Xbone that suddenly they will be able to massively increase the power of an integrated graphics chip that came to market in 2013? Maybe they should have included a graphics card slot so you can upgrade it. The PS4 will also be improved on the API level as the lifespan goes on. This is what the consoles do over time to squeeze out every last bit of power. As they have made the APIs better there is less room for increases, and you will not see much GRAPHICALLY from DX12 on the consoles. If you want improvements in graphics you might have to accept the lag that will come from cloud computing graphics, and that really isn’t all that realistic at this point. I think it will come eventually, but mostly for the AI, building a living world that is loaded onto your console before you need it so there wont be delay.
      DX12 will do more for the PC than it will for the consoles. They can barely keep up with the PC as it is, unless we buy new consoles every 3-5 years…. or plan to treat it like a PC with an upgrade down the road (nintendo and sega might warn you against that option).

    • On your first sentence, the Xbox One having an emulator isn’t a negative attribute. While PS4 charges you a monthly fee (which if you calculate, adds up to tons of money being wasted on PS3 games you already paid for , and which could be used for new games) Xbox One doesn’t do this. Please consider heavily whether you consider the backwards compatibility to be a frivolous attribute of the Xbox One. You also call this “damage control”. Are you making the case that so long as Microsoft continues to attempt innovation, you will always label it as “damage control”? What innovative product or software from Microsoft would you not criticize as being simply “damage control”?

      Your second point was that the PS4 will also be improved on the API level. But this wasn’t the argument. We are distinguishing between the generic updates that all consoles go through regarding API improvements and that of Direcx12. The major difference is that DirecX has always been widely used in the development of gaming even in Sega Dreamcase (but mostly in Windows), but that no update has occurred for over a decade. That Directx9 has been used for so long is a testament to the API’s strength in the gaming industry. By the way, can you tell everyone here what specific API the PS4 uses?

      Your third point was about lag. For this, I believe you should google the words “Kahawai+Microsoft+Duke University”. If, after reading about this, you still believe that lag will be a problem, let me know. If you google my screename here, you’ll see that I’ve written about it as well. Have you given the same critique to PS Now? I do give you credit for saying “it will come eventually”, but as always, that is the safe bet to say whenever you are not at the forefront of technology. I understand; you are more comfortable with making assessments after they’ve already been proven to you rather than make a wild prediction. This completely makes sense. But you seem to be making a lot of predictions based upon what you don’t think is possible.

      For example – your fourth point – which says that Directx12 benefits will mostly be for the PC. I am still astounded as to how this conjecture makes more sense than those who conjecture the opposite paradigm. For the life of me, how do people distinguish between a PC and an Xbox One with regards specifically to gaming? I take the opposite motion with the same amount of proof you’ve used to develope yours; I believe Directx12 will have the exact same benefit on the Xbox One as it will for the PC – with the only difference being hardware based ( i.e that the PC’s hardware can be upgraded when the user wishes). This is the extent of the difference. The API will have the same software effect on both devices, and it will effect all devices on the Windows 10-gaming-ecosystem. But please also understand that this is a prediction in parallel to your more pessimistic one. Both are predictions.

      Your last point mentions having to purchase new hardware. But anyone who studies virtualization, cloud VDI – IaaS -understands that it is precisely cloud technology which results in less frequent “refreshes for hardware”. For this reason, I believe your last point is moot.

    • Insanelycool

      I have to admit though, it’s a brilliant marketing strategy to downplay your console and let your competitor win in sales just so that you can surprise them with new features years after launch and still lose the console war due to people choosing the system with more people playing it. Consoles are apparently all about being social now. If you want to play a game you get a PC. :p

    • random_name

      Just to quote Phil Spencer: “On the DX12 question, I was asked early on by people if DX12 is gonna dramatically change the graphics capabilities of Xbox One and I said it wouldn’t. I’m not trying to rain on anybody’s parade, but the CPU, GPU and memory that are on Xbox One don’t change when you go to DX12. DX12 makes it easier to do some of the things that Xbox One’s good at, which will be nice and you’ll see improvement in games that use DX12, but people ask me if it’s gonna be dramatic and I think I answered no at the time and I’ll say the same thing.”
      Read more: http://wccftech.com/phil-spencer-directx-1-xbox-one-hardware-graphics/#ixzz3gk7eoUqk

  • Socius

    Why do I automatically think anyone who uses the word “plethora” is actually an idiot with a sub-par educational background?

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