Dying Light Uses SMAA T2X on PS4/Xbox One, Locked 30 FPS Ensures Fluid Experience

Techland assures that 30 FPS will “ensure a smooth, fluid experience”.

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dying light

There’s been quite a bit of confusion over the frame rate for Techland’s upcoming open world survival horror title Dying Light which will be out January for current gen consoles. While we know it will be in glorious 1080p resolution, the development team has talked about currently running the game at 30 FPS but looking to improve that before release (which is in line with earlier thoughts of targeting 60 FPS).

GamingBolt spoke to lead game designer Maciej Binkowski however, and when asked if Dying Light was a locked 30 FPS on the Xbox One and PS4, he responded, “Yes. They’re both locked at 30 FPS. We did so much testing and optimizing and eventually came to the conclusion that we needed to lock at 30 FPS to ensure a smooth, fluid experience.”

Don’t fret about the visuals on Xbox One and PS4 just yet though as Techland will be implementing SMAA or enhanced subpixel morphological anti-aliasing, a heavy anti-aliasing solution that should allow for crisp edges throughout.

“We’re using SMAA T2X according to our super brainy hardware guys. That’s all I know.”

Dying Light releases on January 27th in North America and January 30th in Europe. What are your thoughts on the game’s frame rate and anti-aliasing solution? Let us know below.

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  • Psionicinversion

    SMAA heavy anti-aliasing lol give me break it’s a post processing AA that is pretty light weight, I.e. Doesn’t impact performance much

    • Guest

      Tell me about it. But the problem with a lot of these articles is you notice how its the lead game designer? These guys aren’t really tech guys and don’t even know what SMAA T2X is. Its like that for most of these claims, yet a site like Gamingbolt doesn’t seem to realize that (or care)

    • Psionicinversion

      I think they may think the T2x is a new Terminator prototype sent back in time to murder sarah conner!!!

    • Salih Durmisi

      Lmao, Not only is it a light post processing AA, But it also BLURS the overall image/textures to make jagged edges appear less visible. This is a bullshit type of AA that has little-to-no impact on performance. The game WONT look ”crisp and clear”. A ”heavy” AA Would be 2-8x MSAA or SSAA which is incredibly demanding (heavy). Devs lie so much nowadays to make console guys feel better.

  • Craig Martin

    Game still looks sick. I’m glad last gen versions got scrapped and they focused on the best game they could develop with current (console) hardware. I haven’t bashed and electrocuted a zombie in far too long.

  • coolgamer

    well done, guys, well done.
    why absolutely trying to reach the 60fps mark, and use ugly compressed textures, less polygons, worse LOD, less objects and enemies, less animations, empty decors, poor shadows and lights, etc etc, when you can simply lock the game at 30fps, and thanks to that, you can use high res textures, more stuff everywhere, more polygons, much better shadows and lights, better AI, etc, and most important, a great SMAA great and heavy antialiasing processing, that will make the game look absolutely stunning, without any edges, aliasing, etc, so everything looks absolutely sharp and clear.

    people don’t buy a nextgen console for having 60 fps. that fps thing is a PC thing, where people will buy a new 500$ graphic card, so they can play their games at 85 fps, instead of 65.
    no. people buy new consoles for NEW fantastic graphics.
    and because consoles can’t simply do both quality AND 60fps, it’s much better having much better graphics, than having 60 fps.

    95% of console gamers prefer better graphics over 60fps

    • Matt

      errr… PC gamers buy a $500 GPU for both graphics and framerate. You can usually get 60fps by playing with the settings no matter what GPU you have just so long as it’s within the spec guidlines. People put out for the newer GPU’s so they can max their games out and not have to worry about FPS being sacrificed.

    • sazse007


    • Psionicinversion

      well apparently sony and maybe MS were trying to get home the fact that EVERY game will be 1080 60, if its not important why make a big deal out of it and guess what happened? 1080p 30 most of time

    • Trojann Go Perez


  • Trojann Go Perez

    Isn’t the hard ware of the xbox one capable of reaching 1080p?..
    but why there are like less games reaching that resolution?..


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