EA responds to Mass Effect 3 controversy: Some content “had to be put on the disc” for seamless integration

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BioWare had repeatedly denied that the Mass Effect 3 DLC called ‘From Ashes’ was already available on the disc. Now, a player had found proof that this was not the case, and the DLC character could be unlocked by easily modifying the PC version of the game.

EA has released a statement saying that it’s not a new practice, and they’ve done that before with Zaeed and Kasumi in Mass Effect 2 to ensure proper integration.

Here’s the video showing how you can unlock Mass Effect 3’s DLC character with complete instructions:

EA has responded to this video and the general controversy surrounding the day 1 DLC practice via GameInformer, and this is what they said:

From Ashes is a 600 MB+ download with all new content, including the mission on Eden Prime, new dialogue options and conversations with Javik, new cinematics, the Prothean weapon, and new appearances for all squad members. All of the above content was completed while the main game was in certification and are not available on the disc.

As stated previously, in order to seamlessly integrate Javik into the core campaign, certain framework elements and character models needed to be put on disc. We did something similar with Zaeed and Kasumi in Mass Effect 2.

Please note that you have to download approx. 500MB of data to get the ‘From Ashes’ content, which means that only the DLC character was available in the main game — his mission and dialogues are not available.

This seems to be a really interesting issue and it is difficult to take sides. Earlier Christina Norman who used to work at BioWare had defended the day 1 DLC practice at GDC. She said, “there’s no point in releasing DLC a year after your game has come out when most people have already sold your game back to GameStop three times.”

Where do you stand on this issue? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • Michael

    It would have been fine *if* they had not already implemented the character into the game prior to release then ripped it right on out. Had EA/Bioware said, “Ok, we’ve been working on this after the game went into certification so lets wait a month or two to release this character. Don’t put anything on the disc that would suggest anything about it because people will find out and that will look bad on us.”

    The DLC did not add that much to the story, it simply showed you how the Protheans fell and you gained one extra squad member. I would have been fine if they had released it a month later, but no, they released content which is essential to come to a full understanding about the intensity of the war the same day as the game released.. for $10.

    • Jagoj

      I agree. A couple of months and people wouldn’t be as pissed as they are about this whole mess. Maybe they are telling the truth about the whole integration thing, but to the whole internet there seems to be a consensus that Bioware were deliberately lying to its fans just for some extra bucks.

  • John

    The biggest controversy is all the homosexual content in the game. That is what everyone should be bothered by. It isn’t really the content but it is the point that EA is trying to saturate our lives with it so we as society will tolerate it.

    • Rick

      @John AAAAHHHAHAHAHHAAA! man you are funny…

    • Lol

      I’m not bothered.. Just not interested in going that route. Don’t like it? Don’t go down that path.You complaining about it is actually you trying to control others lives because of your beliefs. The creators of the game just made choices within the game. They gave everyone the options. What path you follow is one’s own perogative.

    • Jagoj

      I loled

    • Banplea

      Nice attempt at derailing, troll.

    • Jeff

      You sir, are a douche!

    • Bryon Astell

      Using my real name so you can look me up John. But ya no they add it because the LBG community does exist and they enjoy games also. And I think you should tolerate it, you think its wrong for two humans to be in love regardless of sex, race, creed. Your finding another way to be a bigot is what is sounds like. I hope what ever partner you chose to love is supportive of your short sided closed mindedness.

      That said the game add on sounds like it was developed by a different studio rather than the core makers of the game, in that case pay for it be glad they had another studio trying to support a launch and have as much ready as possible. Sure they didn’t handle it correctly but still it makes scene.

    • jaihawk

      John can not agree with it just as much as the degenerates choose to change the rules. The pro sodemites can whine about bigotry all they want, but in the end, they are just as intolerant of those who don’t agree with them. Just because the world agrees on something doesn’t make it right, not does the timing, considering the world saw homosexuality differently in the not too distant past.

  • Musser64

    Seriously,, WHAT?!

  • charles2029

    There’s apparently big money to be made from DLC that releases soon after a game launches. If they wait too long, the sales will look pretty grim.


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