EA closing online servers for games which requires online pass

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I honestly can’t stand behind this move, as EA is shutting down online servers for games which requires an online pass. The main reason given for the shutdowns is the lack of activity, but there are a few games here that aren’t even two years old.

EA has also said that these closures affect less than one percent of the total online players.

“As games get replaced with newer titles, the number of players still enjoying the older games dwindles to a level – fewer than 1% of all peak online players across all EA titles – where it’s no longer feasible to continue the behind-the-scenes work involved with keeping these games up and running,” reads the official statement.

“We would rather our hard-working engineering and IT staff focus on keeping a positive experience for the other 99% of customers playing our more popular games.”

These are the games that won’t be playable online after April 13.

• BOOM BLOX Bash Party for Wii
• Burnout Revenge for Xbox 360
• EA Create for PC, PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360
• EA Sports Active 2.0 for PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360
• EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp for Wii
• FIFA 10 for PlayStation Portable and Wii
• MMA for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
• Need for Speed ProStreet for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
• The Saboteur (loss of The Midnight Club access) for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
• Spare Parts for PlayStation 3 Xbox 360

MMA required an online pass and it’s just 18 months old. Pulling off support for such a game seems unethical. But that’s just me. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


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  • Jordan Garland

    I bought FIFA World Cup 2010 the other week only to find that EA had pulled the online connectivity in November, again, a mere 19 months after release and essentially hadn’t even been replaced. It’s a worrying trend and EA are really starting to rub themselves up the wrong way with the consumer; how many EA Games, these days, even have local splitscreen?

    • Munz

      They’ve been doing things like this for a LOOOONG time. Pissing off their consumer fanbase is originally an EA move that was later matched and perfected by Activision.

  • Tyger

    See? they make you pay for the online pass if you trade a game with a friend, where is the love there? now we must see out what games have these and make sure we dont trade it because to trade a game for another but not being able to play cause of a OP seems bad trade to me, atleast the OP could be passable to other accounts, via trade or something, and for them to close those games? why? other games seem to still work online that are even older, EA is just looking to cut corners, even if its 1% which I doubt, they are still gamers who sit there and play there favorite games with a friend.

  • Itzatrap

    …oh no.. look at all the great titles… god forbid we cant play those GREAT sports titles online…

    ya sorry, kinda looking for a fuck to give here

  • Mabans

    Why can’t I and my 3 friends just continue playing our game!!! Shout outs to lack of LAN functionality!

  • One Final Effort

    DAMN IT! I love Burnout: Revenge…

  • Evan Devine


  • Spectre Shepard

    I would be alright with this if games like Battlefield and ME3 didn’t have such crappy servers that cut out in the middle of a game, making me lose all of my experience and credits.

  • Dave

    Least we still got SPORE, right guys?

  • ben

    nobody likes EA. they are the cancer of gaming.

  • jmill

    I have been a loyal ea customer for over 10 years buying a least 4 titles a year. All the bs they have been pulling lately will have a long tern affect on the company. I havent bought an ea game in 2011 and dont polan to in 2012. They need to get it together.

  • Ranx

    Meanwhile, companies like Valve stick behind and update games that have been released OVER 8 YEARS AGO.

  • John Smith

    EA just sucks. There is a reason why i bought COD MW2 after playing BF3 for a week, But it’s not my opinion matters.

  • charles2029

    Burnout & EA Sports Active? Oh well, I guess business is business.

  • Toki

    I’d like to say I’m surprised… but at this point, it’s E.A. ’nuff said sadly.

  • GuilleX

    Scumbag EA

  • Raphael

    This is the only time I will side with the 1%.

  • Aaron

    Feasible and fair are two different things.

    When publishers (like EA) start to sell “online passes” to tackle the used-games market, that sort of implies that the person buying the pass will actually get to use it.

    And this whole feasibility versus fairness debate is getting ridiculous.

    If gamers are paying money for a service, they are entitled to that service, regardless of how few of them like some specific title.

  • xXrobin827Xx

    list all the games you shutted down


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